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    Other Vampire's Way (tag, finished, opensource)

    This is already finished (and tested) project of "reverse engeenering" (source map is Vampirism Fire 519). Everything expect landscape and some objects reworked from scratch (this include entire map script, most mechanics and objects). No copyrighted content (like icons or textures) is...
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    Snippet Any Unit Is Unloaded even workaround

    There is no event for unit UNload (there is unit loaded to transport event but no unload event). First and last way to detect this used "worldwide" - periodic checks. But, i managed to get some workaround. note: your map must have free area, where units normally cannot get, 1-2 cells...
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    Demo Map Preloader based save-load system + sync local data system

    Preloader based save-load system + sync local data system. This system is hardcoded (there is no explanation about how it works). This system works on any version of warcraft including ROC. This system can be used only if local files is allowed. This system wont work if you are using...
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    Demo Map Full Command Cart

    Full Command Cart is: Jass code handler: library FCC initializer INIT //FullCommandCart globals unit WHO destructable DES item ITM unit UNT real X real Y timer TT = CreateTimer() trigger MZ = CreateTrigger() endglobals function order takes...