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  1. neckface

    Things that make you go hmmm (imported skin/model problem)

    Many moons ago, I downloaded the excellent model of the DIII Demon Hunter from the Hive (here) for use in my campaign, and it has been working appropriately for the last few months. Now, I recently downloaded the DIII maps from Hive (which are AMAZING, I highly recommend them), and since...
  2. neckface

    [RPG] Fire and Blood

    neckface presents: FIRE AND BLOOD a single-player campaign spanning four individual maps What is It? Fire and Blood is a classically-themed single-player RPG in which you control a party of four heroes. Loosely inspired by Warcraft and WOW themes and lore, your group of four young...
  3. neckface

    Campaign Map Switching Problem

    Hi all, Stay with me on this one, I need your help! I have my campaign heroes loading from map 1 to map 2 when map 1 ends, all via triggers. However I do not want these heroes to load when the map 2 button is clicked from the initial campaign screen during subsequent plays. In map 1 I...
  4. neckface

    Line of Sight not Blocked by Gates???

    EDIT: LOS Blockers are destructibles. Durr. :P In my maps I'm noticing that LOS is unaffected by the presence of a closed gate. What gives? :nuts: Any ideas how to make a gate block LOS? (In case you're thinking of using LOS blockers, you cannot remove the LOS blocker doodad via...
  5. neckface

    Infinite Guard Distance for Player Units?

    I'm working on a dungeon for my campaign, and would like to have units chase the hero indefinitely once they aggro. I've set the Creep guard distance and return times to max in gameplay constants and found that they only work with neutral hostile units. This doesn't work for me, as I still...
  6. neckface

    Fatal Error for Custom Ability

    [RESOLVED] Hello, I'm perplexed as to why my Wall of Fire spell (which is meant to create a spaced-out triple flame strike perpendicular to the facing angle of the caster) will often cause a fatal error. Any help appreciated. Here's the code: WallOfFire Events Unit - A unit Starts...
  7. neckface

    Quick Leak concept help

    ACTIONS set tempLocation = position of triggering unit create dummy at tempLocation ...(actions) create second dummy at tempLocation ...(actions) create third dummy at tempLocation (actions) custom script: call RemoveLocation (udg_tempLocation) is it ok to RemoveLocation only at...
  8. neckface

    How much customization can a map handle?

    Is there a point where a map becomes so overloaded with custom units, abilities, imports, variables and triggers, that it just simply lags for no obvious reason? I'm not sure why, but the test map for my campaign is lagging--the map itself pretty bare, and i have no initialization triggers...
  9. neckface

    Anway to stop unit HP regeneration?

    Im working on a spell that encases target in ice, pausing it, but making it invulnerable for a time. Is there any way to pause the target unit's mana and HP regeneration? I can't seem to find any trigger to do so........
  10. neckface

    Help with lag/leak identification for a custom GUI spell.

    Hey yall. I need some help with lag/leak identification for a custom GUI spell. Circle of Protection from Evil: Channeled ultimate ability for my priestess. Two levels, based off starfall. Creates a circle of 600 diameter. Any enemy unit entering the circle gets its armor debuffed and small...
  11. neckface

    How to use custom units/doodads as SFX?

    I have wanted to do this a few times in triggering abilities, but always gave up and worked around it or without it.... For the purpose of illustrating my problem, heres a hypothetical situation. Lets say I have a spell called Shadow, and for the visual effects I want to attach to the chest...
  12. neckface

    Attachment Points on Missile Models

    I'm trying to make a highly modified version of elune's arrow ability, with a thrown spear (Concept-hero throws spear that impales through every enemy in a straight line) using slide triggers, etc. The dummy unit for the Spear uses the model Orc Windrider missile, which gets "slided" forward...
  13. neckface


    Are certain autocast tooltips just buggy? I made custom hero abilities based of web and bloodlust, and they do not show the descriptive tooltip and sometimes will show weird letters/characters that i certainly did not type. Any way around this, or do i have to start over with non-buggy base...
  14. neckface

    Text Questions

    Is there a code you can wrap around game text message, much like color codes, to make bold, italic, or centered ? Thanks
  15. neckface

    How to Make AI Creeps chase infinitely?

    Anyone know of a method or setting to make creeps or AI units attack the player until death? As it is they return to their point of placement after a certain distance... how can I make enemies not de-aggro? Thanks ~neckface
  16. neckface

    Max # of units on a map?

    Does anyone have an idea of the maximum units that can be on a normal melee style (ie not doodad intensive) 96x96 map before lag sets in?
  17. neckface

    Locking a folder in Windows XP?

    Is there a simple way to password-protect a folder in XP?
  18. neckface

    Easy Skinning Request!

    Any bored skinners out there? I have an easy request. I'm in need of a lightning-based caster. I would like to have "Storm," the pandaren, as the base, except with the face changed to that of a pudgy human. Thats the only area of the skin to be touched--the face! Not too hard, right...
  19. neckface

    Thunderous Footsteps for Small Models?

    Tauren, Abominations, Pit Lords, Etc, all have heavy thundering footsteps when they walk. Is there a way I can identify this footstep sound effect and apply it to a different model, say, an enlarged Mountain King?
  20. neckface

    Gods Unleashed

    Have you ever gotten bored after winning a game of WCIII, and tormented your peons and peasants in increasingly feindish ways? Then this may be the game concept for you! (note: concept--this is an idea thread for a project which may or may not get finished) This is a primordial idea for a...