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    well im still on the verge of fixing my map but i spotted one problem the objective for this map is to kill the ultra-strong dragon thing but then i realized that i dont know how to make the trigger for victory when you kill this dragon my friend suggested that we make a trigger but...
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    I am currently fixing my map, that was when i encountered this model called Deathwing in I added it to my map and saw that it has an alternate form that where i encountered this problem everytime i level up metamorph, it turns to its alternate mode with the time of...
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    Waygate help

    i am currently trying to make a teleporter for my map since that i suck at triggers(not much) i thought of getting help here if anyone can help me please respond to this thread thank you in advance P.S : my friend is asking me how to make the waygate only teleport specific units...
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    Item creation

    I've been playing W3 for at least 5 years and started to make maps for 3 years, And i've been noticing items that are needed to make other items let's say to make an Ether Sword you need Sword+ether stone+ recipe Now that i'm focusing on making items... I need to know how to create as i...
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    how to stop lag when attaching custom skins

    while i was making my map, i added a custom skin(naga death knight) but it suddenly lags even if i restarted it and it lags in-game i serously need help
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    how to add more than 1 player in a map?

    i'm making a map and it looks like i cant add more than 1 more player to it... how to make my map a multiplayer map?
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    finding a model

    I need the model of the doomlord from LoaP doomlord and death can anyone tell me where to find it i tried hive but i cant find it there.
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    model help

    how do i customize the appearance of units like nevermore. they just colored him black but i want to know how to customize them further
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    model contest

    i need any new custom unit to add to my game... so if you have a custom model post it here and i will judge if it is good enough for my game... im lookig forward to your custom units -dark typer ^^
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    Model Issue (was: help)

    i need help to make a model still becauseit always goes offscreen!
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    World edit help!!

    my world edit does not work , whenever i open it nothing happens pls help