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    Help Siphon Gold Ability doesn't work anymore

    Hello, since reforged my Siphon Gold ability doesnt work anymore.. world editor always show me 2 errors after saving map.. Need help to fix that issue :( World Editor Errors: Line 2487: Identifier redecleared : "SiphonGoldAbility" local integer SiphonGoldAbility = 'A00X' Line 2498: ----...
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    Cancel detection at Triggers

    Hi, i need help at Triggers. I got the Event 'A unit cancels reviving' but it only detects the cancel if hotkeys/Buttons where used. If a cancel click on Altar (directly at Hero Icon) happens, Hero Revive gets canceled but the Trigger doesnt detect it. How can it get detected, please help me? :(
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    help with 1.24 coding

    hi, well i read many threads about fixing old scripts but.. i cant get this one to work. would be very nice if someone could help me :( original 1.23 script: function GetSiphonGoldCache takes nothing returns gamecache return gg_trg_Siphon_Gold call DoNothing() return null...