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    when i conduct a search, I can only view the first page of results - won't let me scroll through any others - says "Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms. " its a find threads started by user search
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    Video Encoding

    So I have recently gotten into some video encoding. I was using Handbrake for a while, but its a bit limited and dated. I managed to snag a copy of Xilisoft HD Converter, but it sucks hard. It was supposed to incorporate some new AMD GPU accelerator to speed up encoding, but rips always turn...
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    vJASS Preprocessor Bug

    Is there some bug with NewGen where maps saved with certain sized names will not run the pre-compiler? for instance, the same map, nothing changed other then the file name: emjlr3 - 1000 Needles, Saves emjlr3 - THN Spell Contest #20 - 1000 Needles, Doesn't Save rather, the map saves, but...
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    Linked Lists

    as I don't quite get what is going on here, I would appreciate it if someone could learn me sumpin' extracted from T32x: set thistype(0).next.prev=this set set thistype(0).next=this set this.prev=thistype(0) what exactly is thistype(0) referring to? same...
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    Very weird ability replacement

    Just something I noticed while messing around An ability, based off channel, is used to cast an ability, Slow Time. I am using a spellbook with the endurance aura as an ability to add a slowing buff to affected units. Strangest thing happens when the unit becomes afflicted with the Slow...
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    [Model Request] Slide Effects

    Dust and water slide effects are widely used. However, I have yet to see ice/snow slide effects that could be used with wintry terrain, for instance, Icecrown Glacier. With that in mind, I humbly request slide effects (models) that can be used for ice & snow terrains, continuing with the...
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    Patrol Ability

    Is there anyway to remove only the Patrol ability? 'Amov' removes Move, Patrol, Stop and Hold Position :( to that end, where can you edit the abilities tooltip, etc.?
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    Constant FlyHeight + Cliff Jumping

    The idea is to Make it so that a projectile flys above the ground at a constant total z height, uneffected by slight variations in terrain height Jump/move parabolically on to and off of cliffs The approach I took in my collision projectiles system was the following: // Store...
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    Demo Map Template v1.01

    Why should I care? Ever wanted to make a neato spell, but never had enough true grit to make a schweat test map to go along with it? Maybe you thought to "borrow" some else's, but even that seemed like too damned much work. In the end, you resigned to uploading a blank 64x64 grid of...
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    Periodic Timer Modules

    What ever happened to this as a viable option? as compared to T32, which has, per timer expiration, a (trigger evaluate)+(function call/instance). In the periodic method, it loops through current instances, and swaps in place the next instance if the current instance is over. in the...
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    System Collision Missiles

    Collision Projectiles v1.00 In the spirit of Vexorian's classic Collision Missiles scripts, I present for review, a fully functional collision missiles system, one that I have been meaning to update and release for quite sometime now. Those that exist are generally rather dated (aside from...
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    System Slide System v1.00

    Slide System v1.00 The goal here was to make an all encompassing, end all be all Slide/Knockback System. I think I have created that, minus any glaring slights on my behalf. The main issue I had with the extended knockback system is that you can't have multiple slides on a single unit - I...
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    Slide System Concept

    Something I have been working on a little here and there the past few days. The main issue I have with the extended knockback system is that you can't have multiple slides on a unit - I alleviate this issue by calculating the vector components of the current slide and the updated slide, which...
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    Spellpack Boomerang and Orbital

    Boomerang v1.02 Import Difficulty: Low Units Affected: Ground/Air Target Type: Unit/Point - Enemy, Ground, Terrain Spell Info: Toss your handy dandy boomerang toward the targeted location, which promptly returns to you, following an elliptical path. Units unlucky enough to wander nearby...
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    Spell Pudge Wars (like) Meat Hook

    The most recent version of this spell requires just about every single system around. This update is much lighter, with very minimal script requirements, built in objectmerger calls, uses the optimized struct array timer method and contains a fix for the WC3 unit facing bug. Enjoy. Pudge...
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    Spellpack Movement Based Spells

    Playing around with the WE today, and this is what happened: Twisteroo v1.01 Import Difficulty: Low Units Affected: Enemy, ground, non-structure, non-magic immune Target Type: Single unit - Enemy, ground, organic Spell Info: Magical energy consumes the targeted unit, throwing...
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    Anyone Still Play???

    if so, I am in bad need of a gRush!!! my sn is emjlr3 fyi
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    Sports Banners Request

    Need two banners (for now) for use on a website I was going to use these but I realised you are not supposed to anyhow, I was going to use the cricket image (which is actually for a softball page), and the last image which is a composite of a bunch of different sports (titled All...
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    Spell Omnislash v1.02

    Omnislash v1.03 A DotA-like Omnislash, made in vJASS. Given the recent increased activity in Tinkis dated Omnislash thread, I figured I would dust off this old favorite, give it an overhall, and release it to the public. Contains two versions. The Classic Omnislash, and an OnDamage...
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    System Trigger Utils v1.00

    Background: People, more recently, have shunned the usage of dynamic triggers, or more accurately, destroying triggers (but one without the other is unrealistic). I like dynamic triggers. Sometimes its just plain easier and more convenient to use them, and I am all about ease of use. What is...