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  1. manofsteel

    Rotate Special Effect/Unit

    Is there anyway I can rotate any of those in game? Thanks.
  2. manofsteel

    [Request] 2 Icons

    I'm in need of two icons here's the ones I need. 1. An icon of a normal wooden gate from warcraft 3. 2. An attack ground icons for the first column of these icons(the golden ones). Link, and I've also asked CRAZYRUSSIAN for help but he didn't answer. +rep for help Thanks.
  3. manofsteel


    call CreateDestructableZ(...) How do I use it? Like setting the Z of another unit + 250. Tried something like: call CreateDestructableXYZ( 'OTip', x, y, z ) But that dosen't work.:rolleyes: Thanks.
  4. manofsteel

    Spell help

    I submitted my spell deadly survival and changed some things in it, for some reason it gives me an error on: function Trig_DS_Actions takes nothing returns nothing ''Expect a code statement'' I have problably just done something wrong since I'm new to JASS, thanks.
  5. manofsteel

    Spell Deadly Survival

    This is my first submitted spell and also one of my first spells done in JASS. Name: Deadly Survival Description Absorbs energy from nearby corpses and gives it to you. If the corpse is an ally corpse you gain mana if it's an enemy corpse you gain health. GUI/JASS: JASS MUI/MPI: Both...
  6. manofsteel

    Quick question

    What's the opposite of this(using mana)?: call SetUnitState (GetTriggerUnit(), UNIT_STATE_LIFE, GetWidgetLife (GetTriggerUnit()) + 50
  7. manofsteel

    Taking Spell requests in GUI

    Do you need a certain spell? just post a spell that's possible to do in GUI and if you want it MUI, MPI or nothing also post a description with special effects, what is does etc. Only request one spell. No dota-spells, no spells that already has been created(check out the spell section). + rep...
  8. manofsteel

    Destructible Height

    How can I set the height of a destructible(an insivible platform) in game? Like when you are using ctrl and page up in the editor. Thanks.
  9. manofsteel

    Best moment?

    What's your best moment in wow that you remember? Could be a boss dropp, something with the guild that you thought where fun, anything. My best moment where when me and two of my mates where playing arena(warrior,hunter and rouge(me)), my friend the warrior got disconnected when me and the...
  10. manofsteel

    Not working...

    This is just a simple thing thats going to create a unit for each player at there start location, but it dosen't work, for some reason(when I'm player1) the unit is created at player3's start location. Code: function Trig_convert_Func001A takes nothing returns nothing local location p =...
  11. manofsteel

    Attack Ground point,+rep

    How can I detect the point where a unit attacks with attack ground and deals damage. ~Thanks.
  12. manofsteel


    What kind of terrain should I use for a strategy kind of map? It has to be some what realistic. Sunken Ruins: Was thinking lots of islands, large and small ones. Ashenvale: Mostly land, lakes, and some islands. Village: Same as above. Snow: A big main land and a few islands. Felwood...
  13. manofsteel

    Need rotated models

    I need someone with a model editor to rotate some models for me (need them as buildings, they are walls). If you do it you will get credits and +rep. Here is a list of what I need. -castle wall [no wooden border].mdx- in 180, 0/360 and 90 degrees. -castle_tower[four edges].mdx- in 180...
  14. manofsteel

    AI question.

    Are there any special option(s) in the AI-editor that needs to be checked/unchecked, cause I can't use any of my custom made units in the building tab. + rep for help.
  15. manofsteel

    Number of kills.

    How many kills do you think a team in an hero arena should have to win?
  16. manofsteel

    Invalid number of arguments

    Whats wrong with this? I keep getting this error^... call UnitDamagePointLoc( GetTriggerUnit(), 0.1, 150, dp,dmg) (Also some BJ's I need help with.:)) The unit is supposed to be teleported and create copies of himself at his position and damage nearby enemies. Hole code:
  17. manofsteel

    On attack system in Jass(not vJass)

    I just wonder if there's any ''on attack system'', if there is please post a link. Or show me how to make one(still jass n00b) and I will start learn vJass when I get my new computer. (And don't tell me to use a unit is attacked etc...(and I have searched)). Thanks.
  18. manofsteel

    Leakless special effect

    I couldn't seem to find this anywhere but how do I create a leakless special effect(not using BJs)? This is what I got now(converted): function Trig_Noname_Actions takes nothing returns nothing call AddSpecialEffectLocBJ( p), "Abilities\\Spells\\Undead\\FrostNova\\FrostNovaTarget.mdl" )...
  19. manofsteel

    MUI spell help

    I have a spell that increase spell damage over 12 seconds(udg_SpellDamage), but I wonder how I can make this MUI(cause I guess it isen't). Here is the code:
  20. manofsteel

    Need 1 ulti spell idea

    Okey, the title says it all, I need an idea for a druid/nature hero. It's a fulborg and it's a offensive/support hero, the ulti should be mostly offensive/damage. Thanks Already has: Lifebloom(heals over time and after X seconds final heal) Natures Grasp(heals you when attacking and increase...