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  1. Battlemapsta

    Unknown EDM Song in Video

    Hey guys, I hope you can help me out here. I really want to the name of the song played in this video. I'm not sure exactly what genre it is but no ID applications have worked thus far. I presumed it was Ambient house but I can't find it still. Any help in identifying it are appreciated!
  2. Battlemapsta

    Lighting Won't Show

    Hello everyone. Now that beta phase 1 is over I want to start getting to work on the editor but I'm having a little concern here. I'm just testing things here and there and noticed that besides changing the color of the map lighting, none of the dozens of options have a visual affect on my...
  3. Battlemapsta

    Some Basic Facts on Editor

    I'm not in the beta but I managed to get the editor to work on my computer (nothing illegal) so I'll input some observations into this thread to inform people who may not have the chance to look at the new editor. (And imo, this editor so far looks amazing) 1. Support for 14 players 2. Alpha...
  4. Battlemapsta

    Old Game- Revenant

    Hey guys, recently I want to replay a very big favorite of mine back in the days called Revenant. For those who don't know, it's a mega action packed rpg game that's pretty damn fun despite it being a rushed game which is noticable at the end of the game. Anyway I have windows xp and hardware...
  5. Battlemapsta

    Monk Class Revealed

    Just recently in Blizzcon blizzard has announced the fourth class for Diablo 3, details provided in the following link. Addition proof can be found here...
  6. Battlemapsta

    Cinematic Ragnar's Journey

    Hello everybody. I'm here to introduce what is actually my first published work but also a pretty unique one in the fact that it's made out of boredom and randomness. Ragnar's Journey This map is a cinematic that recreates the beginning of the single player cinematic of the game Rune...
  7. Battlemapsta

    Animation Specificiation Issue

    Hey all, I've been messing around with the editor and I'm come up with a little problem. I'm trying to make a unit I specify play an animation in specific as in I want it to play animation attack-3. I've already read up on the custom script and everything but my guy apparently doesn't...
  8. Battlemapsta

    Editor Limits in View and Sky Line

    Hey guys, I have a little question that I hope to find an answer for. I am trying to take some long view pictures of a map I'm working on but I have the annoying issue of parts of sky simply vanishing to black and most features far away to disappear. I try it with fog and no fog with no results...
  9. Battlemapsta

    Battlemapsta's Voice Acting Request Thread

    Hey guys. Here is a new thread for the purpose of several things. 1) To request for voice actors 2) Offer my services as a simple voice actor to all in requirement of one. 3) Act as a conuit between voice acting requests not including my services possibly which could happen. I've been...
  10. Battlemapsta

    Funny It's Over 9000 Video

    This just made me crack up so many times that I just have to share it with u guys :D 00_iYiqzwlc&feature=related
  11. Battlemapsta

    The Universe

    Just out of boredom as well as to excerise my skill in writing, here is a new poem I wrote I call the Universe. The Universe Big Ever expanding Infinite in space How could we deny it as a race. Stars Bright Very beautiful Warm and Cold A creation of god's hands which he'd mold...
  12. Battlemapsta

    Battlemapsta's List of Requests

    Since I am working on a big project now, I want to make it as original and top notch as can be, and without u guys, it would never be possible for me to do it solo. The purpose of this thread is to be the main link between my requests for the project which u guys will see a lot of. Some will...
  13. Battlemapsta

    A Wall Request

    Hey guys, I'm going to leave tommorow for a week on a little vacation and I'm working on a big project which I require some help in the skinning and modeling department. As of now, I need a simple skinning task done with credits and rep serving as a reward. I am bascially looking for a...
  14. Battlemapsta

    Opening Cinematic Revealed

    Blizzard just released their opening cinematic for Wrath of the Lich King and it is good :D I like how it is very lore oriented.
  15. Battlemapsta

    Finding a USB Driver for my Phone

    I am having a little icky issue. I am just getting new with USB cables and my phone but I am having a problem. I just bought my cable today for 10 dollars which only included the cable. I put it the test to notice it hadn't appeared on my computer so I can transfer files. I eventually...
  16. Battlemapsta

    Very Good Riverdance Music & Video

    I was just zooming youtube when I came to a name of a song known as Lord of the Dance - Warriors. I checked this out and I have to say while I normally don't listen to this type of song, I still love the song. And the video is even more amazing who is led by an award winning riverdancing...
  17. Battlemapsta

    Red Alert 3 Beta

    Hey guys, in case u haven't known, EA is in the process of making Red Alert 3 which has already reached its beta phase. This thread is a simple summary of what I think the game is like since I am in the beta. I played it for a while and I already came to a conclusion of weather I should buy it...
  18. Battlemapsta

    Is Anyone Returning to WoW after WotLK is Launched?

    I've been wondering since I hear a lot of people are deciding to return to WoW when the expansion comes up because of its new features. (My sources for this asumption did not come from the forums) In this case, I'm wondering if anyone else is having thoughts about returning due to the expansion...
  19. Battlemapsta

    Best Song Fragment Exporter?

    I'm searching for a program that can take fragments from a song and export them seperately on like Mp3 files and stuff. Which is the best and FREE program to allow me to do this? I've seen a lot on google searches but those advanced software all cost money and I saw no trial version..... I'd...
  20. Battlemapsta

    Funny Prank Call Collection

    Don't know if any of these videos were posted before but u should check them out :D 1. Prank Calls - C-SPAN Compilation 2. Public-access TV host bombarded with prank calls. 3. Arnold Schwarzenegger Prank Calls a Drunk Guy (1st time) 4. Arnold Schwarzenegger Prank Calls a...