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    Recreating a Warcraft-3/Starcraft-2 like editor

    Hello Everyone... I have left Warcraft-3 world editor for almost 3 years now and went into serious game development. I have used World editor for more than 4 years. But at various places, I found World Edtior to be really really limiting and after hitting a wall a few times, I just had to quit...
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    Looking for a lore writter

    Hi guys... I am current working on a 3rd person shooter-RPG hybrid game. It is a scifi game. You can find more details about the game here I am in need of a good lore writer who is interested in topics like these. Any one who is interested...
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    Need of a graphics designer, concept artist

    Hi guys... I am current working on a shooter-RPG hybrid game in unreal engine. It is a big project. Here are some features of the game. I am looking for any one who could make 2d arts and concept arts of vehicles, weapons and other characters. Any one intrested in more information can pm me.
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    Giving Away My Project

    Hi every one... I know this is not the best place on the forums to post this. But, I wanted max people on the forum to see this topic. A month back or so, I left warcraft-3 modding permanently. It feels bad though leaving something which I was doing for the last 4 years. Out of all my done...
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    Systems preview

    Hi guys... I am working on a pvp, boss fight map that I would turn into a ORPG once some development is done on it. Every hero will have 3 talent tress and a lot of spells there are currently 12 heroes in plan. As the project recruitment sub-forums is nearly dead here, I thought of posting it...
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    Team Recruitment

    Hi every one... Well as my map is not even semi-complete so i cannot post in members project. So i am posting here. It is a recruitment thread for my project. Any one interested can pm me or comment here. Guardian Angels It is a RPG map taking place in warcraft universe on a...
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    Website for models

    Well guys.. I had seen 2 websites where we could download warcraft 3 models. I had saved it but lost it.. There was a Chinese website and another was warcraft3 fourmcircle or something there were loads and loads of models in there. You guys know any site those two or anything other than...
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    Just a thing to ask

    Well hi guys... I don't know if this is the right place to make a thread about this but... well... I need some advice. Its like i have been working on world editor for a while now. I had planned to make a map, a rpg which also has a arena map and like is completely different what you have...
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    Expected a name error

    hi guys.... I am back to worldeditor after a very long time and jass too.. I copy pasted a function for placing images on the map from another trigger. The problem i have is i get a error Expected a name globals function CreateImageEx takes string S, real SizeX, real SizeY, real PosX, real...
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    Newgen not opening

    hi.. guys... Well i dont know for what reason but newgen worldeditor was working yesterday fine. But when i opened it today, the screen loads and closes. I have 2 warcraft-3 installed and same problem for both of them. Then i tried patching the newgen with a new one same problem. It just...
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    A new type of combat system[need feedback]

    Hi guys.... I am thinking of making a new type of combat system a little inspired from wow but some changes here and there. It is for rpg type games At first the movement of the hero will be like warcraft -3 like click type movement. And we cannot deselect he hero the hero will be...
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    A knockback system

    Hi... I tried to make a knockback system using the concept of index arrays.. It works good as much as i know... Any one could check any faults in it or anything This contains the declaration of global variables and the function that stores the data in the array which is to be checked my...
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    Checking unit buffs

    In jass is the the perfect way to detect if a unit is damaged and has a particular buff? function Trig_Untitled_Trigger_002_Actions takes nothing returns nothing if (GetUnitAbilityLevel(GetTriggerUnit(), 'B000') > 0) then if (GetUnitAbilityLevel(GetTriggerUnit(), 'B001') > 0) then call...
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    Locking Flying heights

    How do i lock the flying height of a flying unit to a constant value? In my case there is a projectile rotating around a unit. I want that projectile to have the same height as the unit and not go down and rise up when there are cliffs. How do i do that? I tried setting the Flying height...
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    Detecting collison and projectile flying height

    hi... How to check the collision of a dummy projectile with a unit? Is there a good system for it? I know how to use jass and very little of vjass. Is there way to avoid abnormal bending of dummy projectiles when passing through uneven terrain?
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    Postion of a point behind a unit

    How to find the location of a point with a distance "d" form another unit. The point should be behind the back of the unit(opposite of the direction the unit is facing) I am giving an image to make it more clear
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    Threat System

    Hi.... I had thought a threat system for my RPG map... I need some help, feedback and suggestions on it. So here how it is like... First every hero has a threat value... they gain it from items or passives.. They are numbers like 2,3,4,20 etc... like if A has 10, B has 20 and C has 5...
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    Adding spells to ward

    hi guys... I want to make a unit without any command buttons. Or just the move command button. To achieve this, i added ward classification to the unit but with that, no spells could be added to the unit. Is there any way to make a unit lose all command buttons except the move and just...
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    Units Z axis

    Hi guys... im back to worldeditor after a long time i have forgotten a lot of things Can the height(z axis) of a non flying unit be set. If so how?
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    vjass help

    Hey guys i know quite a bit of jass but no idea about vjass I was trying to use this but how exactly do i use its a bit hard for me to understand