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    Has anyone ever used MpqTools? It's a linux command line mpq extractor and its frustrating me because I cannot figure out how to use it. Any tips?
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    MethodTimer - Useful?

    Most likely it wouldn't get approved and you are probably better off using a static method + indexing (which this is a wrapper for). The only reason I would think it's useful, is because people are always asking why they can't use methods inside timer callbacks. Anyways, MethodTimer allows you...
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    Spell Rune Ritual

    Rune Ritual TriggerHappy (Video) (Screenshot) Spell Description The caster channels his inner darkness, causing runes to circle around him. It drags the nearest four units towards the runes and they are struck with lightning periodicly. Requirements UnitStatus by RisingDusk...
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    OOP Madness.

    This is just an example for people who want to code in a more OOP style. With the example included, things like this are possbile; scope fail initializer onInit private function onInit takes nothing returns nothing call Var.String.Print("hey!") // Displays hey! call...
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    JassHelp name change?

    Why not change it to Jass Discussion or something? Because currently it allows benchmarks which don't really require helping and it could be a place for people to post anything Jass related such as discoveries (which don't count as resources).
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    Working AI Natives

    I tested most of the natives in the Anyways, most of them only are used in melee (or campaign? or blizz only maps?), crash the game, or return null/0. These are the ones that work. (unless I missed some) native GetPlayerUnitTypeCount takes player p, integer unitid...
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    Snippet Accurate Sleep

    Burn this.
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    1.21 World Editor

    Anyways with 1.21 mind testing this? function D2I takes destructable d returns item return d return null endfunction function SetDestructableX takes destructable d, real x returns nothing call SetItemPosition(D2I(d), x, GetWidgetY(d)) endfunction I am just curious if it works. The...
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    Apache Help.

    Alright, I installed apache, php5, phpmyadmin and MySql. How can allow people to access files like I would via localhost.
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    I've made a library which detects the following cheats as soon as their typed. whosyourdaddy iseedeadpeople keysersoze leafittome greedisgood The only other cheats I see fit to detect are PointBreak (no food limit) and Warpten (fast build time). The rest are campaign cheats, or stupid ones...
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    htaccess help.

    I need some help on making an htaccess file which does something like this; redirects to It needs to be dynamic so it works with any file in the directory and any subdomain. It also needs to mask the domain, so in the header it...
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    Patch 1.24c

    Good thing for Mac users. Also, null filters in group enums don't leak anymore?
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    SpellRegister - Useful?

    Alright, I took another shot at this. Basically it's a framework that runs all spells off of the same trigger and event reducing the handle count. Is it efficient and useful? library SpellRegister initializer onInit globals private constant trigger TRIGGER = CreateTrigger()...
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    Easier Return Bug

    It requires no preloading and can be parsed directly inside the editor. I've made a litte framework for anyone who wants to use this; Set NOT_HANDLE to true if the return value is not a hande (integer may be the only thing that would require you to set it to true). library Typecast...
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    Snippet PreventSave

    Introduction This library is simple enough. It allows you to enable or disabled game saving. It works by showing a dialog instantly before a game is saved. This closes the save screen therefor the game is never actually saved. Nothing visually happens to the game except for maybe a quick open...
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    Linux Server Help

    Alright, I plan on creating an application that will extract data from an MPQ. The problem is I'm using a linux server, so I don't really know the limitations of what I can use ect.. I plan on using sfmpq for the application, though I have a few questions once it's made. How do I get the...
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    Tool MapGuard - Map Protection

    MapGaurdv0.A.1 Introduction Yes, there are many map protector tools out there these days so you may be thinking to yourself why another? Well, I believe this one implements some new functionality that others do not. MapGaurd lets you lock your map with a password, so if you somehow lose...
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    JassHelper now compiles two languages;
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    Boolexpr questions.

    Alright, I want to just someone to clarify passing a null boolexpr inside events. I know they leak outside events, but I heard somewhere that they don't for some reason, leak inside events. Do they :nuts:
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    HTML Template

    This is my first real HTML template where I tried to make the HTML/CSS standard, but you guys will most likely find errors. Also to make it look decent :thup: It's nothing fancy, only has two images. EDIT: Forgot about other browser compatablility...