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  1. Tom_Kazansky

    Disable camera moving when select idle worker

    Hello everyone! it has been a while since I last posted :) here is my problem: when I select an idle worker, using F8, ` or click idle worker button, the camera would move to the position of the worker. I actually make item shop a worker so it can be selected quickly, but this camera moving...
  2. Tom_Kazansky


    HAVOC ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Created by Tom_Kazansky Map Info The map genre is AoS, inspired by other AoS genre map, such as: DDay, DotA, AoM, ToB. (I will add more info soon :p) Features ◊ Elemental system: There are four elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Water and the fifth neutral element...
  3. Tom_Kazansky

    Hero sight range after revived

    I ran into this bug, please have a look at this trigger: Test Instant Revive Events Player - Player 1 (Red) types a chat message containing a as An exact match Conditions Actions Unit - Kill Lich 0000 <gen> Hero - Instantly revive Lich 0000 <gen> at...
  4. Tom_Kazansky

    An effective way to know "damage hero have sustained during the preceding X sec" ?

    I only think of this: A variable is attached to hero, let name it: damageSustained Each time the hero takes damage: damageSustained = damageSustained + Damage Taken create a timer that expires in X sec, when it does: damageSustained = damageSustained - Damage Taken I guess this will have...
  5. Tom_Kazansky

    I need some icon suggestions

    I can't called this a request because I'm not sure about how the icons should be :P I need: multiboard icons: Kill, Death, Assist element (damage type) icons: Air, Earth, Fire, Water thanks in advance! :)
  6. Tom_Kazansky

    [Icon Request] Sword Shockwave

    I want a remake of Shockwave icon: replace the halberd with a sword. for more specific, this model's sword. Here is the screenshot of the sword: I tried this myself but... no luck so far :P +rep and credit for good answer. ----- off: this icon is used for this spell...
  7. Tom_Kazansky

    How to make “design mode” for html text editor?

    I'm trying to make a simple text editor. I already have some basic buttons like: Bold, Italic, Underline,... and click on them to insert BBCode into the textarea. Now I want to make "design mode" that would show the text and its format in the editing area. I did search around and found...
  8. Tom_Kazansky

    Efficiency question for my buff system

    I made a buff system, here is its code, it's shortened (removed some functions): scope CustomBuff globals constant integer BUFF_STANDARD = 0 constant integer BUFF_STACKING = 1 constant integer BUFF_DURATION_NEW = 0 //take new duration constant integer...
  9. Tom_Kazansky

    AoS Havoc

    HAVOC ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Tremble, mortals ! Nobody's perfect but the strongest will stand forever. Join, conquer and pwn !!! An epic battle between special Heroes who each owns a unique power to claim the ultimate. ◊ Features Elemental System : I hope this would bring more battle extensions...
  10. Tom_Kazansky

    Questions about Glaxy Editor features

    I'm a WC3 mapper, I'm planning to switch to Galaxy Editor. I have some questions about its features: dynamic tooltip: I have an ability that deals 100 + 2.5 * Str damage, I want to calculate this and show it in the tooltip, this is more convenient for players right?, is it possible? custom...
  11. Tom_Kazansky

    Efficient way to trigger unit regeneration?

    My map is having some fps drops, well actually, it's not "smooth" so I think this has something to do with periodic trigger and I suspect the unit regeneration trigger. Here is my code: globals constant real tj_REGENERATION_FRAMES = 10. constant integer tj_InCombatTime = 30 //3...
  12. Tom_Kazansky

    I need help with terrain

    I just made this terrain, for my AOS map, and I need your opinions about it: and with some legends: my current problem: I don't know how to make the lanes visible :( anyone has suggestions for this? :) also, how can I improve this terrain? :D heh, if you think you can help...
  13. Tom_Kazansky

    Discussion Theory/Engine for Attack/Spell System

    I'm sorry if the title isn't clear. In my mind, these things are... vague, I don't know exactly what I should ask :banghead: I develop an Attack/Spell System for my map but somehow I feel it still lacking some thing, maybe my "theory" isn't right. here goes: ? Attack System...
  14. Tom_Kazansky

    function wraper or hook?

    I think of using a timer to track whether a unit is moving (run, walk) or not so I attach 2 real values (x, y coordinate) to it. These are updated frequently. now I guess I have to update these whenever the unit is moved by SetUnitX, SetUnitY, SetUnitPosition (well, I only use these)...
  15. Tom_Kazansky

    I'm planing to run a self-hosting website, I need advices

    Anyone has eBooks about setting a server? I have Win7 now, do I need to install Window Server (2003 or 2008)? Also I want a computer to run as a "workstation", what do I need? and advices about upgrade, maintenance and security of the website please tell me if you need any info...
  16. Tom_Kazansky

    Any (free) terrainers out there?

    I'm currently working on an AOS map but I'm bad at terraining the map is 128x160, Sunken Ruins tiles theme is "Broken Isles" this is the sketch: and the work I have, so far: I wonder if anyone could help me? p.s: I use "(free)" because there is a terraining contest and some terrainers...
  17. Tom_Kazansky

    Deleting abilities causes crash

    I have about 1.5MB of Ability data, I want to transfer them to make some quick test map, I use File \ Export Abilities Settings... and File \ Import Abilities Settings.. to do the transfering. But when I delete some unused abilities, the NewGen (or WE) crashes :( anyone know another way...
  18. Tom_Kazansky

    I wonder if this is ok

    interface CustomProjectileInfc method CheckReflect takes nothing returns boolean defaults false method onProjectileHit takes nothing returns nothing defaults nothing endinterface struct CustomProjectile extends CustomProjectileInfc //..... other struct members string...
  19. Tom_Kazansky

    I need help about... event time (PHP)

    I want my site to send emails to people every two days: I know how to send mail but I don't know the "event" :( please help.
  20. Tom_Kazansky

    I need help from experts

    sorry that I can't write a more descriptive title :( I have something that bugged me, more like "not sure", here are they: I want a "custom regeneration" system, that do the regeneration of units manually, so I add units to a group and use a 0.1s static timer to do the regeneration, but I got...