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  1. the Lumpy

    The Swirly Abstract (Neon) Watermelon

    Here's another of those weird abstract backgrounds I like, except my friend (he's not a member of this forum) helped me a lot with the abstract stuff on this one. Another one of my friends named it the "Swirly Abstract Neon Watermelon."
  2. the Lumpy

    Random extremely colorful abstract background

    I made this background for one of my school teachers who changes his desktop background every day. I originally tried for a blue/green color scheme, but it didn't really work out... Anyway, it's really bright and colorful. I'd appreciate comments, although I can understand if you find it...
  3. the Lumpy

    Extracting a file with PHP

    Basically, I want to upload a whole package of files to my site and then extract it, rather than extract it on my computer and then upload all of them. I can get the package as .zip, .tar.gz, or .tar.bz2. Is there an easy way to do that with a PHP script? I'm still a beginner with PHP...
  4. the Lumpy

    "Go stick your foot in a blender." signature

    I made this for my friend who says "Go stick your foot in a blender" a lot. Like my others, the whole idea is kind of random, it has an abstract-ish background, and, um, a border. I really like how the word BLENDER came out on this one. I appreciate any comments.
  5. the Lumpy

    Blarg + Abstract = an interesting sig

    I took one of my colorful abstract-ish backgrounds and stuck the word BLARG on it. That seems to be the only thing I've been any good at doing lately... I made this for my web site (that's why it says 'the Lumpy' and 'Administrator' on the side). I appreciate any comments you might...
  6. the Lumpy

    Billy and the Computer

    I wrote this a while ago... My teacher wanted us to write in the style of a children's book, so it has some illustrations by me. :D (You have to imagine this being a children's book, with large text and a picture on each page.) Billy and the Computer Written by the Lumpy One...
  7. the Lumpy

    Blarg! signature

    This is a very simple picture I made for my signature on my site. (I must've been bored...) I'd be glad to get any comments.
  8. the Lumpy

    Random Abstract Things

    I like making stuff like this when I'm bored... I have no idea what to use it for, though. Does anyone else make things like this? ... or have any uses for it?
  9. the Lumpy

    Widescreen support in Warcraft III

    I just got a new computer monitor and I was wondering if there was any way to get Warcraft III to use a 1680 x 1050 resolution. That isn't an option in the Video settings, so right now everything just looks stretched out. You're help will be appreciated, even if you don't give any. the Lumpy
  10. the Lumpy

    Checking if a gate is Open/Closed

    What's the best way to check if a gate is open or closed? The only way I can think of now is using variables to keep track of when I open and close it, but that would be difficult because of the large number of gates on my map. Any suggestions are appriciated.
  11. the Lumpy

    Windows Start-up Sound

    Hello everyone, I have a computer running Windows XP Professional, and it's fairly new. I like to customize the sounds on my computer by going to the Sounds part of the control panel. Yesterday I made a new startup sound for my computer to play when I turn it on. I have done this...
  12. the Lumpy

    Anyone a professional web designer? (or know someone who is)

    I am doing a research project for school and I have to interview at least 2 people. My topic is Web Design and I have a list of questions I would like to email to some web designers. However, I can't seem to find anyone to send them to. If you know anyone who is a professional web designer...
  13. the Lumpy

    D&D Map - Special Effects

    As probably 0 of you know, I'm making a Dungeons and Dragons map. I would like the DMs to be able to add special effects to units. Right now I'm looking for suggestions as to what special effects you think I should have available. Please post your ideas. Thanks!
  14. the Lumpy

    Set Hero Level

    I tried to make a trigger where I could type a command and a number to change the level of my hero, but I'm having some problems. If I type any number less than or equal to 6,000 it sets it to that. If I type any number greater than 6,000 it either stays the same or goes up to 3,754. (The...
  15. the Lumpy

    Showing threads as "read"

    I'm having a problem where it won't update the time that I last visited. So whenever I come back to the forum page all the threads with posts after 7:41 AM this morning are bold, even though I already read them! :banghead: Thanks in advance.
  16. the Lumpy

    Loading Flying Units

    I am making a D&D map, and I am trying to make a spawner like in DoBRP. I am trying to get it to pick up flying units, but I can't get it to work. :( Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! :)