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  1. inevit4ble

    Nvidia Control Panel Doesn't show SLI options

    Hi Everyone, I have been struggling with getting my SLI to work. System: | i7-2770k 3.5gHz | ASUS P8Z68-V Pro | 2x4gb Kingston Hyper X | PoV Nvidia GTX 550 Ti 1gb | Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 550 Ti 1gb | Cougar 750watt PSU | Windows 7 Enterprise | The VGA cards are: Connected via SLI link...
  2. inevit4ble

    When Should I set a variable?

    Hi Every1, Question is: I got a bunch of variables. Not all of them will be used per instance of the trigger Is it better to initialize their values even if they might not be used? or Rather set them only if they will be used? Info: The variables I am referring to are all integers...
  3. inevit4ble

    Detecting if integer is even or odd?

    Hi Every1, This is an easy one, but for the life of me I can't remember how to do it What method do I use in-order the check if a given integer is even or odd? It would be used for some If Statements Much appreciated Thanks!
  4. inevit4ble

    Destroying a Hashtable

    Hi Every1, Simple question, What native can I use to destroy a hashtable? Thanks
  5. inevit4ble

    Identical shops. 1 doesn't work

    Hi Every, I got 3 shops. They all Copies of each other. Different names, different items. 2 of the 3 work fine. The third displays no items, nor does it select a nearby patron. Owning player of all 3 is neutral passive. Got any idea why?
  6. inevit4ble

    Pattern Help

    Hi Every1, Can't work out this pattern. I can see it but not formulate it. Please help Values are set per level per spell level ie 4/4/3/3/2 means at this level, 4 x Level 1 spells, 4x Level 2 spells, 3x level 3 spells etc they are going to be saved into a struct but you dont need to...
  7. inevit4ble

    Show Multiboard for Player?

    Hi Every1, I have made multiboards display the players hero stats etc, and when called upon how can I show only the trigger player's board to only that player. Example: Player 1 uses "show multiboard ability" , player1 board gets shown to player1 Player 2 uses "show multiboard ability" ...
  8. inevit4ble

    Mutliple Triggers or Multiple Conditions?

    Hi Every1, I just wanted to know if having a whole bunch of separate triggers or a long list of if statements in a condition is more effective? Thanks for your input
  9. inevit4ble

    Restricting Movement on certain terrain?

    Hi Every1, How can I set it that certain tiles cannot be walked over/on by units? This would be instead of using path blockers Thanks
  10. inevit4ble

    How to reduce import sizes

    Hi every1, I got a problem... 8mb map limit isn't working too well for me... I need to reduce the size of the imported files I'm using. I have found a few things online but are useless. 1 promising thing was the BLPPaletter but for some reason it doesn't recognize .blp 's on my...
  11. inevit4ble

    How can I remove events from a trigger?

    Hi Every1, After adding the event (Trigger Unit does X ) to a trigger, can I remove that event somehow after the trigger fires? Like Trigger - Remove event (Trigger Unit does X ). Thanks
  12. inevit4ble

    Crazy weird error which fails whole map

    Hi Every1, This problem is messed up by my standards. In my spawn script a hero i created and a bunch of struct variables are set to certain criteria depending on the hero choice. BJDebug shows me that the variables have a value but right after its finished running all variables become...
  13. inevit4ble

    A way to change font size of Displayed Text?

    Hi Every1, Is there a way to change the font size of DISPLAYED TEXT, not float text. ie. (Game - Display to (All players) the text: Hello World) Don't think there is or have I missed something?
  14. inevit4ble

    Problems with skins

    Hi Every1, I having troubles with only a few skins which don't appear in or out of game. I know I'm doing it "right" because all the other skins I have used have had no problems. Some show in and out of game and other only in game. I think perhaps the file paths are the problem here...
  15. inevit4ble

    More than 1 Multiboard at the same time?

    Hi Every1, Can I have to different multiboards open at one time? As it is, creating the new 1 destroys the current and upon destroying the new 1 I have to recreate the older. Is there a way around this? Reason of use: Stats etc Displayed on 1 and Inventory is opened and closed using...
  16. inevit4ble

    Problems With Timer etc

    Hi Every1, Ok, the desired effect of this spell is to: Pause Trigger Unit Lock camera for owning player to unit Disable control for player Create SFX Display Text Start Timer for 6 sec Upon Timer end it is meant to: Reset camera Enable control Destroy SFX Set Unit HP to 100%...
  17. inevit4ble

    Way to Improve WiFi Security?

    Hi Every1, Here at the school, where I work in the IT department, we are running a ethernet wireless network which is connected to all the 50 odd MAC notebooks that are utilized by the teachers and students. We have had a few issues with securing the WEP password from personal computers as...
  18. inevit4ble

    Troubles with lightning effect

    Hi Every1, Just starting out with jass and was going good until this lightning effect won't change color or destroy. I assume I'm setting the variable incorrectly. Could someone correct me please? scope HealingBolt initializer Cast function Missile takes location l, location ll returns...
  19. inevit4ble

    Hashtable help with unit handles

    Hi Every1, I want to load unit handles into a hashtable for the spawning trigger at the beginning so that when players choose race and class I can load hashtable value of race of class and spawn that unit instead of a pile of If/Then/Else 's. There's 77 combinations so I want to try avoid...
  20. inevit4ble

    Problems loading certain types in hashtable...

    Hi Every1 Why is it that when I try load "unit pools" or "trackable" values into a hahtable my WE just crashes. I selected these out of pure interest to see what they are but when the drop drop menus are ment to appear the WE dies. Any reason for this? And its the lastest new gen...