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    Looking for new laptop - Input

    Alrighty I've been tasked with finding a laptop for myself for college. My parents (this would be a graduation present from them) are paying around $1000, with me covering any extra. I would like to stay under $1400. $1500 at the most. Currently, there is a Dell I found that has pretty much...
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    Major Video Driver Error

    Ok, well I recently updated my NVidia GeForce 6800 to the newest driver version, 94.24. It worked fine for the first couple days, and now tonight, when I was playing Day of Defeat: Source, a lot of green lines started appearing on my screen. I completely lagged out of the server and was forced...
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    New Signature- Halo

    So I might still be tweaking this, I don't know yet. But as for now I thought I'd put up my current version and see what people think. Feedback please? :)
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    New Signature- Ghost Recon

    I rendered this a long time ago and have been meaning to use it for a while and and I finally got around to it today. I'm just posting one version, the one with just "hobo218" on it. I have another one with "GRAW" on it as well, but I'm still changing it since it's a little too subtle the way I...
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    Newest Sig- My Best IMO

    Feedback please? Thanks. :)
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    New Signatures: R6 Las Vegas & Various

    ...and then here's another one. Some constructive feedback please? Thanks.
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    RAM Problem

    Ok, so my friend just recently got a new custom computer that he put together himself. He bought 4GB of RAM (4x1GB sticks). Under his BIOS, it correctly reads that he has 4GB. When he goes through Windows, it says that he only has 2.5GBs, and then on CPU-Z, it reads that he only has 2GB. Under...
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    New Signature

    I have been putting my signatures in my "hobo218's signature works" thread, but I never end up getting feedback when I post in there.'s the new sig. Made it for a friend. Feedback anyone?
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    PC World's 100 Fearless Forecasts

    From Yahoo! News "The standard dreams of future technology, such as intergalactic spaceships and do-everything robot servants, are still a ways off, but plenty of exciting technology advances will be here fairly soon." Read all 100 predictions here. Yahoo! News- PC World's 100 Fearless...
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    hobo218's Signature Work's

    Ok...don't want to keep cluttering up the forum with threads about 1 new sig. So I'm just going to make this one, and then post in here as I go. I personally wouldn't give this too high of marks, but hey, it's how it turned...
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    Game Fuel Config on DLink Router

    Ok, so my friend is having trouble configuring the GameFuel settings on his new DLink router. Basically, he's having questions on what you put in for Source IP Range, Source Port Range, Destination IP Range, and Destination Port Range. So really, he wants to know what you would enter...
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    AMD to buy chip-maker ATI for $5.4 billion

    SAN FRANCISCO - Advanced Micro Devices Inc. plans to pay $5.4 billion for top graphics chip maker ATI Technologies Inc., a bold move that could help the world's No. 2 maker of PC microprocessors match — or even exceed — the capabilities of larger rival Intel Corp. The acquisition would...
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    Stupid people are too stupid to know they're stupid...

    -Some guy bought a new fridge for his house. To get rid of his old fridge, he put it in his front yard and hung a sign on it saying: "Free to good home. You want it, you take it." For three days the fridge sat there without even one person looking twice at it. He eventually decided that...
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    Another Brushless Sig. Opinions?

    Ok, I've been practicing without using brushes for my sigs lately. Any feedback?
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    Overclocking your NVidia Graphics Card

    My old tutorial on this got deleted in the crash, so I thought I'd make a new one. Here's an easy way to overclock your NVidia graphics card without having to download any extra programs. All you have to do is add a registry entry and then the settings appear in your driver config. Before...
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    RedvsBlue TD- Picking up the Editor again...

    Well, some of you older members may recall that I was working on a RedvsBlue TD map. I got out 3 versions, all which still resemble the classic TD, and for a while, I worked on a bit, trying to add new features, but then I just got bored of War3, and haven't touched the map since. Even while...
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    Active Security Monitor

    Active Security Monitor I saw this program on and tryed it out, and it worked really well. Nice to see how well your system is secure, and it also gives you steps on how to increase your score. I'm generally against all AOL things but this seemed ok.
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    Brushless Sig. Opinions?

    This is my first try at making a brushless sig. In my opinion, there's something missing, but I can't say what. So anyway, feedback?
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    Dog Blamed for Accident/"Wear Nice Pants"-Odd News

    From Yahoo! Odd News- OGDEN, Utah - A police dog that was left in a pickup with the engine running apparently knocked the vehicle into gear and ran down a woman who was walking to her mailbox. Read Above here LONDON (Reuters) - Women going on boozy nights out have been warned by...
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    MS Baseline Security Analyzer

    A helpful security tool that is mainly built for networks, but can be used for individual computers and be just as effective. From Microsoft. Baseline Security Analyzer