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    Fatal Error After Game End

    Hi, Recently I have been making this map but then when I started testing it after I quit game, all players get fatal error message.Does anyone know what causes it or how to fix it? Thanks in advance
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    Creep Return Distance/Time

    Hi, I am making a sort of 6v6 aos map and use neutral victim and extra for the creep waves.I changed the gameplay constants such that the return distance and time is max but i have neutral hostile creeps that do not return to their camps now. What is the best way of doing making creeps return to...
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    Item Slow Attackers Like Frost Armour

    Hi, I want to make an item such that once the user has it anyone who attacks him will get slowed. It is something like frost armour. Do I have to create a dummy unit to cast frost armour on this hero when he picks up the item or is there another easier way.
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    Whats wrong with this trigger?

    Basically it is a spell where it does damage based on the hero stats multiplied by the lvl of the spell multiplied by 3. Here is the trigger. Stats Burst Events Unit - A unit Begins casting an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Stats Burst Actions...
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    Allow units to be sold by trigger

    Hi,I just want to ask if i can use a trigger to allow the training of units using trigger and not in object editor.For example, for a tavern in the units sold in object editor is blank put allow the selling of heros using trigger. Another question.If i want a spell damage to be based on his...
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    Skeleton King Revive

    Just a simple question.In the 6.72 version of dota when skeleton king dies, he will slow the area around him when he revives.What is the event for this to occur. For those who don't play dota, the spell is in this link Look at his ulti
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    Combine Hero Tavern and Hero Selection

    Hi, I was just wondering if there is any system out there which combines these 2 together.For example, there is a tavern which gives details on the story, stats, stats gain and movement speed. Then when the hero is selected, a hero comes out and shows you the details of its spells, hp, mp and...
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    Different amount of max heros for players

    I know it is possible to change the number of max heros in gameplay constants but that applies for all. Is it possible to change it by triggers for each player.If yes, please post the triggers.
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    Hero get exp if creeps are fighting and revive event

    Firstly, I want to ask how to disable giving hero exp unless they are near enough. I tried a search but cant get the right keywords. Secondly, I like to know if there is a event which states hero has revive ability and is dead awaiting revival.If there is none in GUI is there any in jass?
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    Searing Arrows not bonus damage

    Hi,I was just wondering if it is possible to make to make a spell like searing arrows but instead of having bonus 30 damage, I want just 30 damage. Is it possible to do this?
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    How to make this spell

    Basically, I have been trying to make this spell which replaces the move with a blink. For example, if i have the spell at lvl 1, when player hero move he blink 100 range infront at the cost of 15 mana.I tried by using nightelf warden blink and change the range but it will not work if player...
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    Based on the amount of mana, give stats

    Hi, i am making a spell and it works by using all your mana and converting them into stats temporarily. There are 15 levels for this spell for the first, 40 mana becomes 1 to all stats for 15 seconds.For each subsequent level, minus 1 mana cost for 1 to all stats.How can this spell be made. Can...
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    Revive question

    If my hero has revive and when it dies, I want to kill the unit who killed my hero waiting to revival.What event should i use for this trigger
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    A few questions

    I was just wondering if it is possible to replace the move button with a spell that teleports the unit 200 range in front at a time using mana until he reaches the location or runs out of mana. And is there a spell like searing arrow but the damage it does is not bonus and it doe that damage...
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    Make units uncontrollable

    Hi, i am currently making a 6v6 map that is an aos.I made a post before asking how this was done and i had a reply.They said use neutral victim and neutral extra or use player 1 and 7 but make the units uncontrollable. I tried the neutral victim and extra but they were attacked by my hero and...
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    6v6 is it possible in an aos map

    Hi, i am creating an aos style map and i am just wondering if it is possible to do a 6v6.If it is possible can someone tell me who do i put the creeps under.Thanks in advance
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    Spell to Increase Inventory Slots

    Hi, i am currently making a map and require some help.I want it to be a spell such that when i put 1 lvl of it i can get another page of 6 slots each level gaining and extra page up to a level of 5.The stats of the item in another inventory should be kept. Lvl 1:add 1 extra page Lvl 2:add 2...