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  1. AceHart

    Minigame * Chaos Control *

    Tired of doing all the work? Can't those damn lazy bastards simply find a worthy target of their own? Why me? All I ever wanted was playing a good map, and enjoy the bloodbath. Finally bring some control to the chaos. In the unlikely event this would apply to you too, here's a map for doing...
  2. AceHart

    Battle Report 2

    With Zerg :P See it here.
  3. AceHart

    Somewhat way too early... and with price tag

    $49.99 No idea where they get that from, but, well:
  4. AceHart

    Making IT Happen

    As part of Intel's "Extreme Masters", or around it, or because of... Either way, visitors to Hall 22 will be able to play an early release of StarCraft II at Cebit 2009 (3-8 March). Presumably "only" the same version that was already used at BlizzCon2008, but, well, I wouldn't complain...
  5. AceHart

    Spell Damage Accumulator

    What is it? Damage Accumulator is an area targeted spell that deals the total damage the Hero has been hit with since the last cast to all enemy units in that area. Up to some maximum total. I.e. the longer you wait, the stronger it will be. If you wait too long, the additional damage is...
  6. AceHart

    JASS can't do that -or- The quine challenge

    The title is the result of some (nearly) random MSN "talk". The idea was to write a JASS function that, when called, would display its own source code. Obviously, this can not be done. Hence the following function that does it anyway: function F takes nothing returns nothing local...
  7. AceHart

    End of Year Spell Contest - Flashy Summoning

    The theme: Flashy Summoning You know the usual summoning spells like Feral Spirit. You click the button, and all you get is some redish-brown mini-effect... Boring. Given the season we're in, it's lights and overkill decoration on every corner. So should your spell be. Take any single-level...
  8. AceHart

    Spell Blink Move

    What is it? "Blink Move" is a passive ability that automagically blinks you to some target point when you order your unit to move or attack-move. Why would I want that? - It's fun. - It makes all the sense on epic maps :P - You get the fastest unit around. - Just because. GUI...
  9. AceHart

    StarCraft II Single-Player News

    BlizzCon 2008 attendees were the first to hear some big news about the single-player campaign: The epic story of StarCraft II will span a trilogy of games, with each one's single-player campaign focusing on a different race. For more details, check out the StarCraft II Gameplay panel info in...
  10. AceHart

    Snippet A nice math function...

    Well, "nice"... no idea what to call this. or if there even is any kind of need... Anyway, ever wanted something like do 5 damage on level 1, do 8 damage on level 2, do 12 damage on level 3, do 17 damage on level 4, ... Only to sit there and try to come up with a formula instead of "if level...
  11. AceHart

    WIP A new Hero

    The Reflectionist. (Name pending until I find something better) The map is a normal 8 comps free for all melee map. You're allied, at random, to one of them. Shortly after game start, your Hero will spawn in your comp's base. The objective, if I dare say so, is to help your comp "make...
  12. AceHart

    Snippet Random item drops - And Marketplaces

    Dropping items from Creeps. Sounds easy. Event: - A unit owned by Neutral Hostile dies Conditions: - Random integer between 1 and 100 less than or equal to 34 Actions: - Item - Create (Random level (Level of (Triggering unit)), random class) item at (Position of (Triggering unit)) There's a...
  13. AceHart

    Snippet Jump parabola

    Yes, I guess there's a least 50 already out there... I needed one for the Catch them All map. So I looked around. Didn't really see one that would be usable here. So, FWIW, here's my own: Description: A unit "jumps" from... well, 0 to some maximum distance. It should reach some maximum...
  14. AceHart

    Minigame Catch them All

    So, yes, a minigame... Couldn't be any simpler really. You're in control of a Circle of Power. It can be moved to anywhere on the map by a simple right-click on the ground. There's a bunch of jumping balls on the map. If they pass over your circle, you score some points. The smaller...
  15. AceHart

    Defense Defend the Tower II - Multi-player edition

    Given the enormous success of the single-player version (at least 3 people played it more than once), here's the long-awaited sequel: Defend the Tower II - Multi-player edition The big change would be that it supports 4 players at once. The primary objective is rather clear...
  16. AceHart

    Any adventurous map-testers here?

    This map contains an experimental kick-vote system. You type "-kick", get a dialog... Simple really. Additionally, your vote should also expire, i.e. not count anymore, if older than 75 seconds (1 minute something). Unfortunately, this needs at the very least three players.
  17. AceHart

    Triggers - Heal All: A tale of ancient GUI and modern JASS

    While roaming through ancient maps in a pointless quest for inspiration, I came upon this beauty: Heal All Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Heal All Actions Unit Group - Pick every unit in (Units...
  18. AceHart

    Entangling Roots and a comp player

    Simple spell: Area Entangling Roots. Based on Silence for the Hero, and Entangling Roots for the dummy. Works perfectly fine. As long as I am casting it. Thing is, I also have a computer controlled player with that unit. And, he didn't seem to ever use it. Lots of debugging code...
  19. AceHart

    Snippet Regrowing Trees

    Regrowing trees... who wouldn't want that? I tend to add it even to maps that can't even kill any :P Anyway, given it's simple but still annoying to recreate it for every map, I made a library out of that thing. Copy&paste to your map, map header for example, done. Required edits: -...
  20. AceHart

    Snippet Units in sector

    Sector: Imagine a cake, the round type, cut it into pieces, taking care to cut through the center, take one piece, look at it from the top. That's a sector. Still not seeing it? Here's an image. library FILTERS initializer Init globals boolexpr FILTER_True endglobals private function...