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    Hero Randomization Can Pick 2 or more of the same Heroes

    I've used the tutorial below: This system works and players can get random Heroes. However, I don't want two or more of the same type of Heroes in my map. I believe that this is a common problem and I have searched
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    Scroll of TP - not invulnerable?

    I wanted to put in a scroll of town portal-type item in my map, but I noticed that it makes the user invulnerable. Is it possible to make the unit still vulnerable while using the item? Thanks in advance. :D
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    Should I fix a ruined map or make a new one?

    So, I really need your help. 1. I have a map that I have made since I was a n00b at WE. I've added heaps of things to it such as imports (a lot of 'em), triggered spells, simple AI but there are a lot of things in the map that are still n00bish and I can't find them or find a way to fix them...
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    Point Variable always in middle of the map

    I'm having a problem with a spell I'm trying to make. Thunder Fall Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Thunder Fall Actions Wait 0.75 seconds Set Temp_Location = (Target point of...
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    Game Interface not being saved

    I'm trying to make custom game interface for my map so I go to Advanced > Game Interface and edit the fields there. But when I test the map, nothing changes. It's not exactly important but I would like it if someone could help me. It's rather frustrating. Thanks in advance. :D
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    Timer Window has no "Time" and never disappears

    Hi. I'm in a spot of trouble right now with this hero countdown timer window trigger. So the problem is this: the timer window appears for the appropriate player but that's just it. The window appears but there's no time. There's also another problem with this, as the window is never removed...
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    How/Where to get DotA sound effects?

    I don't know what to call them. It's those loud, quake-like noises like monster kill and GODLIKE. Anyone know where to get these kinds of sounds or how to make them? Thanks for any replies. I just find these sounds very interesting to hear. :D
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    Item stocks and stacking

    Happy New Year everyone! I'd like to request some help. I want this shop to sell say, a potion. The maximum stock of potions for that shop is 3. So ... Shop has 3 potions. Hero buys one potion. 1 potion appears in inventory. Hero buys another potion. On that same slot from the first...
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    Marquee text

    I don't know what it's called, but I think it's called the marquee effect or something. Anyway. It's when a string of text goes from left to right (or vice versa) then appears again on the left and the effect continues. How to do it in a trigger? I would like to have a text that can do that...
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    Mass frost nova -- not working

    Hello. I need help with a spell. Here's what I have so far. Abyssmal Cold Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Abyssmal Cold Actions Set Cold_Caster = (Triggering unit) Set...
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    Ultimate ability - need ideas

    Hi. :) I'm having a problem and that is ... yes ... I have run out of ideas. It's as if my brain has been completely flushed out of my system and made a mess on an antique Persian rug that I have not paid for. Anyway. The kind of ability I'm looking for is ... well, epic abilities...
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    Mathematical Problem

    Umm ... I'm pretty sure I posted a similar thread a long time ago but I can't find it anymore. I need to find a formula for a damaging trigger that's like this: Level 1 - deals 10 damage. Level 2 - deals 20 damage. Level 3 - deals 40 damage. Level 4 - deals 80 damage. But I need to...
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    Can Inferno NOT destroy trees?

    Well, the title says it all. Is it possible for the skill Inferno to NOT destroy trees?
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    How to make a push-style map?

    I need help in making this map, where you control one Hero and there's this "guy" in the middle and the first side to get to the "guy" will take control of him and the "guy" will move slowly to your base. If he reaches your base, you win! It's like that chapter in the actual TFT Blood Elf...
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    Need help with spell ideas ...

    Sorry for posting so soon. I'm really needing help with ideas for spells for some of my Heroes ... I've run out of ideas. :( I need spell ideas for: An enormous monster thing Hero that casts ice-based spells or destructive, death spells. A summoner type Hero that can call titanic beings to...
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    Custom Script Error ... Any help?

    Hi! :) I've made a trigger and I've got a location variable ... but its an array so I don't know how to type it in for the custom script to remove teh memory leak. Spirit Trans Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to...
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    Condition to check Hero's Attribute

    I can't find a condition to check a unit/hero's primary attribute. I've been using WE for goodness how long and I can't find that condition. I might have missed it, but I'm not sure if a condition like that even exists. Help please! :) Btw, thnx in advance. :D
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    What forums do you go to?

    What forums do you go to? I've been to a couple of forums so far ... Azker - I'm the admin here. Razzker - an all-games forums. I'm also the admin. :) TheHelper - you must be pretty stupid not to know this place if you are reading this. :D I visit quite a lot of forums. But I just forgot...
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    Printing in 3-D

    It is a simple matter to print an E-book or other document directly from your computer, whether that document is on your hard drive, at a web site or in an email. But, imagine being able to 'print' solid objects, a piece of sports equipment, say, or a kitchen utensil, or even a prototype car...
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    Funny JASS

    CYODIYJASSC Basically, it stands for Create-your-won-Do-it-Yourself-JASS-code. We use some JASS code and change the stuff into fun stuff. Example is below. function Apocalypse takes everything returns crap local planet p = Earth local relativity E = ( pow(mc, 2) ) kill GetHumansIn(p)...