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  1. Hatebreeder

    Hate can be a stimulous.

    Alright, I'm going to briefly take you to a journey to my past in an attempt to explain to you who I am, why I'm here and what the fudge the title is hinting at. Imagine it's 2006-ish and everyone was playing WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne. Lots of people played Ladder or the stadard game for...
  2. Hatebreeder

    Computer freezes randomly

    Hi, so I have this problem where my PC freezes. It happens every now and then and I have no clue what could be causing it. So far I have reduced the electrical output of my PC so that it only powers the important components. It doesn't occur as much as it used to, but it still happens. When the...
  3. Hatebreeder

    PC freezes

    Hi, So, I've had this problem for a while now. My PC starts to freeze whenever I play a game or do something that stresses the CPU a little bit more than usual. I have checked my PC for viruses and updated my drivers, but it still occurs. So I thought, that my CPU is damaged in some way, so I...
  4. Hatebreeder

    German News :D

    Gernot Hassknecht. You gotta love his comments :D Even if you don't understand, it's funny to see how he coleric he is ;D mnnqQFtiBVs&feature=related B3z10K406Gs&feature=related 1RWoeDBj8eA&feature=related ...Kevin ;D
  5. Hatebreeder

    German Politician Song

    Well, to cut a long story short, Guido Westerwelle, our "Vize Kanzeler" has once again shown us, how awesome and... well, stupid? I'm not too sure if I should call him that ;D He is. So, he said a few phrases that are quite funny - Check it out ^^ Song 1: _Eru_p5erwA&feature=related...
  6. Hatebreeder

    Your MOM hates Dead Space II

    This is "Market Research", though it's hillarious ;D Introduction: jri8LFci4xQ&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL Here, an example: gMaWuvHbhB8&feature=channel MEDIUM DISAPPROVAL !! Uqd4bFzskV0&feature=list_related&playnext=1&list=SPA8D6BCA0A537750D There are a few more of these ;D All of them...
  7. Hatebreeder

    Drug Commercial ;D

    I've come across this random commercial. It's hillarious xD iyTVyQuioDA&feature=topvideos
  8. Hatebreeder

    Model Monstrosity & Soul Eater

    It's been a while since I last submitted something to this forum. So, I've been working on Soul Eater and Monstrosity in the last 3 days. My Idea was basically to take a seemingly "useless" unit, give it a new body and incorperating new animations, that fit better with that unit. So, I...
  9. Hatebreeder

    This is weird?

    Well, take a look at this Video 4erdYR7DrsE It's somewhat weird O.o Either way, I've always thought hes called Kim Long Ill. ... Btw, the end of the video is hillarious ;D
  10. Hatebreeder

    Help in English

    Prologue: So, I got this new English teacher in school and she talks english... well, weirdly. The following sentences don't seem quite right IMO (except for the 2nd one), but I can't explain what exactly makes them wrong/right. List of weird things that I've heard/read: Today, I don't...
  11. Hatebreeder

    Modelpack Loadingbars // Tallybars // w/e Bars

    So, someone asked me to make a bar to display on top of a unit. So, I made one for him. Old Bar Functions New Bar functions This pack comes with a Green, Blue, Yellow, Red and Purple loading Bar. OLD Bars NEW Bars So yeah, you can now make spells that CHARGE YOUR LAZOWR. Just kidding...
  12. Hatebreeder

    Model Filth Cross

    So, imagine you want to smite an enemy... basically, this Model makes giant, filthy crosses appear in the sky, that smites the enemy so hard, that it leaves more than just one or two bruises. To give it a "Filthy" feel to it, I added black and purple effects :3 As usual, I don't...
  13. Hatebreeder

    Arena Suicide Garden

    Suicide Garden Game: Fight against up to 7 other players and free roaming monsters in an epic arena with one of ten unique heroes, each with 4 custom abilties. Screenshots: Features: A duel system, that allows up to 4 players to play against each other in a restricted area A...
  14. Hatebreeder

    Model Dark Matter

    It's been a while since I last submitted a Model. This one is called Dark Matter.This was made on demand as a somewhat Dark-ish projectile, fit for a dark mage with the bloodelf Model. Basically, the projectile flashes and radiates alot of particles ( IMO, the colors are pretty...
  15. Hatebreeder

    Mm !

    Well, this is kinda new and I happen to enjoy it very much, because it's funny and hot ;) It just aired recently, so be sure to check in regulary to see what will happen =) Link:!/
  16. Hatebreeder

    Model HeartBurst

    Hey, So, this guy asked me to make a Aura/Buff Model for him. I have no Idea for what he wants it, but the buff turned out quite good, so I deceided to release it aswell=) Basically, it bursts with hearts every once in a while, while beating It includes a custom texture. However...
  17. Hatebreeder

    Model Sonic Boom

    Hey, So, this effect was originally made for my Spell, Carnophobiate. But i changed some textures and sounds and other pretty important settings, to make this usefull for any other mapper. Basically, it's a Dash enhancement. A blast of waves surge infront of a unit or w/e. As usual, I don't...
  18. Hatebreeder

    Model Holy Spear

    Hey, So I was wondering, why there were not many "Holy" themed projectiles. So I made up my own. It's called Holy Spear, but it looks more like a Holy Bolt kind of thing. As usual, I don't mind if you give me credits or not. It's appriciated, nonetheless. Have fun !
  19. Hatebreeder

    Modelpack Dimensionshift

    Dimension Shift A friend requested a replacement for the usual Blink Model. So I thought, other people might like to use this aswell, since it does IMO look pretty decent =) This is one Model, in 3 different colours and not based off of any Blizzard Models. Basically, it sucks in...
  20. Hatebreeder

    Model Rune Shield

    The gaze of Sergeras wards off even the most powerfull magic, as it pulsates with pure energy. Yet again, annother custom made special effect. Use this as you'd use any other effect - if you want to attach it to a unit, be sure to attach it to it's chest, else, give it a bit of a...