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  1. Dirac

    About MUI

    It's not a indexing system that makes it possible, it's the use of dynamic arrays or linked lists MCI can't be achieved when dealing with an ability that has a direct effect on the unit's characteristics (such as methamorphosis) but it's completely possible if it makes sense in your head. If...
  2. Dirac

    Need help with MPQ and mapsize

    I think you're confusing the game per se with the map. A map doesn't carry around all the model, sound or any of the rest of the MPQ data, the game does. Deleting a MPQ file results in deleting it from the warcraft 3 version installed in your computer, not from the map. Adding a file that...
  3. Dirac

    Binary Search Tree Module (worth my time?) +rep for thorough insight

    I'm sorry, it's just that you have a reputation for posting codes that don't compile, so I took the most obvious fact about your code (methods being private) as proof that this wasn't an exception and I hope that I'm wrong. Binary search seems rather useless in warcraft because you have...
  4. Dirac

    code array. is it possible ?

    Do not use function interfaces. Use Advent, which allows smart data retrieval and event arrays. If you don't know how to use advent then do as GFreak45 said. set CombineFunctions[0] = CreateTrigger() call TriggerAddCondition(CombineFunctions[0],Filter(code)) To fire the code do...
  5. Dirac

    Binary Search Tree Module (worth my time?) +rep for thorough insight

    Obviously Nes didn't read the code because he didn't notice the extremely amusing call TriggerSleepAction(0.0001) It's also quite obvious that you havent even tested it yet because the methods are private within the module what means you can't access them at the struct you implemented it in
  6. Dirac

    Snippet Angles: Cone

    I still don't know what you're up to... From my point of view you could delete every line of code you have there and replace it with the cone function
  7. Dirac

    Snippet Angles: Cone

    You mean, to check if unit "a" is behind unit "b"? Easily done with cone... Cone(angle from unit a to b, b unit facing, 70 degrees) Cone(Atan2(GetUnitY(b)-GetUnitY(a),GetUnitX(b)-GetUnitX(a)),GetUnitFacing(b),70*bj_DEGTORAD)
  8. Dirac

    3D Projectile problem

    Well my system also supports curved missiles. Gwypass's and Berb's systems use interfaces... which compile into a pile of garbage and trigger evaluations everywhere, increasing your map size by at least 1mb with code and destroying all efficiency. The "spinning around unit" bug can't be fixed...
  9. Dirac

    3D Projectile problem Try mine (it's also approved at the hive) I plan to update it tonight (check in 3 hours) Vector is such an awful library anyways
  10. Dirac

    Snippet Angles: Cone

    I take from your posts that you barely speak english and I'm starting to wonder if you understand anything of what i'm saying. It would be better for all of us if you used google translate and try to explain what are you trying to do here.
  11. Dirac

    Snippet Angles: Cone

    With Cone you don't have to fix angles over 360 or below 0, I guess thats another pro on to why use it
  12. Dirac

    Snippet Angles: Cone

    No because (as it seems to me) your CheckUntiPosition doesn't quite do that. It's basically dividing the whole angle spectrum into 4 pieces and returning an integer that determines in which area it's inside? That makes absolutely no sense to me Controlling the cone opening results very hard, it...
  13. Dirac

    Stacking -armor spell

    Search is one hell of a tool
  14. Dirac

    Snippet Angles: Cone

    I designed this formula to avoid that math overload you're using. I don't know what a sector is, nor do I know what most of the other functions are supposed to do. But they all look related to calculate if a unit is inside a cone (or am I wrong?) Anyways picking units inside a cone with this...
  15. Dirac

    Snippet Angles: Cone

    Makes perfect sense to me.
  16. Dirac

    Snippet Angles: Cone

    @Sgqvur With aperture I meant opening, Idk why I got confused, I'll fix it right away. I think Cone is an appropriate name. At least in warcraft. And the picture shown is an example, not the logic. The cone's facing angle is from where the opening angle begins... Are you asking because you don't...
  17. Dirac

    Something like IsRectInRegion

    Do the same exact check for regions inside the rect.
  18. Dirac

    Preload Native

    You can write text documents into someone's w3 folder (and i'm not even sure if you can read it back), but you can't run them through the editor, so you can't perform malicious code.
  19. Dirac

    Snippet Angles: Cone

    //Determines if the angle "a" is inside a cone of facing "b" with opening "o" function Cone takes real a, real b, real o returns boolean return Cos(a-b)>=Cos(o) endfunction Example: Lets say there's a cone facing 0 degrees with opening 70, and we want to know if the angle 45 is inside of it...
  20. Dirac

    Does hashtable leaks?

    There's always a way to avoid interfaces, no matter how ugly the API looks like. are you sure that textmacros compile after modules? It's also a possibility that they compile at the same time in linear order (if there's a textmacro above a module then it should compile first)