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    Camera moves weird

    Hi I wanted to make a simple cinematic to test it out, when a unit enters a region ( can only be human player) it starts, the camera jumps instantly to the first position and then wanders from camera to camera until it reaches camera11. all units are freezed to not attack each other...
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    Item aura doesnt work

    Hi An Item is lying on the ground A Hero picks it up as long as its carried every 0.2 sec a random enemy in Range (512) of the Hero gets 50 dmg and small effect is created at the enemy to show who is hit. But i dont get this working :-( my problem is the event, i can either choose -a unit...
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    Jass newgen and key timers 2

    I just looked through some spells and was realy fascinated by all the cool spells, for example Sandman. i thought about putting this into a little map i made, but i never used jass or key timers2 and now i took a look at them and i am confused ... is there anywhere explained for newbies like...
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    Equal gold for everybody ;-)

    Hi :-D I have a group of 4 players fighting hords of monsters now i dont want the damage-dealer to get ahellofalotmore money than the healer! How do i share the money from creeps and quests equal between all players ? They dont need to be able to buy with the money from the others...
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    Stopping a Unit from doing ANYTHING on his own

    Hi I have a hero ( possible would be : [all]Heroes, Unit Type, Unit[particular], player(xx) owned units, units owned by any player) and i want him to: NOT strike back if he is hit NOT run away if he is hit NOT attack any enemy (if not ordered to, even if its in his range) NOT run towards any...
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    divine shield

    Hey :-) How can i make the divine shield castable onto other units besides the casting hero? i would like to not need triggers... i changed possible targets and range but he still autocasts it on himself :-/
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    Ability tooltipp raw codes

    Hi Is there anywhere a tutorial or someone describing how i get stuff like <A005,Dur1> for my tooltipps? I mean the rawcodes for duration, damage etc. to write in the tooltipp i was about making some spells but i never got any tooltipp correct :-> ingame there was just always 0 or the...
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    targetable Group-Portraits

    Hi everyone :-) I m making a team-rpg map for my next lan and the focus lies on difficult fights. Now my problem is: Targeting something The tank will get a hell lot of dmg over a short period of time Now i m making healing spells realy cheap and quick to cast, but the problem is, that...
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    Spawning Problem

    Hi everyone :-) I startet making a wc3 map a few months ago and up till now this forum helped me in many ways just by reading through it (and copying some triggers ;D), but now i discovered a problem which i cannot understand :-? I copied a trigger that saves all units at the beginning of...