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  1. Yuu

    AoS Loyalty

    Loyalty Version History 1.11% : latest version, see the attached changelog for more details. 1.1% r1 : old version, very buggy, not recommended. 1.1% : old version. 1.0% : first release Introduction: Loyalty is an all new game which is unlike any others. We offer many unique and...
  2. Yuu

    How to attach a buff to an ability ?

    My question is simply in the title. Can anyone tell me how can I do this ?
  3. Yuu

    Custom Shop Question

    Hi guys ! Currently I'm making a custom Neutral shop that sells one item only. Generally, all players can buy from it. However, if a player meets a specific condition, I want to prevent them from being able to buy from this shop until the condition effect wears out. So, can anyone teach me how...
  4. Yuu

    Peon Classification not working

    Hi everyone, Currently I'm working on a small trigger to set my unit classification into Peon-like whenever a non-target order is given so my unit won't start attacking automatically. However, it turned out that the Add Classification trigger didn't work at all and my unit kept automatically...