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  1. Renendaru

    Connectivity issue

    In what seems to be a regular thing, my internet will be at 1 Mb/s download, and 1 Mb/s upload, in which I should be getting 20 or so Mb/s download, and 16 Mb/s or so Upload. Also, exactly after 8 PM, and lasting till about 9 AM, my internet will drop every minute, or shorter. The issue is...
  2. Renendaru

    A good RPG

    Does anyone know a good RPG for Starcraft 2, if one is even up to par at that even...
  3. Renendaru

    Artifact issue with HIS 5770

    So, I ordered this card, and some games have 'effects' that are acting weird. They display as flat triangles with the texture it would've used and is flipping all around as the particle's animation is supposed to play. There's a screenshot below of an example. I've tried resinstalling the...
  4. Renendaru

    Fallout New Vegas

    epFupigyIN8 Anyone else buy this yet? I'm finding it a lot better than Fallout 3. They improved on a lot of the issues with Fallout 3, and the graphics have improved a tad, noticeably with the hair.
  5. Renendaru

    Connection issue that comes and goes

    So, I've been debating whether or not to post this, but here it goes. Every few minutes, then eventually every few seconds after this happens, my connection will hang and refuse to do anything for a few seconds, then fixes itself. The issue will slowly get worse until each interval lasts up to...
  6. Renendaru

    Minecraft/League of legends banner

    Someone I know wants a banner for a Minecraft/league of legends livestream. It apparently has to be 960 pixels wide, and any height. And can't exceed 120 kb. He said it doesn't matter what it is, as long as it looks okay, and somehow shows league of legends and minecraft.
  7. Renendaru

    Windows 7 64 bit install stops expanding files. (0%) I've tried steps that most people say it fixes it. I've taken out my other stick of RAM, switched them out, reset the CMOS, removed expansion cards, and formatting. None worked.
  8. Renendaru

    What is temp 2 (Speedfan)

    I've recently installed a new motherboard, put in a new CPU as well, and when I run speedfan to check temperatures, I get this: Should I be worried about Temp 2?
  9. Renendaru

    Getting a new motherboard

    So, it's come to my attention I have a quad core processor laying around, AMD Phenom X4 (AM2+), and it's not going to use. I've decided to get a motherboard for it, so I can naturally use it, and I've found this so far. Are there any good ones out there? (AM2+ Compatible of course.)
  10. Renendaru

    Joke Units

    Has anyone found these as well? I've found the Terratron, Nova, Diablo(?) and some others. My favorite unit so far is Nova.
  11. Renendaru

    Starcraft II Editor Wiki

    Has anyone seen that when you start the Retail Sc2, it says there's a Starcraft II Editor wiki? That's the apparent link, but it doesn't exist.
  12. Renendaru

    Avatar: Legend of Korra

    Has anyone heard about this yet? Sounds actually pretty cool, as it's being intended for a slightly more mature audience, meaning some not-so-childish humour.
  13. Renendaru

    Laptop Suggestions

    Hmm... A friend needs a laptop, for both casual and conservative gaming. By conservative I mean stable frame rate, on games such as Team fortress 2. He said a stable 20 fps is fine, but it's mainly for casual use. IE: School. His price range is around $1500, and he said even that may be a bit...
  14. Renendaru

    [PS3] [PC] Singularity

    Singularity I couldn't find a good picture for it. "The game takes place on a mysterious island known as "Katorga-12" where Russian experiments involving "E99" took place during the height of the Cold War era. Sometime during 1950, a terrible catastrophe known as the "Singularity"...
  15. Renendaru

    Two questions

    One, to achieve a proper attack detection I need to detect units within a cone, at melee range, and get the closest 'passed' unit. But, I've not used angles within GUI, so it confuses me to no end. Two, is animations. I'm currently using a system to move a unit based on key presses, but it...
  16. Renendaru


    I'd like to hear opinions on what they would call a good replacement for this missing action. What I can only think of doing is making a library to map to the call UnitDamage, which will call for a dummy unit to cast a spell which applys damage, but then the problem is how to get the exact...
  17. Renendaru

    Mirror's Edge 2d

    Not sure if anyone's seen this, but thought this was cool. It's a 2-D version of Mirror's edge, as a side-scroller platformer. EA actually made it, so, yea...
  18. Renendaru

    Portal story compilation

    Not sure if this is correct to be posting this here, but a really awesome compilation of the Portal story line. o.o b6Q_koTHB54
  19. Renendaru

    The Font Conference

    Mailbox! Mailbox!
  20. Renendaru

    The console

    Has anyone figured this thing out yet? I can't figure out what commands actually do anything to it...