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  1. CaptDeath

    How Can I change the Minimap Dynamically?

    Or Seemingly Dynamically like in Solar Conquest cause i have no idea were to begin Thanks in Advanced +rep will be given
  2. CaptDeath

    Crime Metairie man says stranger chewed, swallowed after taking bite out of his arm

    A Metairie resident is recovering after a stranger bit a chunk of flesh out of his arm and swallowed it Saturday afternoon. Joseph Lancellotti, 67, told authorities he did not know the suspect, later identified as Mario Vargas, 48, or why he was attacked in his front yard. Lancellotti was...
  3. CaptDeath

    What can i use to convert .xm media file(works with winamp) to .mp3

    I recent ally got a song that only works for winamp called unreeeal superhero from a friend and I can find any .xm to .anything converters Thank you in advanced
  4. CaptDeath

    [linux] how do i fix this error?

    what i am trying to do is install guest additions into my guest fedora 10 OS from my host Vista running virtualbox from says something about needing Build and header files for kernel version
  5. CaptDeath

    removing the hard drive for a HP Presario CQ50

    my brother had received a HP Presario CQ50 for his birth day some time ago and ruined the mother board a month or so later. this was around four months ago. Now considering if we can work out a deal im planning on getting his hard drives but i cant seem to find were to get them and i would...
  6. CaptDeath

    Virtual Pc Troubles

    Im using VMware player to run a portable version of DSL DSL = Damn Small Linux and last night(5 AM for me) it could access internet fine now 4 hours later it dosen't work nothing was changed i may have accidentally changed something so i tried a fresh copy which didn't work Mozilla...
  7. CaptDeath

    thinking of buying a External hardive

    hello i wanted TH users opinion on is it worth it? will it work with Vista? and a XP comp?(not at the same time) Will it work with games as well as my Flash Drive? is it worth it? Is it even a smart Idea to get one...
  8. CaptDeath

    Soda Lyte

    First off can there be a unforeseeable side effect to adding 2 parts water to one part soda? is it a good thing? Soda Lyte is what i call it when i take 1 part soda and add two parts water to the regular bottled soda cause its more saturated any ways. still tastes fine so no comments please...
  9. CaptDeath

    .htaccess preventing users from "finding" the server

    on my site i "broke" the root some how so i had to change the main page to so i made a permanent redirect via a .htaccess file which works for me but for Samael88 it gives him an error saying the site cant be found and i foolishly didn't...
  10. CaptDeath

    WoW Addons 3.09

    I suggest downloading and installing Curse Hello All once again a Addon Thread YES I USE THESE ADDONS and many others none are redundant at least I don't think they are Screen Shots are at the bottom these all worked with the latest wow at the time posted...
  11. CaptDeath

    Moved wc3 reinstalling and moving back are not an option

    error Blizzard BNUpdate v2.133 compiled on Aug 14 2008 Log created at 2:04 pm on 03/22/2009 This patch upgrades Warcraft III The Frozen Throne from the previous version. ERROR: unable to open source archive 'C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\war3x.mpq' RESULT: Patch failed my WC3 is now in...
  12. CaptDeath

    I Need help with attaching a PUI struct

    I just want to know how to attach it My functions Azlier told me this to create but i didn't understand it function Lol takes nothing returns nothing local Mage m = Mage.create() set Mage[whichUnit] = m //Blaargh, more actions! endfunction is it like this? someunit being a chosen...
  13. CaptDeath

    undeclared function?

    when i put a jass function function New_FM takes integer X returns nothing call BJDebugMsg("Introducing"+Strings(4,X)+"the newest "+Strings(0,1)) endfunction it says that New_FM is undeclared should i put it into a blank custom text trigger? like i did with this function Strings takes...
  14. CaptDeath

    how do I convert GetTriggerPlayer into the players number

    how do i convert GetTriggerPlayer into a player number?
  15. CaptDeath

    were the website that had like a list of names

    for fantasy land places people technology and it would generate a random list i was just searching for it via forum search and Google cant find it so if any one wouldn't mind XD +rep will be given
  16. CaptDeath

    whats wrong with this jass?

    cause im getting syntax errors in Jass Craft function Stings takes integer A,integer B returns string local string Ret if A == 0 then if B == 0 then set Ret = "Basic Mage" return Ret endif if B == 1 then set Ret = "Fire Mage" return Ret endif endif...
  17. CaptDeath

    Looking for a tool HeavyLocker(i think)

    SOLVED Turns out i found a site with a old like to it its on just with a /files/ so for all who care the link to the file there's a program named Heavy...
  18. CaptDeath

    Does this work?(is a return question)

    function Example takes nothing returns string local string XD set XD = "this works right?" return XD endfunction function whocares takes nothing returns nothing call BJDebugMsg(Example()) endfunction
  19. CaptDeath

    would any one care for a lottery system

    most wouldn't know of my betting system but i was revisiting that thread and though maybe i should make a lottery system(probably snippet) with odds(dynamic(based on trends)) so what it would feature is -bet XXX -yes(or (-no)) at a conformation question saying are you sure? //only one active...
  20. CaptDeath

    how should I go about doing this?

    red equals unit within the cone the squrres are units the big X is the unit with cleave how do i pick the units within the red circle? cause after i do that i will pick a random 3 of those just how do i get the big V of unit selection?