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  1. GoGo-Boy

    Giving structs initial value on creation?

    Hey there, just a quick question. I didn't code for a long time and wondered how to create a struct and give it members certain values. Like a 2D struct with x and y and then you do something like local 2D d=2D.create(2,5)
  2. GoGo-Boy

    Is the event EVENT_PLAYER_UNIT_SELECTED delayed?

    Hi there, as it seems there's a slight (about 0.5seconds) delay between me clicking a unit and the action of that trigger firing. Is there anything to do about it? I guess not though...
  3. GoGo-Boy

    Question regarding CustomKey.txt

    Hi there, I got a question regarding the CustomKey.txt file. If I want to add abilities there so that other guys can change the hotkeys of the heroes' spells to their liking, is there any requirement for the abilities so that it'll work? I e.g. just tried adding the following to the file...
  4. GoGo-Boy

    How to prevent units from automatically attacking?

    Hi there, is there any way to prevent units from auto attacking / auto acquiring targets? So that your unit will attack the opponent only if you right clicked / attack clicked it? Is there an object editor ability that does so or may a gameplay constant help? Thanks in advance ;)
  5. GoGo-Boy

    Recycling units for projectile system... Facing problems

    Hi there, I'm pretty sure there's nothing you can do about this but it's always worth asking ;p As SetUnitFacing(...) doesn't make the unit face the angle immediately the facing of the projectiles is messed up. So far I've heard there's nothing you can do about it and you need to create...
  6. GoGo-Boy


    Hi there, is it possible to have only one dummy unit cast spells on multiple units without a wait in between? Or what is this function used for... and why does it take 2 widgets? Some clarification please!
  7. GoGo-Boy

    "RegionAddCell(...)" What are Cells?

    Hi there, what are Cells?^^
  8. GoGo-Boy

    Animation strings inside the object editor

    Hi there, I need to know how I can access for example the animation "stand - 3" of the abomination inside the object editor, e.g. to play it as a cast animation. I had the following strings so far: "stand 3" "stand third" "third stand" "stand,3" "stand, third" and yeah. They do not work. Is...
  9. GoGo-Boy

    Question regarding Regions and rects

    Hi there, I want a confirmation about something I'm not entirely sure of. Does working with regions like IsPointInRegion(REGION,x,y) take more processing power the more rects you added to the region? I guess it does but as I dunno how it is working I wanted to ask you guys. This is...
  10. GoGo-Boy

    Confirmation regarding leaks.

    Hi, am out of the sudden no more sure about this. Do local handle variables leak when they're not initialized and not set to null in the end? Because I often have a local unit in my high frequency callback function for e.g. detecting units around a missile and do like this. private...
  11. GoGo-Boy

    How would you do a do collision detection best in Wc3?

    Hi there, I'm currently thinking about adding a collision detection system to my map but I guess something like this needs way too much performance to be viable along other resource draining systems. Yet I'd like how you would probably do this. In my case I'd like to have units being bounced...
  12. GoGo-Boy

    Life Bonus level not working?

    Hi there, I wanted to add a player-based difficulty setting for my map that increases the max life of the spawned units. Thus I created a Life Bonus ability with 50 level. However it seems like only the first level works? What to do about it? :(
  13. GoGo-Boy

    Do auras affect locusted units?

    Hi there, I'd like to know whether units with the locust ability are affected by auras. I doubt they are but since I dunno... ;)
  14. GoGo-Boy

    Applying buffs via the "Channel" ability?

    Hi, I wonder if it's possible to apply buffs via the channel ability, as there are editor fields where you can add buffs but I failed to create channel ability that applies the buff on all units for the given AoE around the unit. :/ For now I'm using thunderclap... that however creates a...
  15. GoGo-Boy

    How to make the whole terrain completely visible for ground units?

    Hi there, I'd like my map to be 100% visible. However I still can't see on higher terrain as a ground unit even with blackmask etc. turned off. Is there any special option for that or some was in JASS? Til now I frequently moved a flying dummy unit about the ground units head... but that...
  16. GoGo-Boy

    Getting rid of the small upgrade numbers for attack and defense

    Hi there, you know in melee maps you can improve the damage and defense of your units by upgrading them. The upgrade level will be represented with little numbers inside the damage/defense icon. Now I'd like to know if there's a way to get rid of them because I find them ugly and confusing in...
  17. GoGo-Boy

    Need improvement of my projectile script

    Here's my script for a trigger based projectile system. However I hope that you guys may find to improve the performance. For example I dunno how to do that in a whole struct without any non-struct function. Or maybe another system than KT? scope Projectiles globals private...
  18. GoGo-Boy

    Doodads-Art - Visibility Radius

    What exactly does it do? Didn't find any real answer when searching for it.
  19. GoGo-Boy

    Getting the global variable for preplaced units etc?

    Hi, I'm annoyed getting the global variable name of a unit/doodad or whatever. Is there any easier way then creating a new GUI trigger, choose " a unit dies event" and click on the unit you want to know the variable of. Next you convert and there's the full variable. So is there an...
  20. GoGo-Boy

    Maximum Loading Screen Resolution?

    Hi, I just wanted to know whether they highest loading screen resolution is "1024x768" as it is used in thehelpers tutorials. I wonder about this since the maximum Wc3 Resolution is 1280*1024 o,,o