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  1. Trollvottel

    Snippet Linked List

    I think we dont have one, so i decided to make a standart list implementation. Description etc in the Code comment (yes my english is horrible). Code: Example of usage: As you may have noticed, there is no type safe handle listing. do you think i should add some feature to do it...
  2. Trollvottel

    Iconpack WoW Icon Pack [~1660 Icons]

    So i borderized 1600 World of Warcraft Icons and uploaded them. A preview (which shows not much icons, but i cant upload pictures of all icons anyway...): *THANKS TO COHADAR FOR HIS WC3BORDERIZER* I divided the Icons into 40 categories which can be seen in the Preview picture. Each Icon...
  3. Trollvottel

    Why doesn't this give me a syntax error?

    just tried something out but it didnt give a syntax error: struct Test // structmembers endstruct function test takes nothing returns nothing local Test dat1 = Test.create() local Test dat2 = Test.create() if dat1 --> dat2 then // this should syntax, shouldnt it? //...
  4. Trollvottel

    Spell Simple Dash

    SIMPLE DASH, made by Trollvottel..... DESCRIPTION: - The caster dashes to the target point - Units standing in his way will be dragged with him - At the target point the caster (well actually a dummy) stomps the ground and stunns all units near him...
  5. Trollvottel

    System TE - SFX-system

    Description: Creates a ring of dummys which is turnable and movable in x,y and z direction. CODE: Documentation(yes, it is short): Screenshot(Look at it ingame...): Maybe you have ideas to improve this? Please tell me. Map:
  6. Trollvottel

    Trigonometry >.<

    So, im making a sfx system. It should create a ring of dummy units and then be able to turn, be attached to units, move to points, etc. and everything including the z-axis. So that is the code i came up with. Im currently testing the turning around the z-axis. This does NOT work, the...
  7. Trollvottel

    Spell Wild Axes

    Well i haven't worked with the world editor for some time, so i'm a bit rusty. But here is the Wild Axes spell. vJass: YES MUI: Sure Leakless: Yes, AFAIK Lagless: Depends on what you do with my spell Needs TT: Yes like each of my spells ^^. Description: Screenshot(looks better ingame)...
  8. Trollvottel

    Spellpack GUI: Spear Throw & Ball

    SPELLPACK Well, i just wanted to do something in GUI, so i made these 2 spells. Fully MUI Fully GUI (except leak removal) Easy to import Leakless (of course) Spear Throw Found no better description than this: Throw 3 spears in the target direction. If a spear hits units, they will be damaged...
  9. Trollvottel

    Spell Pudge Wars Meat Hook

    I know there is already one made by me but it was graveyarded and is not very nice. So i made a new one. Needs vJass, TT, PUI and my custom function library. Yeah i know its not 100% the pudge wars meat hook, but it looks quite similar. A few (bad) screenshots: Well.... better test it...
  10. Trollvottel

    Spellpack Lightning & Fire Track

    Generally: There could be some coding errors because i didnt write anything in jass or gui etc for a longer time. so dont kill me for errors i didnt find ;) The spells use TT and a library i created to make the code not too long. Library Code: Lightning: vJass MUI MPI No lag Spins...
  11. Trollvottel

    Questions about strings & return bug

    1. What is the maximum length of a string? 2. Are strings fast? (And the usage of substring etc.) About Return-Bug: 3. what is the average integer number you get with the return bug for a timer?
  12. Trollvottel


    native TriggerRegisterVariableEvent takes trigger whichTrigger, string varName, limitop opcode, real limitval returns event so what is this for?
  13. Trollvottel

    [vJass] Uses, Requires, Needs....

    If you declare a library you can make the library need other library functions. ok. If you declare it there are three ways i think library test uses test2 library test requires test2 library test needs test2 but whats the difference?
  14. Trollvottel

    One very hard game: I wanna be the guy

    Okay, this is a jump and run game, if you have started to play it you cant stop and its very hard, too. the website to download it: and two example videos: 1. (not so very hard) 2. (a real pro)...
  15. Trollvottel

    Some way to attach code to struct?

    its seems that i cant attach code-variables to structs, because no code-array is allowed. any way to do this?
  16. Trollvottel

    Math & Jass Problem

    I made a system for throwing something and so I tried to make a formula for required speed with given angle and distance. I know the formula for distance is distance = (Speed*Speed) * Sin(2*angle) / g so I changed it into Speed = SquareRoot(distance * g / Sin(2*angle)) but it doesnt...
  17. Trollvottel

    System Throw System

    It's a Throw System, made by me using vJass. No Screenshots to take, just have a look at it. Have fun <3 If you have some suggestions to make it look nicer or to add new functions, just tell them please. PS: sry for the horrible terrain :D
  18. Trollvottel

    GroupEnumUnitsOfType() ??

    native GroupEnumUnitsOfType takes group whichGroup, string unitname, boolexpr filter returns nothing so what will the unitname be? do i have to use I2S() ? or can i find the unitnames somewhere?
  19. Trollvottel

    Problem with "Clock"

    Ok i tried making a spell named clock. it creates a clock with a pointer turning very fast, slowing down and stopping after a random time... after that you get the angle and check for the time but my angle values are kind of senseless so i dont know what to do with it.... here is the code...
  20. Trollvottel

    Icon Hand of God

    Well new Icon named hand of god, i dont know what i should say about it, if you dont like the name call it hand of something else.... Thats it: Have fun using it or not, just what you like (not) to do with it