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    (2012) The Hunger Games

    I'm pretty curious if this movie is worth seeing. Usually these movies...suck in my opinion. Someone should let me know how good it is. ;)
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    (2012) The Avengers

    I definitely can't wait to see this movie. It is going to be amazing. :thup: I love movies like this I guess even if it is horrible I'll still recommend it haha.
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    I did have some yes. But I'm not sure if it is me that you saw.

    I did have some yes. But I'm not sure if it is me that you saw.
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    I have a server I play with a couple friends thru Hamachi. If anyone wants to join let me know.
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    Best Call of Duty Commentator Ever.

    Haha awesome commentary. Makes me wanna play CoD again, but i quit for my own good.
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    Xbox install feature and borrowing disks.

    It should work. I used to do that. The only problem is if the disc is too scratched the xbox still won't recognize it.
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    Warcraft II problem

    Well if you are able to play games but it only lags up when there are too many units on the screen at one time it must be the graphics card. Try updating your drivers and patching to the last WC2 patch. If that is not the problem then I am not sure. But please post your computer specifications...
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    Warcraft II problem

    What are the specs of your computer. It could be too old to have that many units on the screen and one time. (aka your graphics card needs updating) then again the game is really old itself.
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    Little Girl joins the Dark Side

    I would join Darth Vader too. Then kill him and take over muhahhaha lol
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    (2011) The Hangover: Part 2

    All I know is that the first one was freaking epic. I hope this one isn't just the "sequel" and is actually something good.
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    Eric Daniel Cross

    I don't remember how long it has been since I talked to anyone on these forums. But congrats.
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    Technology Anonymous takes out and

    I'm actually happy this happened. This just goes to show you. If you mess with people and tell them what they can't do. It will be done. Sony had it coming to them. Now Sony just needs to let people do whatever they want and fix up your network.
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    My Favorite Magic Trick

    Agreed. I would believe this if maybe their was a clock next to the guy that ticked every second.
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    General New Genetically Modified Salmon Grows 3-Times Faster

    Same here man. How its made doesnt bother me. I dont have to care about it until I eat it.
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    WarCraft III Website Portraits?

    Copy the image and make it into an icon. You can even use an icon tool that people have created. Then import it into warcraft 3.
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    transmissions with talking portraits ? (Facial animation)

    Make a tutorial if you want to help everyone else be able to do this.
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    Units in range?

    I would like to take a look at this map.
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    Help Making Teams

    Just trigger it using a loop. Its so much easier.
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    If your asking if it is possible, then yes it is. It is not hard either. It will just take time to create it. Heroes are possible in SC2. But they are not so easily created as in those from WC3. Check out the tutorials. They will greatly help you.
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    where can i find the Start location of each player?

    Point Module in Galaxy Editor.