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    Axe 6 (DotA) - Animation won't play

    hi noob making a noob ability like axe 6 in dota. i have a problem when my axe 6 on a unit with 200 or les hp he die but axe wont play his animation i try to make wate 1 sec but ist not work if some one can help i can may map :thup:
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    help me fix this spell

    i create an spell that.heal all of your friend in 3 AOE from you.and damege to eneymy like shadofiend lvl 6 but heal write up of the enemy/friend head how much they attack/heal.but it write them in one write li 130 in 140.i cant write that test themap and if you can fix it.
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    can some one help me

    there is a the Region we have 3 passiv unit.a player go in Region and attack another player.i want a trigger that when this hapen that 3 pasive unit atack the player
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    how i can create.....plz read

    how i can create a unit that is my ounw unit but i cant click on it or move it??? i want beacuse when my unit is there i can see there:D my game is 3d thert person i need this
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    plz read help me about seeing in game

    i want a tigree that my unit/hero can see over the trees i tink it is so easy.:thup: