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    Dawn of War 2 Retribution

    So... next expansion for WH40k Dawn of War 2 - is there any interest in this? Dawn of War 2 community site Gamespot Q&A with Jeff Lydell Gamespot First Look Something Awful - Dawn of War II Retribution info & discussion DfZD_i6EY5E Sounds quite promising - just got through completing the...
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    WoW Cataclysm cinematic trailer song

    TS8pFJKUjfg Pretty awesome song, even if it is incredibly silly :D
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    Baling hay Wow... I really want to try that now :D
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    Internet connection instability

    Over the past week (week and a half, maybe), my (wireless) internet connection has become very unstable - sometimes, it will run smoothly for a few hours, but other times (and, more often than not), it becomes incredibly unstable and will 'flicker' on and off repeatedly in the span of a few...
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    Periodic damage through Create Persistent effects

    Ah, so many questions... Aaaaaaaaanyway... the troublesome Data Editor rears its ugly, complicated head once more. I've run into some awful bother trying to apply a periodic damage effect to my Phoenix Fire clone - currently, I have a Damage Effect set up to do 3 damage (with no Armor...
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    Forcing a cast on attack, applying cooldown to buff behaviours

    In an attempt to tweak my weapon modification further, I thought about trying to force the unit to cast a particular ability - while it could probably be done with a behaviour-inducing effect associated with the weapon's Launch effects, I wanted to see if it was possible to get an Effect or...
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    Experiences thus far?

    Just for the sake of sating my curiosity, how is everyone here finding the editor (please specify which aspects of the editor you're talking about) - anything in particular that has impressed you in terms of functionality/potential usage, or something which has frustated you through needless...
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    Calling <function> not authorized

    Quick search doesn't appear to have turned up with any results regarding this issue... Has anyone here noticed any issues with certain functions generating the error I was messing about with Flash within dialogs, and Melee Initialization Events Timer - Elapsed time is 0.0...
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    Dialog box items/images

    EDIT: Bleh, seems I messed up on an array index for the Marauder... although I managed to get what would appear to be a more pleasant solution by anchoring the images to the centre of the buttons, relative to the centre (o.O) For those interested in the code... Unit Spawn Dialog Events...
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    Collaborative "project"

    In an effort to try and get my head around some of the stuff contained within the Starcraft II editor, I am offering (or requesting, depending on how you choose to look at it ;)) a partnership in an effort to learn more about the editor and how to use it - this doesn't necessarily mean that I am...
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    The hunt begins (again)

    Not the most descriptive title, I know, but bear with me on this :P Lately, I seem to have run short of things to play - I've pretty much lost all interest in WoW for the time being, and CS:S/TF2 (when not playing with friends, that is) become extremely boring to play, very quick. So, that...
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    Crime Cage fighter rips out heart of training partner

    Jarrod Wyatt also cut out his friend's tongue and ripped off most of his face in a brutal assault that police said looked like a scene from a horror film. They found the 26 year old standing naked over his friend's body with body parts, including an eyeball, strewn around the blood splattered...
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    Installing Windows 7 from recovery partition

    My PC (an Alienware Aurora, ordered from Dell) came pre-installed with a Windows 7 recovery partition and, after fiddling with partitions and Linux and what-not, the partition which had Windows 7 installed on it is blank. I installed Windows Vista 32bit as a stop-gap, just to tide me over for...
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    Equipment Potency EquivalencE Number

    The new system being 'introduced' into WoW, now you can really gloat about your hard-earned epix... Nicely done Blizz :P EU site
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    TF2 fan-made contribution

    Just been reading about this in a magazine I bought - apparently, Valve are putting up an incentive for the modders among us to have a go at creating new weapons, hats and other items. If the creation(s) are good enough, they will be implemented into the game, through the current random drop(?)...
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    Voice 'buzzing' in Left 4 Dead 2

    I'm trying to set up my microphone to allow voice chat in Left 4 Dead 2 but, for some reason, there is nothing but buzzing (both in-game, from what friends have told me, and with the Test Microphone feature). My mic seems to work fine on Ventrillo (again, going by what others have told me) and...
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    Building a gaming PC

    I'm currently looking into building a gaming PC (and I'm not very good with these things, so please bear with me :P) - at present, exact budget isn't known, but I'm aiming for somewhere in the €1000 - €1200 region, but I'm at a loss as to what exactly I need Currently, the parts I'm looking...
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    Icecrown Citadel 5-mans revealed!

    Blizzard have revealed a little information on the 5-man dungeons (all 3 of them :D) that will be incoming in the Icecrown Citadel patch - EU site link and US site link MMO Champion - instance maps, raid preview screenshots, equipment models MMO Champion - five-man preview screenshots MMO...
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    Spell Corruption

    Seeing as I was bored, and felt the need to poke around with some new stuff (so the AIDS and Damage usage is questionable, and Event is only there for Damage :D)... I present to you, Corruption! Corruption Inflicts an agonising curse on the target, causing them to take damage over time and...
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    Samurai Baseball, Giant Waterslide

    Samurai Baseball 2ylW0cHVRIg Giant Waterslide A fairly impressive distance travelled in the water slide video... must be scary aiming for such a seemingly small target :eek: