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  1. Jokker

    Nydus Worm == Force Field

    "In Legacy of the Void, nydus worms are invincible while emerging.[4] The main effect of this change is that workers will no longer be a viable defense against nydus worms." Source: So why not use it as an expensive Zerg Force Field? I mean attack the...
  2. Jokker

    3 fast Data Editor questions

    Hey again! I have three questions regarding abilities. As I am getting more and more into the Data Editor, which is clearly my weakest link, I get more questions. Hope that there will be less soon. : ) The first one: I'm making an ability that will trigger when you receive damage. It is a...
  3. Jokker

    CTF Project. Your help needed!

    What is this nonsense?! This is the first project made by me and X-maul as a team. This map is based on X-mauls old idea "Crazy Cars" in WC3. It features 4v4 (Team vs Team) Capture the flag type gameplay with custom heroes. What does this map exactly feature then? - CTF element. Both...
  4. Jokker

    A forcefield trap!

    Hello everyone! I saw a video of Siretus project "Banelings". This one to be exact. In the video there is a baneling that on impact forms a forcefield circle. I have been planning on implementing this to a spider mine for a long time. So I turned to Siretu for help and guidance. He replied...
  5. Jokker

    Mapping Team Idea

    Hello! I am a fellow mapper, as some of you know. I am not a bad one either. I can manage to come up with decent ideas and I am familiar with the editor. There has been one thing bugging me though. I don't see many great and polished maps online. Even some of the popular ones are.. well...
  6. Jokker


    Hello! I haven't posted on this forums graphic section yet. Thought I would. This is a wallpaper I have created : ) It is sized 1900x1200 for my pc purpouses.. Wallpaper: CLICK Stock: CLICK All comments welcome! Cheers, Jokker.
  7. Jokker

    TD Unit path & blocking

    Hello! I am a fellow Starcraft 2 gamer. I've worked on maps in Warcraft III editor. Recently started trying out Starcraft 2 map editor, as I can't keep my hands off such tools, if I'm provided with one.. : D Starcraft 2 Editor is surely more complex, but I enjoy the possibilities it offers...