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  1. Monsterous

    US News SOPA Gets Shelved.

    ------------------------------------ The Obama administration said over the weekend that it would not support legislation mandating changes to Internet infrastructure to fight online copyright and trademark infringement. "Proposed laws must not tamper with the technical architecture of the...
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    Tutorial Data Editor - Abilities and Effects

    ..Abilities and Effects ~~~~~The Contents~~~~~ ............Introduction .....How do Abilities Work? .........What are Effects? ....How do you make Abilities? .............Using Effects! ..........Using Behaviors! ..........Finishing Effects! ......Linking Ability to Units. ...........Testing...
  3. Monsterous

    Tutorial Data Editor - Making your abilities look good with Actor Events!

    One major thing that blocks people in Galaxy is the data editor - mainly the Actors. One key thing that people overlook when trying to work with actors is perhaps the most IMPORTANT part of Actors. That lil' bunch right there. Essentially, Actors have their own trigger editor within...
  4. Monsterous

    Shoutcraft Invitational Tournament (23rd July, 24th July)

    Hosted by the lovely Totalbiscuit and D.Apollo, british commentary at its best! The Line up The Brackets
  5. Monsterous

    Creating Special Effects

    Aloha everyone! Im having trouble creating special effects. I've tried using the Create Effect action in the trigger editor, with the effect housing an actor with the desired model, yet ive had no such luck. I've looked around for tutorials, and haven't managed to find one just going on about...
  6. Monsterous

    [Map Idea Discussion] An Economy Map

    Right, i've had this idea simmering in my head, so bear with me - this could be a long post. Why?/Goal I've played economy/trading type games before and i adore them, but one thing i usually find lacking is the incentive to Trade. Trading to me is what makes these games dynamic, and as a...
  7. Monsterous

    TF2 Pixel Art

    One day at school, i was bored. Then i thought: Y'know, i really like TF2. Then i thought: Y'know, i really want to do some pixel art. Then like PEANUT BUTTER and JELLY COMBINED. This formed! I give you, Medic Soldier and Sniper! To be honest, this was the first time i've attempted...
  8. Monsterous

    Dialog Item Font Size

    I cant seem to find a way to change the font size of a Label Dialog Item. The only way i can see doing it is by using the styles, but that'll take forever D: Can someone show my blind eyes how to change the font size, or a style where the lettering is HUGE.
  9. Monsterous

    Cannot create Actor Event names.

    When creating Actor Events, you create a name for the event to link to another. For example, with AnimPlay - i called it Creation. When i want it destroyed, i link it to Destroy. However, when i input "Creation", the name comes up blank. Anyone know how to fix this?
  10. Monsterous

    Questions on a fragment of writing. Mainly characters.

    So, i wanted to write something based on time control, and as i wrote the first "area", i wanted to know what you guys thought of the two people. Do note, this is a first draft. I would write more description wise etc etc, but this is just developing the speech. Three questions: 1. What...
  11. Monsterous

    Perhaps the most nail-biting Stalemate in SC2.

    After watching this, i thought i'd show you the replay. The ending is priceless. Enough talk - watch and have fun! Commentated by the lovely HDStarcraft, and brought to you by MasterAsia, and TTOne. (Zerg, Protoss) on Kulas Ravine. Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Enjoy!
  12. Monsterous

    Offset is being... odd.

    What i want is a unit to keep moving past the target point. Now, the easiest way i can think of is using an Offset, which i've done. However, the moving unit always moves to the side of the point. However, if i remove the offset, the moving unit goes exactly to the point. Its strange, because...
  13. Monsterous

    [Trigger Help] Bottom Camera Boundry - Keeping a Unit Inside.

    [SOLVED] I believe i have solved the situation, i had to move the camera boundries slower to make the instant move forward alot less, and thus more smoother, i also had to enlarge the Ship Catcher region, and alter it into a periodic timer.
  14. Monsterous

    Deep Space Murder

    Deep Space Murder is a Murder Mystery type game, just like Murder in the Mansion from WC3 and other murdery mystery type games. Using the setting of a sector of a space port, you'll be either trying to kill the Victims, or hide from the Killer! Using vents and hatches, you can navigate around...
  15. Monsterous

    Disk Defrag Hard Drive Problems

    Here be the problem readers :3 A week ago, i did a Disk Defrag (hadn't done one in a long while) during the night. It took roughly 14 hours to complete (i was shocked it took that long) and after that its caused several problems to my hard drive. After the disk defrag completed, the next...
  16. Monsterous

    Uninstalling Beta Question

    If i uninstall the Beta from my computer, will it also remove the Editor, or any custom maps you have stored/created? Any help appreciated :3
  17. Monsterous

    Text Message Help

    Heres the situation: If a unit is inside a region after a periodic event ends, then a text message will display. However, if two units of the same player is inside a unit, how do i make it so only one text messsage will display, not two; if it detects via a pick all units in region unit group...
  18. Monsterous

    Solutions for Problems - Galaxy Editor

    Having not seen this post mentioned, i thought i'd let everyone know of some common problems and fixes of the Galaxy Editor. This helps with publishing problems too!
  19. Monsterous

    Publishing Error

    Whilst trying to publish, i come across this error. Lost connection to gateway (C:[directory to StarcraftIITemp]\Publish/[Map Name]\Large Now, i have no clue whats going on; can anyone enlighten me? EDIT: Sometimes, instead of "Lost connection to gateway", it comes up with...
  20. Monsterous

    Changing a Unit's Model

    Im bashing my head against the table, i've checked multiple sites, so im either blind or it hasn't been said due to it being so obvious. How do i change a Unit's Model. In this case, i want a blank unit ive created to have the model of a Metal Wall.