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    Report Got prostate cancer? You must not be masturbating enough!

    In a study of over 200,000 people, scientists aimed to test the theory that frequent masturbation increased the risk for prostate cancer (1). After concluding the study, scientists found that males that masturbated an average of 4-7 times a month showed no increase/decrease in a risk of getting...
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    The Ballad of the Ice-Cream Man

    Was browsing through some scary stories the other night and was reminded of a real fucked up occurrence from my childhood. I decided to look into the matter a bit and was met with some disturbing news. Here's my tale: Epilogue. The Event. The Conclusion.
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    And life goes on.

    Drifting through life Searching for meaning We find it in the places we go In the things we see And the people we meet They become our meaning. And life goes on. When these things that gave life meaning The people, places and things we loved Leave us for the final time We know not which way...
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    'Minicomputers' Live Inside the Human Brain

    The brain may be an even more powerful computer than before thought — microscopic branches of brain cells that were once thought to basically serve as mere wiring may actually behave as minicomputers, researchers say. The most powerful computer known is the brain. The human brain possesses...
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    Report Religious people are less intelligent than atheists, study finds

    Religious people are less intelligent than non-believers, according to a new review of 63 scientific studies stretching back over decades. A team led by Miron Zuckerman of the University of Rochester found “a reliable negative relation between intelligence and religiosity” in 53 out of 63...