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    Magic Immunity

    I just found out that my Magic Immunity Spells don't work with a research requirement. is their a fix to this? like a hidden Magic Immunity Spell that does work with Requirements?
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    Damage detection trigger, NOT working

    I need to figure out why this isn't working, it fires off when not using the variables and just using a solid number so the second trigger works but when trying to use the bidedamagetaken variable it doesn't work, so im wondering if it is the custom script that is just below that's the problem...
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    Weird Question about MDL Vis

    I am currently animating a model in wc3 MDL Vis, some times when i rotate a bone, it doesn't play out in the animation? More specific: I am animating a Flood Juggernaut from halo 2 for wc3 I am specifically trying to animate the face tendrils during a stand animation. i have 3 edited frames in...
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    Zerg Egg Rally Points system in wc3!!

    Before you trigger create the egg give it negative health regeneration(Shift+Click) then give it the ability rally, and if you want makes it invulnerable. (also obviously make a hatchery building mine was a town hall) (also i wanted my zerg to be bought like mercenaries cuz that's how it is in...
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    Replaced worker mine gold from rally point

    i can get a replaced unit to "move" to original units rally point PEON Events Unit - A unit Finishes training a unit Conditions (Unit-type of (Trained unit)) Equal to Fel Peon (FelOrc) Actions If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else...
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    Bunker System For WC3

    I am trying to create an actual bunker system for wc3 I've run in to a problem and now know the specifics. I've tried 2 methods both using dummy units I've tried putting the dummy unit inside the bunker but wasn't sure if i could get the sizing right when i pulled him out still maybe also...
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    Clarification (What does this code actually do?)

    I am trying to give locust to a unit through trigger Custom script: call UnitAddAbility( GetLoadedUnit(), 'Aloc' ) is that the right code? it seems so??? but all it does is make the unit invulnerable i can still select and move it around this is the trigger: Bunker Load Inverse...
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    Hero Glow

    Does any one know if you can still use any of the hero glow models on the hive to give heroes a pseudo hero glow... Im asking because of reforged.... it doesn't appear to be possible and i need a second opinion.
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    how would i get new fire orb in my old map?

    I want this new anti healing fire orb in my old map. its not showing up like some of the other things, voices, high elven king... why is that? is something wrong? how would i go about getting that orb into my map i already know i can't copy and paste it... do i have to do a export object...
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    Healing Spray

    Is this ability bugged i wanted to make it into an archer volley ability, tried -values and setting the allowed targets to "ground" even set it identical to clustered rockets. not sure what else to do. it looks like exactly what i want but does no damage.
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    how to detect when a player gains wood

    is their an event player gain recourse?
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    order all units to move attack except peons?

    i want a trigger that picks all units except a few types like peon-type and hero=type and orders those units to move attack. MM Rally Events Unit - A unit Begins casting an ability Conditions And - All (Conditions) are true Conditions...
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    is there any thing wrong with this trigger?

    TimeOutDialog Gold Mining Events Time - Every 20.00 seconds of game time Conditions Actions Player Group - Pick every player in (All players controlled by a User player) and do (Actions) Loop - Actions Unit Group - Pick every unit in (Units...
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    what does fortified armor do?

    it units when ordered to attack in a direction or in general ignored units with fortified armor... is that so, the units that were ignored also had priority 8 in the unit editor. so why were they being ignored was it cuz of priority or because of the fortified armor? and if it is fortified...
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    exporting data importing data

    im guessing it goes like this, to avoid any problems with triggers you would have to first carry over imports and then obj editor stuff and then triggers... so... imports obj editor triggers but i have issues... first when just carrying over triggers their are issues with everything even...
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    Every Time I Import

    every time i import a file into my map the blacksmith buildings for alliance makes my map crash? even if i make a custom blacksmith give it another name it crashes... its unsettling. what is this? i will click on a builder that can build human blacksmith building and the game will crash. why...
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    give ability to constructed constructed?

    Can't give ability to constructed structure with trigger... is that hardcoded? Pylon Aura Events Unit - A unit Finishes construction Conditions Or - Any (Conditions) are true Conditions (Unit-type of (Constructed structure)) Equal to Pylon...
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    On attack trigger bonus damage based on current health

    I don't think this trigger is working i also don't know why it wouldn't be working... Please help me figure out why this on attack trigger isn't working, i've tested all levels of the ability eviscerate... The ability is supposed to deal damage equal to 1-10% of attacking units current health...
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    Aura that heals trees?

    is their a way to have an aura that actually heals trees? or maybe an immolation ability? lightning shield? something? can't find any thing on this... i tried aura in editor and their attemps with slow poison and negative values. what i want is for owner of a certain unit be able to collect...
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    i want to make a single ability that swaps the health of two heroes caster and target of cast ability. RedDragTransfer Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Transfer (Red Dragon) Actions Set...