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  1. Karawasa

    Isometric Projection Sprites

    Hey guys I'm hoping to get a cost/time estimate from someone who has experience with sprites. We will be having two types of sprites. Creeps that move up, down, and left/right with walk and death animations. Towers that don't move and have attack animation. Level of quality would be slightly...
  2. Karawasa

    Cross-Realm Element TD Tournament (With Prizes)

    This is a replay based tournament. That means anyone from any realm is welcome to participate. You are competing against other players to have the best submission. Please read the following information carefully before signing up. Modes No Mazing or Heroes Competitive Hard All...
  3. Karawasa

    Element Tower Defense 4.4

    It seems there is still a good base of players for the WC3 version of ETD. I certainly get more questions on it than the SC2 one. To this end, I have decided to provide an update for you guys. Here I would really appreciate it if you guys could post changes you want to see. The last official...
  4. Karawasa

    Bots Please!

    Hey Guys, I've decided to update Element Tower Defense for WC3. Upon reinstalling it I noticed there are a lot of bots. I was hoping some guys here would be kind enough to provide hosting for me. I can provide the CD Keys. Thanks!
  5. Karawasa

    Data Editor - Element Tower Defense

    I've had a growing frustration with BNET 2.0 for quite awhile. A couple of months back, I decided enough was enough and I stopped modding. My project was Element Tower Defense, a new iteration of the popular WC3 map. I've had time to think about and plan it, and I have decided to return with the...
  6. Karawasa

    Element TD Update

    It's been over a month since I announced this project. An update is in order! Without further ado, check out these terrain pictures.
  7. Karawasa

    Weird Problem

    Somehow this started happening and I can't trace it to any particular setting change or event. In short, the game lags and stutters horribly when set to fullscreen mode. When set to windowed or windowed (fullscreen) then it plays just fine. From what I read windowed is more resource intensive so...
  8. Karawasa

    Element TD - Data Editor Needed

    Element Tower Defense is the conversion of a popular WC3 map to SC2. We are a dedicated team consisting of game designers, coder, terrainer, data editors, beta team, and web designer. Currently we are looking for another data editor. You would be responsible for...
  9. Karawasa

    Element Tower Defense

    I finally decided to jump on the bandwagon. Element TD will be coming to SC2! This won't be a new game. This will be an evolution of a proven concept. No stone will go unturned in harnessing the power of the new editor. I'm looking forward to doing things that couldn't be done in WC3. But...I...
  10. Karawasa

    Is This Safe?

    The reason for this change is to make the map load without "Press Any Key" in multiplayer and LAN. It does accomplish this...but at what cost?
  11. Karawasa

    Warcraft 3 Freeze

    This is really killing me, please help! The main problem is that Warcraft 3 will randomly freeze for about 15-20 seconds. It will then unfreeze and I can go back to normal. The computer is fine, as music still plays. This happens both online and offline. This has nothing to do with...
  12. Karawasa

    Element TD Draft Tournament

    Ready to challenge the elements and the restrictions? Then this custom tournament is for you! A draft will determine the towers that are removed and the elements allowed for the match. You then have 7 days to play out the game, single player, as many attempts as you want and submit your best...
  13. Karawasa

    Ability Brainstorm

    I am once again looking for abilities to incorporate into Element Tower Defense. I encourage you to let your imagination run. The only restriction is that abilities need to have dealing damage as their underlying concept. By this I mean no slows, no armor reducers, no percentage based damage...
  14. Karawasa

    Crash Without Error

    I'm using Earth-Fury's SetUnitMaxState system in my map, and under certain conditions it causes the game to crash without an error screen (i.e. poof right to desktop). I did some debugging, and I noticed that the system crashes when the difference between max hp and current hp is greater than...
  15. Karawasa

    TD Element TD 4.0 Released!

    After almost two years of development, it is my great pleasure to announce that the much anticipated Element TD 4.0 has been released. We have worked tirelessly to bring you more to look forward to: A handful of reworked and/or remade towers A round of in-depth balance tweaks at all...
  16. Karawasa

    Element TD 4.0

    The wait is over. Njoy.
  17. Karawasa

    Beta Key

    Hey Guys, Have a major favor to ask. I want to take SC2 modding seriously by continuing the Element TD franchise. It would be of immense help to get a hands-on preview of the editor. Would anyone be kind enough to share their beta key? PM me if you have one and are interested in helping me...
  18. Karawasa

    Default Unit HP Bar and Text Tag Positions Bugged

    The two golems are upgrades of another tower. However, they were upgraded from different towers, hence why only one is affected. Any text tags called onto the bugged unit will be at the same height as the hp bar. Also note that if I preplace them there is no bug. See attached...
  19. Karawasa

    Unit Hotkeys

    I have a structure that has purchasable units added to it(via triggers), and for each one I have given them a hotkey in the object editor. For some reason the hotkeys for purchasing units does not work for me. What is going on?
  20. Karawasa

    Random TriggerSleepAction() Bug

    In Element TD there are these Undead creeps that have reincarnation. When they revive, I need certain things done to get them working. I register them when they spawn: function SpawnCreep takes integer j returns nothing local unit u local real hp if i > 0 then...