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    Recreating a Warcraft-3/Starcraft-2 like editor

    Hello Everyone... I have left Warcraft-3 world editor for almost 3 years now and went into serious game development. I have used World editor for more than 4 years. But at various places, I found World Edtior to be really really limiting and after hitting a wall a few times, I just had to quit...
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    US News Elementary School Dumps Homework and Tells Kids to Play Instead

    Ya well it depends.. Didn't see that but I think it was like a warning to aspiring gamedevs that it is not an easy task. Well for some reason I got used to work around 50 hours a week with time.
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    US News Elementary School Dumps Homework and Tells Kids to Play Instead

    If I did my homework then, I wouldn't have time to learn warcraft3 modding and jass. And slowly get into gamedev and programming so yeah, didn't thought about that until now.
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    Sci/Tech Scientists have created the perfect music for cats

    My cat was like meh.. I am not entertained..
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    Report Teens Who Get The HPV Vaccine Do Not Have Riskier Sex

    In other news, wearing helmet might make people drive riskier.
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    Report India Ranked Less Corrupt Than China for the First Time in 18 Years

    Yeah at least we are going somewhere.
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    UK News Terrified family left trapped at top of ferris wheel after staff switched off lights..

    They claim they were left hanging for 15 minutes; CCTV says 2m 58s
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    Diablo III Party

    Try Path of Exiles you might like it.
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    Looking for a lore writter

    Hi guys... I am current working on a 3rd person shooter-RPG hybrid game. It is a scifi game. You can find more details about the game here I am in need of a good lore writer who is interested in topics like these. Any one who is interested...
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    Need of a graphics designer, concept artist

    Hi guys... I am current working on a shooter-RPG hybrid game in unreal engine. It is a big project. Here are some features of the game. I am looking for any one who could make 2d arts and concept arts of vehicles, weapons and other characters. Any one intrested in more information can pm me.
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    Giving Away My Project

    Hi every one... I know this is not the best place on the forums to post this. But, I wanted max people on the forum to see this topic. A month back or so, I left warcraft-3 modding permanently. It feels bad though leaving something which I was doing for the last 4 years. Out of all my done...
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    Systems preview

    Thanks.. The project is going well. But I need some recruits though.
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    Systems preview

    Hi guys... I am working on a pvp, boss fight map that I would turn into a ORPG once some development is done on it. Every hero will have 3 talent tress and a lot of spells there are currently 12 heroes in plan. As the project recruitment sub-forums is nearly dead here, I thought of posting it...
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    Gaming What happens when pirates play a game development simulator and then go bankrupt because of piracy?

    What if we make a Game Dev Tycoon and release it pirated while playing Game Dev Tycoon then will the people stop downloading pirated Game Dev Tycoon? Pirapception?
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    Gaming Hackers slaughter thousands in "World of Warcraft"

    Chuck Norris made a wow character?
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    hey register in this forum and pm me. and also say your mode...

    hey register in this forum and pm me. and also say your mode of communication. And how to communicate with you.
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    Team Recruitment

    Hey i got some problems with my net. Will contact you when it is ok.
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    Team Recruitment

    Thanks for the reply bro. Well can you learn jass? I can help you If you want. I too don't have a lot of time anyway. Well can you make good spell effects? I can make some good triggers but i suck at spell effects. You can find some effects matching my spell or code just the effects? And can...
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    Team Recruitment

    Hi every one... Well as my map is not even semi-complete so i cannot post in members project. So i am posting here. It is a recruitment thread for my project. Any one interested can pm me or comment here. Guardian Angels It is a RPG map taking place in warcraft universe on a...
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    Website for models

    Well i got all others sites which i was searching for except 1 its a Chinese site named goblin academy. Any 1 knows about it?