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  1. skyblader

    [Snippet In Progress] Loading/Casting Bar

    I made a loading/casting bar since I haven't found a proper GUI one, and another is in JASS. (Also made it sometime back, just didn't submit because of a few glitches) It's meant for users that have trouble getting NewGen, and for others that do not want to learn JASS. It would be much easier...
  2. skyblader

    Hero Ideas

    Thought maybe I'll need help from you guys, for these spells. Basically I'm looking for creative and cool spells. It's used for some sort of a 3rd person camera game, where the mouse is totally not involved. So it's up to you to decide whichever way you want to target the units, or simply...
  3. skyblader

    Exclamation Mark

    I haven't done this before, but I'm trying to add an exclamation mark over a unit. I've tried using abilities, buffs and such. But they just won't appear above the unit. Other buffs and effects work, just not the exclamation mark.
  4. skyblader

    Triggered Movements

    I was just wondering if there is an efficient way to disable movement by clicking altogether, and only allow triggered movements? It's okay if the move icons and all are removed, but I want the unit to be able to move through triggers. Also, I can't use a unit owned by another player with...
  5. skyblader

    call QueueUnitAnimationByIndex?

    I just wanna ask if there's a way to queue a unit's animation by index? Like call SetUnitAnimationByIndex(unit, index). I only know of call QueueUnitAnimationBJ(unit, "animation").
  6. skyblader

    Current Order

    Is there a way to detect current order, and the target unit of the order?
  7. skyblader

    Weird Point Problem

    [Solved] Edit: Found the problem in another trigger :P LR Damage Events Conditions Actions Unit Group - Pick every unit in LRGroup and do (Actions) Loop - Actions Set TempPoint = (Position of (Picked unit)) Set LRCurrentTime = (Load 0 of (Key (Picked unit)) from LRHash) If (All Conditions are...
  8. skyblader

    Best way to use timers?

    I realised I never use timers, and after I tried to do so, I have no idea how to use timers efficiently. What is the best way? What I'm currently doing is creating a timer variable, and pause it when I want it to stop(if it's a repeating timwer) and do nothing if it's a one shot timer. Do timers...
  9. skyblader

    GUI Converted to JASS

    I believe JASS-ers code stuff more efficiently than just any GUI converted to JASS code. Just wondering how to code efficiently, for example I'm trying to learn how to make this spell in JASS, which I made in GUI. And I convert it to custom text, but it's not efficient right? How do I make it...
  10. skyblader

    Animation ID

    [SOLVED] I've seen this problem before, playing unit's animation and it doesn't work because the animation ID is not the same or something. Was just wondering how to play the unit's animation ID anyway? It's basically a downloaded model which has a walk animation, I tried to play it's "walk"...
  11. skyblader

    Detecting unit comes in range

    For example, I use another trigger to add the event "Unit comes in range of" into this trigger. So the event when added would be A comes in range of B. Triggering unit would be A, but is there a way to detect which unit is B? (Some way to use unit B, conditions or something.)
  12. skyblader


    [SOLVED] I based the ability of devotion aura. I realised the buffs don't affect buildings, even if I set mechanical in the targets allowed. Is there a way to work around that? Also, the buffs affect invulnerable units, however do not show the effect of the buff. (The aura kind of thing.) It...
  13. skyblader

    Warcraft Bugged?

    [Solved]Warcraft Bugged? [Solved] So I was triggering my map.. Made triggers, tested, worked, until units of brown turned red. Automatically. So I placed brown units on the map, without triggers. They were still red. So I placed units of all colours on the map. They were still red. Funny...
  14. skyblader

    Creating units randomly in the map

    [Solved]Creating units randomly in the map [SOLVED] I think it's possible, but is there a simple way to do this? The idea in my head seems unnecessarily long o.o I was thinking creating the amount of units i want, then set a random point in region, set another random point, check if the...
  15. skyblader

    Build ability and how to modify

    Totally forgotten how to do this. I remember the repair ability gives the build ability as well, how do we modify the buildings built? And is it possible to give this ability to a hero? If not, the only alternate solution is the item build ability which is unstable.
  16. skyblader

    [Terraining]River feedbacks

    Okay so this is my first shot at terraining, I thought I'd start with river/lakes. Please give me feedbacks for the terraining, constructive criticism and comments are appreciated. I for one, think there's too much details..
  17. skyblader

    Magical resistance debuff

    Strange, I couldn't find a spell that buffed/debuffed a unit to increases/decreases its magical resistance. Help please?
  18. skyblader

    Dummy buff on units

    Okay so I created this spell that gives a burnt buff to anyone hit by the unit that has flaming claws. Basically, I want this buff to be a dummy buff, meaning it's only there for show and I based some triggers off it such that if the unit has the buff, it will take damage. This works...
  19. skyblader

    Help with spell (Frenzy)

    Okay, I haven't touched the world editor for awhile now. Need some help getting back on track. Basically this is a spell that's like immolation, you can turn it on and off. When you turn it on, the unit gains Attack speed and movement speed, and loses it when turned off. I made a dummy ability...
  20. skyblader

    How do you actually begin learning JASS?

    Okay, before you come in here and say " Use the search" and stuff, what I meant was, how do you actually start using it? Because I've read the guides, I've understood the basics. But still, I don't really know how to start out, and I really need advice.