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  1. NBalfa

    make unit unuseable by player

    how to make it impossible for a unit to be controlled by it's owner?
  2. NBalfa

    damage reduction

    How can I reduce normal damage from a unit for example lets say that this units normal damage is 20 and we want to reduce the 10% of it. Is there a trigger for it or maybe a system in here? I am asking u coz I currently dont have the time for searching
  3. NBalfa

    isue order on point

    I am making every unit in unit group to move to 1 point but only one of them moves there does this trigger have a problem what should I do? forget about it I just solved the problem
  4. NBalfa

    hashtables problem

    I have a spell that summons 2-3 units and then I want those units to move where u point the caster to move when I test the map only 1 of them obays what shal I do to make all of them obay what I have made so far to save the hashtable is save the value of the dummy and of the caster and have...
  5. NBalfa

    research and unresearch

    if you have a strange type of mana and you cant use your normal mana, I am thinking of using research my question is: although you can research sth via a trigger, I thing that the opposite is not so simple (I thing you need to create dummies for this)
  6. NBalfa

    very simple question about mana

    Hey guys, can you remind me which trigger sets the maximum mana of a unit? coz I am bored of spending my time on searching it
  7. NBalfa

    save points in hashtables

    I am kinda new in hashtables and I have tryed saving points in a hashtable but it seems like they are not being saved what should I do ?:confused::confused::confused: is there a different way to save points in hashtables?
  8. NBalfa

    time problem with the web ability

    I have made a dummy unit to cast the web ability on a flying unit but it takes for the dummy 0.45 sec to cast the ability I have seted the missle speed to 0 and the units turn rate to max(3) but nothing has changed , what should I do in order to increase the cast speed? I will give +rep to...
  9. NBalfa

    Buff problem

    I have made a buff which is a tree to be on the target but I want just the stand animation of it what should i do? this is the tree's path : Doodads\Barrens\Plants\Barrens_TreeDoodad\Barrens_TreeDoodad6.mdl
  10. NBalfa

    How to remove sight range

    many people know that there exists a specific item that grands you extra sight range and now the question is :How to remove sight range?:confused:
  11. NBalfa

    Attacking Even- condition problem

    I know that many of u are familiar with the event and with condition A unit is being attacked attacking unit equal to... the problem with this one is that the trigger works even if you decide not to attack the unit for ex if you will make as an action to deal 10000 damage to the attacked...
  12. NBalfa

    condition problem

    I am currently creating an ability where there should be a condition which would check whether the current position of the unit has changed. Does there exist such a condition, and if yes, where is it?:confused::confused::confused::confused:
  13. NBalfa

    searching for an immobalizing spell

    I can't find an existng spell that makes a target unit unable to move but able to attack
  14. NBalfa

    searching for an existing mdl

    I am searching for a model that exist in wc3 but I can't find the model is: two hands appear from the groung and grab each other
  15. NBalfa

    Does there exist sth like a name generator?

    I am always triyng to thing of names but in the end I can't come out with any ideas so I am wondering if there exists sth like a name generator or maybe sth that mixes many words into an other one (e.g. voldremord = sb who wants to kill people) plz help
  16. NBalfa

    simple question about visible running?

    I think that there is a way to make you visible when casting wilndwalk without trigering is there or not? Edit: don't care for this "?" I used in the title
  17. NBalfa

    events problem

    I am testing a spell based on imolation and I want when you activate the spell to have a special effect and when deactivating it to have an other one the problem is on the events : when deactivate the spell nothing happens when I reactivate it : the second special effect appears ! plz help
  18. NBalfa

    map help

    I am making a map where you will be in a team and you will have to destroy every enemy's base there will be 4 teams of 2-3 members each team's base will be at the corners of the map towers will protect these bases there will be lanes where creeps will pass from in other words it will be...
  19. NBalfa

    Leage of legends

    this is a post to all warcraft 3(or starcraft 2) players: do you find leage of legends as a nice game or not you can download it it's 100% free I don't have any relationship with this game I just know that it is like dota
  20. NBalfa

    need undead hero Idea

    I have been making 2 undead heroes and I want a third one to finish with the undead the hero must be strength and needs to have either 3 abilitys and an ultimate or 3 abilitys and 2 ultimates (1 normal ultimate and 1 greater one which he gains when he levels up his ultimate at lvl 4 (last...