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    Cast ability without turning

    How do I make a unit cast an ability without turning. The ability needs a cast time. In addition, how can a unit turn it's turret towards where it is casting? I want both of these to work together, but can't figure out how to do it.
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    Stop a unit from playing Stand Left/Right animations

    When you make a unit face a new direction, through triggers or otherwise, it will play animation Stand Left/Right. I find it very ugly when turning a unit only a small amount. Is there a way to remove this behavior?
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    Placing underground doodads

    Some doodads like Xel'naga Hull Reactor and Xel'naga Ship Bay are suken into the ground. It makes for very interesting terrain. However, I can't figure out how to remove the terrain texture covering the top of the doodads. Does anyone know how these doodads are meant to be used?
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    Event: Any unit uses any ability

    Is there a reasonable way to achieve this kind of event? I could add an event for every ability I use in the map, but I'd rather not.
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    Unit Type via string identifier

    Data Tables in the trigger editor can be used to store values of various types (int, real, unit, etc) which can later be recalled using a string identifier. As far as I can see Unit Types cannot be stored in this manner. There is no option to choose game link either. Does anyone know how to...
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    Catalog field value problem

    Here's an action that is made for testing purposes. It can be called with a unit as parameter. It will then go through the unit's abilities and list the id of the ability, the id of the button, and lastly the hotkey. The problem is, I'm unable to grab the hotkey correctly. Instead of getting...
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    Need to disable drag select rectangle

    In sc2, when holding the mouse button and dragging, a selection rectangle is shown. Is there any way to hide/remove/disable this behavior? I just want to be able to hold down the mouse button without anything being drawn to the screen. If I can disable drag select altogether, then all the better.
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    Ability cooldown clock without using default UI possible?

    After hiding the default UI, can I place ability buttons with cooldown clocks somehow? I've been putting together an ui using dialog items, but I can't figure out a way to show the cooldown clock that appears when an ability is on cooldown.
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    Actor message - unable to use variables

    I'm sending the following actor message to rotate the turret of the siege tank: Send Actor Message To Scope Message: "AttachSetRotation {TurretZ 0} 0.707107,0.707107,-0.000000" Actor Scope: Actor Scope From Unit Unit: caster This will rotate the turret to 45 degrees. My...
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    Sending messages to groups of actors

    When removing a Zealot from the game, a sound actor by the name Zealot Death (Unnamed) is created. It will start making some sound, and then stop. I'd like to create the Zealot and remove it without it making any sound. Nobody should even know it was there. I was able to do this by adding an...
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    Records as parameters?

    I just noticed that records cannot be used as parameters in functions. Why would they not allow that? It's so inconvenient... Edit: I guess records aren't really what I thought they would be :(
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    How can I control in which order libraries are placed in the script?

    When I have multiple libraries and want one library to call a function from another library, how do I make sure the right library is above the other in the script?
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    Spider Mine icon gone from editor in Phase 2. Anyone have it?

    Now that phase 2 has begun I noticed they removed the spider mine icon from the editor. Did anyone export it and save it? If so, would you mind uploading it for me?
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    How can I manage multiple linked data editor objects?

    Let's say I make a unit with so and so abilities. I'd like to save them for later use in some map down the line. Is it possible to export the objects I have made in the data editor somehow, so I can easily import them into a map when I so choose? Sure the data editor is powerful, but it also...
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    How to figure out location of model's ref points?

    Edit: Well, this is kind of embarrasing. I figured it out so this topic was unnecessary. It turned out the ref points were highlighted in the model viewer after all. It was just barely noticable.
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    Can actors only make cosmetic changes?

    I'm starting to get fairly certain of it, but I just thought I'd ask to see what you think. I cannot find a single event that makes any change to the game other than audio/visual changes.
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    Validator: "Has unit [weapon]?"

    Would it be possible to make a validator that checks if a unit has a specific weapon?
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    Is instant cast (0s cast time) possible?

    I'm ordering a unit to cast a spell with the following code: Unit - Order Unit[P] to ( LaserShoot targeting Point) (Before Existing Orders) Unit - Order Unit[P] to ( LaserShoot targeting Point) (Before Existing Orders) In another trigger I detect the time between the two casts with...
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    Can Trigger Editor affect Movers in Data Editor?

    I'm currently experimenting with movers as projectiles. They're great and all, but I can't help but be disappointed with being stuck with static projectile weapons. I'd like to change them in the trigger editor. Is it at all possible? Example scenario why it is so important for me: I have a...
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    dialog item retrieve an image from a variable?

    I'm creating a map with a lot of dialog buttons, and would like to handle the button creation with a bit more grace than having to copy/paste all the code for every button I create. It's just gonna be very frustrating when I decide I want to change something in one button and then I have to do...