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  1. saw792

    Can't see individual rep values in User CP

    Before the forum upgrade there used to be a number telling you how much rep each person had given you in the user cp rep page, now it just shows a green/grey/red icon without the number. Could we have this back? ...not that I'm a reputation whore or anything...
  2. saw792

    Syncing issues + MouseScroll

    I'm working on a system to detect mouse scrolls using changes in the camera of each player. Naturally this is local data so it must be synced. The Sync library below is based on TSync by Toadcop. Sync Library:library Sync initializer Init globals private integer DATA = 0 private...
  3. saw792

    Demo Map Hidden Script

    Hidden Script I just thought I'd share this snippet I discovered. The demo map below shows how it is possible to hide code within other files in the map. In the example within the map, an admin password has been hidden within the model file imported in the map and retrieved through the use of...
  4. saw792

    Structs that extend arrays

    How are structs that extend arrays different from regular structs? For those who don't know what I mean:struct Data extends array //data endstruct
  5. saw792

    Custom Title on Spoiler Tags

    I was wondering if we could make it possible to use a custom title for a spoiler instead of the usual Spoiler! that appears next to the show/hide button. Syntax could be [spoiler=Spell Code]...{/spoiler]. I think it would make it easier for people to decide whether they want to read what's in...
  6. saw792

    Snippet ResetSingleCooldown

    ResetSingleCooldown By saw792 Ever wondered why there isn't a function to reset the cooldown of a single ability? Well now there is. function ResetSingleCooldown takes unit u, integer abilid returns boolean local integer i = GetUnitAbilityLevel(u, abilid) if i > 0 then call...
  7. saw792

    TimedLife buffid not necessary

    I found that using 0 in place of 'BTLF' actually had no effect on the expiration timer for the UnitApplyTimedLife() native. Nothing changed when using an actual buff id (a non-timed life one) either. The expiration timer appeared, and worked just fine. That leads me to believe that 'BTLF'...
  8. saw792

    System Anti-CheatPack System

    Anti-CheatPack System by saw792 Using this system will report any modification to the map script. Combined with map optimisation it will effectively stop people from using a modified version of your map, as it disables all GUI trigger functionality and all JASS triggers (with the exception of...
  9. saw792

    Trigger handle index issues

    I'm having some issues with triggers. In a test map that only creates one trigger I use H2I to get it's index. However, when attempting to check that that is the only trigger that has been created (by converting the index + 1 to a trigger with I2H) it does not return null, implying that a...
  10. saw792

    Stopping function exec

    Say, for example, I have two functions like this:function Test2 takes nothing returns nothing <actions> endfunction function Test takes nothing returns nothing call Test2() <other actions> endfunction What actions can I put in Test2() that will end the execution of Test? Is this...
  11. saw792

    Spell Flaming Blades

    Flaming Blades Images: Creates a cyclone of flaming blades that each deal damage on contact. Level 1: 30 damage per blade Level 2: 60 damage per blade Level 3: 90 damage per blade Made in vJASS: MUI: Yes Leakless: Seems to be Comments and suggestions are welcome. Thankyou. EDIT...
  12. saw792

    Walk animations with SetUnitX/Y

    I'm trying to get a unit to play its walk animation while I am sliding it with SetUnitX and SetUnitY. As I've heard, you cannot get the walk animation to play when the unit is not moving due to some irritating hard coding that automatically orders the stand animation. Any solutions to this?
  13. saw792

    System Camera System with Mouse Detection

    Camera System By saw792 First Person Camera System v1.00 by saw792 // -First person camera including: // -Mouse controlled camera angle (uses trackables) // -Arrow key movement // -Lock to unit of your choice, or dummy created by...
  14. saw792

    Camera system working only for one player

    I am currently making a first person camera system that allows control over the camera with the mouse using trackables. It only seems to be working for Player 1 though... I suspect the mouse movements that Player 2 does actually moves the camera for Player 1 as well. It's quite a complicated set...
  15. saw792

    Switching 'Fixed Start Locs' in game

    Is there any way to switch fixed start locations in game? I would like to have random start locations by default, but when a certain game mode is selected to lock them to the preplaced locations. JASS solutions are fine.
  16. saw792

    Stop special effect sound

    Hi, I am adding two special effects to a unit and would like to stop the sound associated with the SFX from playing. I tried this, which didn't work, and am a bit stumped. I can't edit the model, as no imports are allowed for what this is for. call AddSpecialEffectTarget(Effect1...
  17. saw792

    Spell Ideas - Theme: Marines

    Hi, just after some spell ideas (not triggers/code, just ideas) for an RPG map. Spells are for a mid ranged marine (soldier), main attribute strength. Offensive/tanking spells are suited well, but other ideas are fine. So far the marine has no skills, so if you can think of some synergy...
  18. saw792

    Last buffed unit?

    Is there any way to get 'Last Buffed Unit' or the last unit buffed with a specific buff in the trigger editor (or jass, if that's the only way)? The idea is that a multiple units are given a buff one after the other through a spell that doesn't target them. The last unit to be effected has...