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  1. WolfieeifloW

    TextTag "CC Duration" Bar

    It shows a bar with 15 |, when it should be showing 30 |. And it doesn't go away, it just stays there forever. Untitled Trigger 001 Events Unit - A unit Begins casting an ability Conditions Actions Set cccString = |c00FFFFFF|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||r Floating...
  2. WolfieeifloW

    Looking For Barebones Laptop / Barebook For School

    Hello there. I'm starting College soon, Computer Programming, and I'm looking into the laptop I need for school. I built/build my own desktops, so I'm looking into doing it for my laptop too (AKA Barebones/Barebook). The laptop has some minimum requirements that must be met for the course, I'll...
  3. WolfieeifloW

    Help with jass auto ability trigger

    Could you please put all the code in JASS tags. And I see a PolledWait in there, these are inaccurate, and a Timer should be used instead.
  4. WolfieeifloW

    Periodic Dummy Not Casting Invis

    This isn't working: scope BushInvis initializer Init globals private timer time private group g = CreateGroup() private group bg = CreateGroup() endglobals private function GroupDo takes nothing returns nothing local unit u set...
  5. WolfieeifloW

    Periodic Dummy Not Casting Invis

    I believe it was my dummies fault, however I'm not looking at how to make the buff be removed when they are not on the specific terrain anymore. Any help with that?
  6. WolfieeifloW

    Periodic Dummy Not Casting Invis

    Hey there I'm trying to get a dummy to cast Invisibility on all units on certain terrain. According to my BJDebugMsg's, everything should be working, so I'm thinking maybe it's something in the Object Editor that's causing my dummy not to cast. Anyway, here's my trigger: scope...
  7. WolfieeifloW

    Cool Undead/Demon Names

    You do realize this thread is three and a half years old, right?
  8. WolfieeifloW

    Am I forgetting Something Here!?

    It doesn't show the Events and/or Conditions. And use the WC3 tags like you were trying to. The closing bracket starts with the / first though.
  9. WolfieeifloW

    Am I forgetting Something Here!?

    Go to your trigger, select "Copy as Text", then come back here and paste that directly into your code tags.
  10. WolfieeifloW

    Very Basic vJASS Spell: Looking For Comments/Criticisms

    Hey there. I just got back into WE'ing, and made a very, very basic DoT spell. I'm just wondering if anyone can give me comments and/or constructive criticisms to help me re-improve my JASS as I'm very rusty. Without further ado: //...
  11. WolfieeifloW

    Leveling Items don't seem to work properly.

    Alright. Your post was a bit confusing, but what you're trying to do is create items, with multiple levels, that give different things to the hero (Or unit). Example: An item that gives 0.5HP/sec per level, another item that gives 5dmg per level? That type of thing?
  12. WolfieeifloW

    Leveling Items don't seem to work properly.

    Can you not just use the Attribute Bonus ability?
  13. WolfieeifloW

    Am I forgetting Something Here!?

    Post your trigger here so we can see. Do you use "Set time of day" anywhere else?
  14. WolfieeifloW

    TimerUtils Error: static if(USE_HASH_TABLE) then

    Apparently I didn't correctly install the newest JASSHelper, sorry for the inconvenience.
  15. WolfieeifloW

    TimerUtils Error: static if(USE_HASH_TABLE) then

    Hey all. I've recently came back to WC3 WE'ing, and I went with the good ol' TimerUtils to try and make some simple spells. My spell doesn't produce any errors, however the TimerUtils script itself does. Here it the code for it: library TimerUtils initializer init...
  16. WolfieeifloW

    Some Paint Programs?

    GIMP, as said above, is a free paint program, nearly cloning Adobe Photoshop. Obviously it does not have the same extensiveness as Photoshop does, but it does the job quite well for almost any project/image you will need to edit/create.
  17. WolfieeifloW

    JASS NewGen Pack 1.5d

    /EDIT: I didn't update JASSHelper correctly, sorry all. Hey all. I've came back, and I just tried putting "Chromatic TimerUtils" into my map, but it errors out at the line: static if(TimerUtils___USE_HASH_TABLE) then I don't know if this is TimerUtils just not working, or if it's a...
  18. WolfieeifloW

    The Spell Idea Thread

    Will be updating the thread soon. To everyone who has posts with no ideas in them, no offence and nothing personal but:
  19. WolfieeifloW

    Name color of killing unit is white?

    If you don't know what something is doing, you shouldn't just copy it from somewhere; Especially when you copy something that's wrong. My condolences also about your dog, but if you're that upset still about it, you should stay off of here. We need a clear explanation of things so that we can...
  20. WolfieeifloW

    Help creating a threat warning +rep for help

    Zwiebelchens-Threat-System. Creates a little multiboard in the top right that shows aggro.