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  1. Mahucharn

    Internship/Job Finding Resources (US)

    Someone asked me if I'd post a list of what I used to find internships/jobseeking. Figured I may as well post it here. 1) -- smooth interface, stores your resumé too for fast applications! 2) -- This is a relatively new one that I started using recently. There's...
  2. Mahucharn

    Excel Function Help

    Hi Everyone! I'm not dead (yet)! I've been working a lot lately. I wasn't sure if this should have gone in the other place, so please move it accordingly. Yesterday, I spent ~ 2 hours trying to make the following formula work in MS Excel. I am trying to create an overview page that brings...
  3. Mahucharn

    Odd Skills/Talents

    Hello members of TH! What odd talents and/or skills do you have? These can be anything. Anecdotal stories are encouraged. Blessings and Peace, Mahu
  4. Mahucharn

    Mahucharn: The Origins

    Howdy Y’all! I’ve never quite written one of these before, so it might be quite terrible. Anyway, my interest in was spurred on by my cousin (a long-time unregistered lurker of the site) who was using 1)ark_knight’s All Heaven Vs. Hell Combinations thread to destroy his friends...
  5. Mahucharn

    Steam Summer Sale-Your Take?

    Figured I may as well start a thread covering the massive sale Steam is having. I don't usually play games (they're expensive a lot of the time) but when the biannual sales come around I just can't help myself. I've bought Saints Row: The Third, L.A. Noire, Magicka, and Super Monkey Island...
  6. Mahucharn

    Looking into getting an external hard drive/headphones

    Hello members of TH! I'm going to be entering college next year, and I'd like to get an external hard drive and a nice pair of headphones. Ideally, the hard drive would hold 1 tb of space, have a decent backup speed, and be compatible with both PCs and Macs. As far as price range goes, I'm...
  7. Mahucharn

    Mordekaiser Build Guide

    Hello All, This is a guide that I recently wrote on how to play my favorite champion- Mordekaiser. Let me know what you think! Description: Fighter, pusher, melee Skills: Iron man (passive)- Percentage of damage dealt is converted into an over shield Mace of spades- Next attack carries to...
  8. Mahucharn

    The Witcher 2- Does anyone have/play this?

    Just wondering if there are other fans of the Witcher series on TH. I love the games almost (if not more) than I do Mass effect.
  9. Mahucharn

    Funny Photoshop Commercial
  10. Mahucharn

    If you've ever wanted to learn hypnosis, here is your opportunity.

    Stumbled across this on Youtube the other day. I'm very interested in this sort of thing, and this course used to be $200ish, but the creator has made it free for everyone. Enjoy, Mahu
  11. Mahucharn

    The Pterodactyl
  12. Mahucharn

    Dollar Shave Club

    So I know that we are against advertising, but this one borders the geniusness of the Old Spice commercials. Maybe I should have posted this to humor, but this subforum could always use a bit more content :) . Anyway, enjoy.
  13. Mahucharn

    What a long, strange trip it's been in movies.

    I found this pretty interesting, and therefore had to share with TH :) .
  14. Mahucharn

    National Geographic Special-Test Your Brain (about perception/attention)
  15. Mahucharn

    If you could only have 2....

    Which would you choose? I'd take the Elder Wand and the Portal Gun.
  16. Mahucharn

    Borderlands 2 Trailer

    I for one cannot wait for this game to come out. BL is one of the best first person shooters that I've ever played.
  17. Mahucharn


    Hey All, So what is the sterotypical internet user like? What do they lack? Well, motivation of course! Let's make a thread filled with images that are designed to get you motivated to go out and do other things besides the internet (yes, that is possible :P ).
  18. Mahucharn

    Quick Clip Prank
  19. Mahucharn

    Reasons to Eat Bacon?

    Yes. You read correctly.
  20. Mahucharn

    BRB Pondering Insignificance...