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  1. the Lumpy

    Trouble recognizing a variable

    You're creating the visibility modifiers in a loop -- which means you create a new one for each player. So if there are multiple players in the SpectatingPlayers group, then multiple visibility modifiers will be created. However, each time you create one, you set the SpectateModifier variable...
  2. the Lumpy

    TI-84/TI-83/TI-nSpire programs

    This is a good one I came up with a while ago: ClrHome While 1 Input "",Str4 expr(Str4) -> U U -> T 1 -> P While T != int(T) 10P -> P 10T -> T End round(T/700,0) -> V randInt(1,2+V)/P -> W If randInt(0,1)=1 Then -W -> W End Disp U+W End
  3. the Lumpy

    Another Trigger Issue

    You should be able to do this with only one event, like so: Exploding is Fun Events Unit - A unit Uses an item Conditions (Item-type of (Item being manipulated)) Equal to Explodey Item Actions Set unlucky_player = (Random player from (All enemies of (Owner of...
  4. the Lumpy

    View entire map?

    Pressing 'c' toggles the "game camera" on and off. So if you want to switch quickly between the regular view and your entire map view, use 'c'. If you want to reset the editor camera to the default zoom and angle, press Ctrl+Shift+C (or click the middle mouse button).
  5. the Lumpy

    Dialogue Crash

    Your actions for clearing the dialog box, creating the buttons, and showing it are all inside the Player Group loop, so that's getting repeated for every player. It looked like your AllyingPlayer variable was supposed to be the same as (Owner of (Casting unit)). Try this: Treaty Events...
  6. the Lumpy

    I Need Unique Ideas! +Rep

    Well, if you're really looking for unique ideas... You are a renowned pastry chef who has become lost in the middle of a large forest. The forest nymphs have offered to show you the way out of the forest if you will cook a batch of pastries for them. Normally this would be easy to do using...
  7. the Lumpy

    King of the Hill Help.

    Ouch, that'll take forever... Instead, put all those actions inside of a For each (Integer player_number) from 1 to ... and then use the player_number variable for the array indexes.
  8. the Lumpy

    Need Simple Help

    It probably does leak... I gave up on looking for leaks a long time ago. I usually don't make maps that are complicated to the point where leakage becomes an actual problem. Also, I greatly favor basic and clean code over messy and efficient code.
  9. the Lumpy

    Quick easy question, help plz

    Just place all the units in the correct positions (ignoring the angles), select them all, hit enter, and then change the angle.
  10. the Lumpy

    Need Simple Help

    ^ That's a good tutorial if you're making a multi-level map, but if you want something really simple, this should do: Untitled Trigger 001 Events Time - Elapsed game time is 10.00 seconds Conditions Actions Unit - Create 2 Footman for Player 2 (Blue) at (Center...
  11. the Lumpy

    Trigger Problem.. This is a tough one.. I think

    This looks like an interesting trigger, but I'm having trouble understanding what the various "AMOI" variables are being used for. If you're just going to use constant integers for the array indexes, then why bother using arrays in the first place? Perhaps you could explain what each of the...
  12. the Lumpy

    Leaderboard Problems!

    My guess is that the leaderboard is being updated for Player 1 before his number of kills is updated. Try removing the event from the Update Board trigger, and instead have the Kills trigger run the Update Board trigger. Alternatively, you could try putting a small wait action (about 0.05...
  13. the Lumpy

    AI question.

    This may help:
  14. the Lumpy

    Sharing Exp

    Assuming you'll have multiple pairs of Geomancers, something like this should work: Geomancer Share Exp Events Unit - A unit Dies Conditions Actions Unit Group - Pick every unit in (Units within 512.00 of (Position of (Dying unit)) matching ((Unit-type of (Matching...
  15. the Lumpy

    About texts ingame

    There's always a way... you just might have to go in a different direction than you're expecting. If I understand correctly, you could save the multiplier for each unit in that unit's custom value. Then you could use (Level of (Killing unit)) x (Custom value of (Dying unit)) to get the...
  16. the Lumpy

    Nondescript title: Easy Question Help please

    If you use the Unit - Change Owner trigger action, you can specify whether to change the unit's color.
  17. the Lumpy

    Infinite loop?

    The best way you can help us help you is by explaining what you intend to use this for in as much detail as possible. I recall you said that you were just using the chat message event for testing. It looks like you want the unit to be updated automatically whenever the variable changes. If...
  18. the Lumpy

    Infinite loop?

    Well, as long as the condition in Trigger 2 is true, Trigger 3 will run every .5 seconds. Keep in mind that the condition will only work as expected as long as there's only one unit in the region at a time. As a last resort, you could set Integer to 0 after you create the unit -- that should...
  19. the Lumpy

    Command setup trigger?

    Here's a pretty basic way to do it: Untitled Trigger 9001 Events Player - Player 1 (Red) types a chat message containing - as A substring Conditions Actions Set entered_integer = (Integer((Substring((Entered chat string), 2, (Length of (Entered chat string))))))...
  20. the Lumpy

    Ally Setup Help

    A trigger like this should do it; just change the highlighted values to the correct players: Ally Attack Trigger Thingy Events Unit - A unit Is attacked Conditions ((Attacked unit) is A Hero) Equal to True (Owner of (Attacked unit)) Equal to Player 1 (Red)...