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  1. Tyrande_ma3x

    GetLocalPlayer + SetUnitVertexColor = desync?

    Would this cause a desync? (I know there aren't any handles but still...) if GetLocalPlayer() == GetOwningPlayer(cast) then call SetUnitVertexColor(fir, 0, 0, 255, 255) endif
  2. Tyrande_ma3x

    Pass the Raise Tool limit?

    In my map I'm using the Raise tool to raise the ground and create some cliffs or mountains of some sort but it appears that I can use this up to a certain point. How can I pass this limit/restriction so that I can raise even higher? EDIT: Nevermind, my mistake - was using low brush size...
  3. Tyrande_ma3x

    Bug with 'Channel'?

    I just started reworking an old spellpack of mine and since it contained around 40 spells, most of them based on Channel, I decided to use the ObjectMerger as suggested in order to make the implementation easier. It seems that the ObjectMerger does its job fine - the spell is created in the...
  4. Tyrande_ma3x

    Checking if unit is facing unit

    Well, not exactly. What I am trying to do is detect when a certain unit type (Footman to be exact) gets damaged and see if the damage comes from in front of the Footman so I can block it. I'm doing that by comparing the angle between the damager and damaged unit and checking if the footman is...
  5. Tyrande_ma3x

    Why is this compiled but prevents map from running?

    I have this function in my trigger: private function SpawnCreeps takes nothing returns nothing local integer a = 0 loop exitwhen a > 3 set temp = CreateUnit(Player(11), SPAWN_TYPE[GetRandomInt(0, 2)], GetRandomReal(GetRectMinX(SPAWN_RECTS[a])...
  6. Tyrande_ma3x

    Any way to convert a widget to item?

    I really need to convert a widget to an item (yes, I'm sure it will be an item) but with 1.24's return bug fixes it I can't think of any way to do that... Why I need this is because I have to get an item's type id after it is destroyed (I register it with TriggerRegisterDeathEvent() ) but sadly...
  7. Tyrande_ma3x

    How to detect an item death?

    I am currently looking for a way to detect when an item is attacked and destroyed, and know who the killing unit was. I stopped for the event when a unit pawns an item but I think it's only used when selling an item to a shop. Any alternative? Nvm, found out how.
  8. Tyrande_ma3x

    GetLocalPlayer() question

    call TriggerRegisterPlayerEvent(t, GetLocalPlayer(), EVENT_PLAYER_ARROW_RIGHT_DOWN) I saw this piece hanging in a little snippet around. Isn't this somewhat dangerous to use it (dangerous as in a desync) or is there no problem in using it that way?
  9. Tyrande_ma3x

    Weird unit behavior?

    This is an issue that I've seen in a few maps and wouldn't you know it, it affected mine as well. I have a spawning trigger that creates units periodically at some location and issues an order for them to go somewhere else (forget the trigger, it works fine). When a lot of units gather at one...
  10. Tyrande_ma3x

    Why do some abilities cause fatals when preloaded at map init?

    So far I've experienced this for Engineering Upgrade and Spell book. It seems that adding them at map initialization to a unit causes the game to crash with a fatal error while loading. I was wondering if anybody had an answer to this one..
  11. Tyrande_ma3x

    Multiboard not updating?

    I've been having this problem for around an hour now and I still can't figure it out, which is driving me totally insane - I've looked for every single mistake in my code and put debug messages everywhere. And still no effect - the code just doesn't work at some place (in a function call...
  12. Tyrande_ma3x

    Remove a unit's health bar but keep it selectable?

    I want to remove a unit's health bar completely but still make it selectable - how can I achieve this? I tried the regular method of adding and removing locust while hiding it but the unit still keeps its health bar...
  13. Tyrande_ma3x

    Explanation on this issue?

    I have a script that is supposed to issue usage of a specific item at some point of the game. Because there are a lot of items that I use based on instant, unit or point cast, I used a simplified method and just call the 3 natives instead of checking whether the item should be casted on...
  14. Tyrande_ma3x

    Demon Hunter blades model?

    Can somebody provide me a link with the Demon Hunter's blades as a separate model that can be used for attachments? I couldn't find it anywhere at the hive or wc3c...
  15. Tyrande_ma3x

    Is there any way I can cast a Channel spell?

    I've used a lot the Channel ability for different spells in my map but when it comes to issuing an order the spell isn't casted. I think it has something to do with orders but when issuing the specific order I set in my Channel spell nothing happens...
  16. Tyrande_ma3x

    Problem with TimedLoop

    I recently started using TimedLoop since I thought it was a really nice snippet and was kind of useful and appealing. I didn't have any problems with it until now, where my loop kept running on and on, even thought it had to be stopped. So, I have a struct that is created at some point of time...
  17. Tyrande_ma3x

    Impale script bug

    Okay, as an idea from DotA and waaaks!, I wanted to make my own impale system for personal use due to the minor bugs the normal skill has. It worked perfectly when using it on a single unit but the problem comes when I impale more than 2-3 units from the "line" - as they return back to the...
  18. Tyrande_ma3x

    Wrong deflection?

    I have a spell that spawns a big amount of missiles that curve (zig-zag) forward for some time. If they hit a unit that is able to deflect missiles (with some spell or something like that), the missiles should be destroyed and a new one gets created that should be like a "deflected" one - it has...
  19. Tyrande_ma3x

    JassHelper not updating?

    Ok, I'm experiencing a really lame situation with jasshelper. I had JNGP 1.5b and was using some old jasshelper until I wanted to update to .G.1 where he implemented modules and such. I just downloaded the latest one as usual and extracted/replaced stuff that needed that, however when I started...
  20. Tyrande_ma3x

    Spell Static Link

    Static Link GUI/JASS/vJASS? vJASS MUI? Yes Lagless? Yes Requires? Jass NewGen Pack TimerUtils (any flavour) TimedEffects ChanceToProc Warcraft 1.23b+ Actually, if you want this for 1.23, just use the TimerUtils 1.23 version since it depends on that. Description: Links the...