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  1. SineCosine

    [Javascript] textNode & innerHTML

    So, I've decided to stop using innerHTML for good and start using textNode. Problem is, I can't do basic things using textNode =/ alert(get('News').innerHTML); alert(get('News').firstChild.nodeValue); First alert gives me the intended effect: <div> <center>...
  2. SineCosine

    [Javascript] How do different browsers handle arrays?

    I made this blog dedicated to providing information about a music game. There is a section with the game's Song List. The Song List contains the following information: Artist Name Song Name Location Single (A difficulty type) Double (A difficulty type) Single Performance (A...
  3. SineCosine

    What's new in the Jass world?

    Hello, everyone! Been a while since I popped in here.. Has there been any jaw-dropping developments around here? (Besides J4L's evil scheme to download black pr0n into our PCs using a WC3 map)
  4. SineCosine

    Webpage and browser-hanging issues..

    There's this webpage that I've been working on during my spare time.. (Don't comment on the ugly code if you ever see it) It works fine with my local copy.. And works fine when I send my friends a copy of it. But when I uploaded it to the net to test some things out.. The webpage would...
  5. SineCosine

    [Javascript] Forum Text-Editor?

    Notice that when you highlight a bunch of words in this forum's 'quick reply' box and click the 'B' button, it surrounds your highlighted words with [ B ] and [ /B ] tags. But I can't seem to do it with javascript at all ._. Anyone know how it's done? I would use firebug (Can't remember...
  6. SineCosine

    [Javascript] (0.9 + 0.1).toFixed(2) = 0.0:

    Umm.. Yea, I was just making some random vernier calipers out of javascript because explaining how to use them to some people is just difficult =/ So, making it was easy. It works fine and all, nothing wrong with that script. The problem is these 'buttons' I added that will increase the...
  7. SineCosine

    [Javascript]0.1 * 0.1 = 0.010000000000000002

    Yeap. I tried it out with a fresh page: <html> <head> <script type="text/javascript"> window.onload = function () { alert(0.1 * 0.1); } </script> </head> <body> </body> </html> The result I got was: 0.010000000000000002...
  8. SineCosine

    [PHP & MySQL] Dates >.<

    Ugh, I hate Date objects and I haven't even tried time yet =( I tried to read up on dates but.. I'm stuck =/ Anyway, here's what I am trying to do: 01) A user posts a message 02) A PHP script creates date using gmdate("F d' y") 03) It stores the date into the MySQL database However...
  9. SineCosine

    [PHP MySQL] Looping through the rows..

    Yea.. How would I loop through a mysql_fetch_array(Resource)? Like, while (Rows?) { //Do Stuff } But that would go on forever.. Wouldn't it? How do I make it perform an action for every row? Like, retrieve a value and display it for each row it encounters till the end. I...
  10. SineCosine

    MySQL Workbench 5.2CE crashes

    Not crash.. But hangs. The rest of my computer is fine, no lag. But MySQL Workbench hangs whenever I select 'Edit Table' and choose a connection. Just like that. It's strange that it would hang for no reason. I've tried re-installing, but no luck. Anyone having the same issues as I am?
  11. SineCosine

    [Javascript] Returning the entire line if a match is found?

    Let's say I have a textarea. Inside it, I have some copy + pasted contents: Hello, my name is Paul! You are not me! The Army wants me! And I want to return all lines that have 'my' inside using Javascript. So, the result of this supposed javascript should return: Hello, my...
  12. SineCosine

    MySQL's "UPDATE" being called twice.. And others

    Yea.. I think MySQL is deliberately screwing with my mind -____- I've been trying to figure out the problem for the past hour. Okay, here's what I am trying to do: When a task is complete, a form is sent to a php and the php increases the value of a counter, Complete, by 1. When a task is...
  13. SineCosine

    [PHP] Does mail() support line-breaks?

    I can't seem to get a line-break in the e-mails I send out =/ I've tried \r\n \n \r <br> No luck. Tried it as one string with other texts and tried them as concatenations to other texts, no good. No line breaks =/ Any insight would be helpful :D
  14. SineCosine

    [PHP]Reading off a html file and.. appending it to a document..

    Yea, assuming the html file I wanna' read off and the php file are in the same domain.. How would I read off the html file and 'echo' it? Because I just realized that this site I'm making has the same structure all over and felt that it would be tedious if I were to make a change.. Meaning...
  15. SineCosine

    PHP.. Login.. Session.. Can't wrap my mind around it =/

    So.. Let's say I do not wanna' understand everything about registration and login for now because it is too overwhelming =x And.. I wanna' understand the login part first. Here are my questions.. 01) User submits login form with Username and Password 02) User is redirected to a page...
  16. SineCosine

    Text editor for HTML, Javascript and PHP?

    Yea.. I was wondering if anyone here can recommend a good (And free, I have no income, I'm a kid) text editor that can be used for creating web documents. Notepad and JIdea aren't good enough =x Notepad, because it doesn't highlight syntax or spot errors, etc. And JIdea just uses too much CPU...
  17. SineCosine

    (Windows XP) Replacing explorer.exe and getting it to work >.>

    My PC recently got hit by a virus -____- I don't know who the culprit (Who downloaded a virus) is, but it happened. Anyways, one day, I turned my PC on and a few pop-up windows appeared telling me that winlogincrucial.exe was trying to access a protected file. I thought, "Weird...
  18. SineCosine

    Timers in C++? =x

    I'm sure there's a timer function.. Like.. Wait for 5seconds, then call a function. I don't think it'd be nice to have the whole program freeze up while waiting, though. So I don't want the timer to freeze the app. How would I go about starting a timer?
  19. SineCosine

    Sending a HTML form using a C++ console application?

    Umm.. I've been googling for days now, (Maybe even months, never kept track) and haven't found an answer to my question. You know those HTML forms that you submit with the click of a button after filling in a variety of text-fields? How would one send those HTML forms using C++? As in...
  20. SineCosine

    Converting unicode characters to its hexadecimal form?

    Yea.. Let us say I have this particular character that I want to convert. This --> ? The hexadecimal is 2665. But to get that, I had to look at a chart. And to display it in certain places, I had to use \u2665 to show ? Is there any javascript that goes like.. function Blah () { var...