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  1. 13lade619

    Notebook Overheating and Fan Replacement

    Recently my laptop has been overheating. Mainly because of insufficient airflow (planning to buy a cooling pad for this problem.) And me forcing it to game on high settings. Symptoms include automatic shutdown due to heat. And the graphics card throttling down its performance due to heat...
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    Terraria New game out on steam, Inspired by Minecraft but features more extensive objectives and adventuring. You can create a character, and it can persist within different worlds you create on single player and multiplayer servers. So any of you played it...
  3. 13lade619 I lol'd. This deserves a thread?
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    Parabolic Arcing Projectiles... using Vectors

    Specifically in Unity... Can anybody help me with this? Let's say I have a source(x,y,z) and I want to fire a projectile in a Parabolic arc to target(x,y,z).
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    Bypassing "Attempt to Mutilate"

    Using Java, btw. Basically, I want my textfield to be cleared right after I type a certain string say "X" I'm using Textfield.setText(""); But it I'm always getting the "Attempt to Mutilate" Error.. Any help? I need this quick... THanks in advanced!
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    Travelling Salesman...

    Is this graph traversable by TSP at some vertex? 'Cause the program I wrote can't find any paths. It worked for the first 2 example graphs (not shown) but no paths found for this
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    Study: Staring at Breasts Promotes A Healthy Heart.

    "The 250 men who refrained from staring at breasts for 5 years just for? this study are heroes." -Youtuber xet6xEyDypc
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    The Teenager Audio Test
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    Sigs sigs sigs.

    So yeah, you asked to bring back the GZ activity so I'll post these here... It's been a while since the last major sig contest here (months maybe years?) In that time I've been scouring and hoarding the web for good graphic sites and resources an I can say I'm quite proud of the stuff I've...
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    Infinite Recursion!

    So yeah, I'm getting back into makings sigs and all that. After 3 months off. Since my old team Tempest simultaneusly wen inactive (including myself) I'm planning on setting up a Graphics Team/Crew primarily on ...Mysteriously, the site was down the whole afternoon until now...
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    Witness the birth of a meme!
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    Google Chrome Apps! (lol?)

    Have you updated your Chrome browser yet? Well, the newest update gives a new feature on the 'New Tab' Tab. Apps! Nothing but a fancy bookmark for Flash games though. Eh, there's some that you need to buy with cash too... But there are some other non-game stuff. Found any? Post here! Try...
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    Reconstructing a binary tree from RTAGs and LTAGS

    Not necessarily a code related question, more on the algorithm. How do you reconstruct a binary tree with the given? 0 denotes that it doesnt have a son 1 denotes that it has a son. Postorder NODE ABCDEFGHIJKL LTAG 010010110010 RTAG 000010111011 from that it means that the root node (since...
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    Environment Magnetic Polar Shifts Causing Massive Global Superstorms

    (ugh.. sorry, it turns out it wasnt a News site, just an article written by someone. I just got this from a friend on Facebook. lol) NASA has been warning about it…scientific papers have been written about it…geologists have seen its traces in rock strata and ice core samples… Now "it" is...
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    CH Photoshop Tutorial Rap

    This. Is. WIN.
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    [c] Dequeue to a pointer?

    I want to dequeue to tempnode, but it needs to be a pointer. Node *tempnode; while(!IsQueueEmpty(&nodeQueue)){ Dequeue(&nodeQueue, tempnode); printf("%s\n",tempnode->info); }; tempnode isnt getting the correct values.. struct node { char info[100]; }; typedef...
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    Foreign Media

    Ok, just a random question that came to me. What sorts of Foreign media do you prefer? Or don't you prefer it. And why/why not? i.e. Language Barrier. Foreign relative to where you're coming from. Examples would be Japanese Anime, Japanese Pop/Rock, Korean Pop etc. I'm just really...
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    [Unity] Generating a 'grid' of gameobjects on initialization

    So i plan to code this pathfinding algorithm, I've studied (here) what needs to be done like connecting 2 points and finding the most efficient path. I'll implement a basic grid based pathfinding (not the complicated nav mesh stuff) in Unity but first I need to generate a grid of nodes to...
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    Sci/Tech Researchers Aim to Resurrect Mammoth in Five Years.

    TOKYO (AFP) – Japanese researchers will launch a project this year to resurrect the long-extinct mammoth by using cloning technology to bring the ancient pachyderm back to life in around five years time. The researchers will try to revive the species by obtaining tissue this summer from the...
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    12^9 = 5 159 780 352 is it possible to store this in a single variable in C? (without having to code ANOTHER program to calculate it...)