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  1. Cohadar

    System PII - Perfect Item Indexing

    //============================================================================== // PII -- Perfect Item Indexing by Cohadar -- v1.1 //============================================================================== // // PURPOUSE: // * Extending ItemUserData() // * This is...
  2. Cohadar

    Sky not showing?

    I turned the Dalaran Sky in Map Preferences and althou it shows nice in editor I see only black when I play the game?
  3. Cohadar

    System UnitLock

    //============================================================================== // UnitLock -- by Cohadar -- v1.0 //============================================================================== // // PURPOUSE: // * Preventing multiple spells from moving the unit...
  4. Cohadar

    Spell Exploding Runes

    Exloding Runes (vJASSified) By moyack und cohadar. 2009. A long time ago, I(moyack) did by request a spell for the project Tides of Darkness. Now I decided to vJASSify it and this is the result. This spell resembles the one in WC2, used by the ogre magi units. Requirements...
  5. Cohadar

    Transferring Gameplay Constants / Game Interface?

    What is the easiest way to transfer Gameplay Constants / Game Interface from one map to another?
  6. Cohadar

    Shared Hero Icons

    Have you ever wanted to see hero icons of your allied players? (without being able to control them) scope ShowAllyIcons initializer Init //=========================================================================== // The trick is to give advanced control but not shared control //...
  7. Cohadar

    Demo Map wc3 default missile effects

    //============================================================================== // Missile - effect library by Cohadar - v1.0 //============================================================================== // // PURPOUSE: // * Displaying unit missile effects by index // *...
  8. Cohadar

    Is there a way to disable friendship option?

    I can't seem to find appropriate checkbox in the user CP...
  9. Cohadar

    System Bonus (unit state modification)

    //============================================================================== // Bonus -- State modification system -- v1.3 //============================================================================== // // AUTHOR: // * Cohadar // // PURPOUSE: // *...
  10. Cohadar

    I need spell name for opposite of silence.

    I have ability based on silence that instead of magic prevents attacks. How would you name this ability? Any suggestions for overhead effect?
  11. Cohadar

    Need item spell idea.

    Ok so I got item Naga Hides It gives armor and piercing damage reduction. What active ability would you put on it? +rep for best answer.
  12. Cohadar

    Attachment System Challenge - KillCounter

    Task: Make a KillCounter library that will attach a Counter variable to all units on the map and will keep track of how many units some unit killed. Conditions: 1. All your code must be in one library. (except the system you are using) 2. Monopolizing UnitUserData is not allowed. 3. No using of...
  13. Cohadar

    Looking for swap system.

    Anyone has a good jass hero swap system?
  14. Cohadar

    Chain mana restore.

    Is there something like healing wave that restores mana?
  15. Cohadar

    Game Freeze problem.

    I have some serious bug in pyramidal defence. At some point game simply freezes. What is most annoying is that I cannot debug it. It freezes and when I turn on task manager I see wc3 is using 99% CPU and that it allocates memory like crazy. Any ideas in witch direction to look?
  16. Cohadar

    Tracking down item.

    At some point I save a handle of some item. After 60 sec I want to know where is that item. If it is being carried by a unit I want to know which unit. If it is on the ground I want to know x and y. Anyone knows how to do this without ForGrouping all units on the map with UnitHasItem check?
  17. Cohadar

    System Abct

    This system is obsolete. It has been merged with TT. <========<< //============================================================================== // ABCT - Timer library by Cohadar - v3.0 //============================================================================== // // PURPOUSE OF ABCT...
  18. Cohadar

    Knockback water effect.

    I need a good effect to use for knockback that happens in water. Anyone knows any default wc3 effect that could do the job?
  19. Cohadar

    Rotating buildings?

    Is there any way to rotate building models? I want to put some buildings under different angles.
  20. Cohadar

    Chaos Attack?

    Is there anything special about this attacks type? I think I heard somewhere it ignores armor is that true?