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  1. Ghostwind

    BSODs related to video TDR error

    Hi all. I've been getting a problem with BSODs every time I try to play a game on Steam. I've tried uninstalling steam, the games, etc. no luck. I've narrowed it down to a video card driver error, but I tried reinstalling the driver with no luck either. I originally had Version 335.23 but...
  2. Ghostwind

    Some viruses I can't get rid of...

    Somehow I picked up these viruses, and I can't get rid of them with Avast... Can anyone help?
  3. Ghostwind

    Macros for "next song" etc on iTunes

    I have some buttons built into my keyboard to pause, play, turn up volume, next song, previous song etc that work on iTunes even when I have another window up, but they're all broken now because I've pressed them so much :banghead: ...So what I want to know is how to make macros for each of...
  4. Ghostwind

    Need advice for a new rig

    So I posted on here a while ago about computer parts and got a few lists that seemed alright, but I never got the chance to buy the parts. That was 9 months ago, so I figured things would probably be different now; that's why I'm making a new thread. Anyhow, budget's about 750-1k USD and I...
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    i like this one
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    quick avatar

    rawr maybe it looks better as a lp
  7. Ghostwind

    Heroes of Newerth

    Has anyone played this game here? I have plenty of beta keys, so if anyone I give a shit about wants one I'll toss one their way. It's basically DotA. Cloned exactly, except with better graphics, and they're working to make better systems as well. There are also new/edited heroes. So...
  8. Ghostwind


    I just finished watching this. It was good, except for the ending, which was terrible (as they always are). The art was especially impressive for an anime. Here's my tribute.
  9. Ghostwind

    Machine Girl

    Every so often I'll raid the graphics section here. I figured I may as well contribute more than harsh criticism. 30 minute sig from me. No custom brushes, as usual. The shading may seem to be off, but if you look closely, you'll see that there are two light sources. Of course it's meant to...
  10. Ghostwind


    If I could A, I would B. If the next person could B, he/she would C. And so on. (the could is kind of optional) Example: If I could have a giant robo death claw, I would go around smashing people's cars. If I went around smashing people's cars, I would get a whole bunch of cops after me...
  11. Ghostwind

    Tutorial Hero Craft: Function, Role, Synergy and Balance

    Hero Craft > Function, Role, Synergy and Balance < +----------------------------------------------------------+ Foreword: The purpose of this tutorial is to guide new and experienced developers in the right path when designing heroes for their maps. I find the problem with heroes...
  12. Ghostwind

    Building ze computer

    My budget's probably around 500-1000 so let's just go ahead and say 800 USD. Now, I want a nice computer with a fair amount of hard drive space that will let me run new games smoothly at medium-high graphics settings. That's really all I'm looking for, but I've never actually built my computer...
  13. Ghostwind

    Defense Children of the Light (WIP)

    Children of the Light By Ghostwind Intro: This is my contest entry for Hive's contest, not a huge project, but I figured I would post here as I'm working steadily on it and I plan on continuing development after the contest is over. This is a 4-player hero defense with a...
  14. Ghostwind

    AoS Rebellion of the Horde

    [ Rebellion of the Horde ] By Void Twenty years ago, the Tauren fulfilled their agreement with Thrall and were allowed to leave the Horde to continue on with their peaceful lives. Five years ago, however, Thrall died; and the new Warchief, Gondram, invaded the great Tauren city of...
  15. Ghostwind

    Mana as ammo

    I want the units in my map to require 1 mana in order to attack. How would I do this?
  16. Ghostwind

    Using //!textmacro for object editor stuff

    Hmm, I noticed that Earth-Fury did this in one of his systems: How would I go about making something like this? It would make submitting spells/systems a lot easier and implementing them in a map too.
  17. Ghostwind

    Hero Class brainstorm for my RPG

    Since this thread went so well, I'm going to actually make this RPG map. The problem is, though, I'm stuck on heroes. I don't want the basic classes that you find in every single RPG (ESPECIALLY WoW classes), I want some things that are unique concepts (as far as WC3 RPGs go) but are still...
  18. Ghostwind

    RPG centered around dungeons

    What do you think about an RPG map centered around dungeons? What I mean is no more walking around in the forest killing everything you come across and stealing their items, but instead having several dungeons to go to no matter what your level that involve quests and plenty of boss fights...
  19. Ghostwind

    Other Open Source RP Template

    RP Template Progress: Commands - 5% Systems - 80% Object Data - 10% Notes: I'm finally getting around to working on this. For those who don't know, it's a template with all the code (new and more efficient code, that is) so that any mapmaker can make a map like SotDRP or RARP. The...
  20. Ghostwind

    Unit name to unit ID

    Is there any way to get a unit's ID from its unit name? For example if Player 1 types "footman" I want it to set a variable to the footman's unit ID, or if they type "grunt" to set it to the grunt's unit ID, etc.