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  1. Zaraf

    [WIP] Smash TV 2010 - Boss Battle Preview

    Due to a scripted boss contest over on sc2mapster, I decided to accelerate the development of a boss battle in my Smash TV 2010 map and the resulting boss battle is quite stunning.
  2. Zaraf

    No one joining public published map

    I publicly published my map and made a game, but in an hour now, not even a single person has joined my game. Am I doing something wrong? How do I get people to join my game? I've heard it has to do with popularity, but how does my map become popular if no one plays it?
  3. Zaraf

    Killing All Units Owned By Player

    I'm trying to create a trigger that is basically when a key unit dies, then all units of that player die as well. I thought it would be easy, just something like: Event: Unit - Any Unit dies Conditions: Unit type of Triggering unit == Raynor Actions: Pick every unit of Owner of...
  4. Zaraf

    GUIers! Come upgrade to vJass! Anyone who wants to learn, I'll help!

    I'm willing to assist anyone who wants to move on from GUI and upgrade their triggering (and coding) skills and learn vJass. vJass is different from the Jass most of you are familiar with, and the main difference is just syntax, formatting and shortcuts. vJass basically allows you to take a...
  5. Zaraf

    Changing a Hero's name via triggers?

    Is it possible to change the name of a hero via triggers? I'm referring to the name that you can change in the Object Editor for a hero under the heading: Text - Proper Names. I know you can get it using GetHeroProperName, but I can't find a "SetHeroProperName", and I'm wondering if anyone...
  6. Zaraf

    Trying to convert GUI trigger to vJass

    I'm trying to convert the following GUI triggers into vJass, but I'm running into a problem with it not working correctly. Here are the two GUI triggers: Energy Blade Activation Events Unit - A unit Finishes an upgrade Conditions (Unit-type of (Triggering unit)) Equal...
  7. Zaraf

    Aura Abilities on Buildings

    How can I make structures (towers) with aura abilities? When I give it to the tower, then it doesn't work at all, even though it has the ability. Thanks for any help!
  8. Zaraf

    Looking for a terrainer

    I'm looking for a terrainer who can take already existing terrain, and make tile set swaps of it. Change up the tile sets for the terrain, and make it look good, all the while keeping the exact same layout as originally. For those of you who have played the new Element TD, you'll notice that...
  9. Zaraf

    Need Help With Triggers for Music Control

    I tried doing this awhile back in GUI, but it was quite problematic. Maybe someone who knows vJASS and knows how to control music correctly can provide some help with how to accomplish what I want to do. Here is what I'm trying to do: So now a player starts the game, and there is...
  10. Zaraf

    Local Variables in Multiboard - Does it Cause Desyncs?

    I have a public multiboard which I want to have a local variable at the top of for each player. The multiboard would have your typical stats and stuff for all of the players, but at the top few rows of the multiboard, it would have Health status of the player's hero. However, it would only...
  11. Zaraf

    Can't Find Demolish BLP in MPQs

    I've been looking through all of the MPQs, but I can't find ReplaceableTextures\PassiveButtons\PASBTNDemolish.blp O_o Anyone know where it is?
  12. Zaraf

    Setting Building Limitations

    Ok, so I want to make certain towers limited in the amount that you can build of them. Say just 1 of each tower. I found a easy one line way to do it, being "Player - Limit training of Tower 1 to 1 for (Picked player)" Here is the problem I'm having though. If I upgrade this tower to say...
  13. Zaraf

    Starting Cool-down of a different skill on skill usage

    How can you make it so that if you use skill A, that it also starts the cool-down of skills B and C without actually using B and C? Thanks for any help!
  14. Zaraf

    Mini-Icons in Long Description? How can this be done?

    In Gem TD, I saw mini-icons (like the ones you can have in multiboards) in the long description of something. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks!
  15. Zaraf

    Creating a timed dialog box

    I want to have dialog boxes for red player, that if he doesn't click on it within 10 seconds, it defaults to one of the options. I've tried various things, but they don't seem to work :( Anyone know how I can do this? :) Thanks!
  16. Zaraf

    Bad Bug; need help finding a solution

    Well, I always knew this bug existed, but I was hoping eventually we'd come up with a solution for it, but alas, we haven't. Basically, the problem is this: In my TD map, creeps follow a certain path unless your builder comes within aggro range, at which point they chase him. However, if...
  17. Zaraf

    Spell Log Swap

    Log Swap MUI: Yes. Leakless: Yes Lagless: Yes. Jass/GUI: GUI Spell Description: Teleports the pseudo ninja a short distance away, while leaving a log in his wake. The log then entices all enemies around it to attack it. Enemy AI controlled heroes, however, are not fooled by the clever...
  18. Zaraf

    Fixing Triggered Skill - Removing Skill From Learnable List?

    I have a skill that I made which is giving me some trouble. I'll put the triggers here first, and then explain how it works, and what the problem is. Transference Beacon Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to (==)...
  19. Zaraf

    Making a Tower Automatically Use a Skill

    How can you make a tower automatically use a skill given to it when enemies are within a certain range? I have a skill given to a tower that works, but right now I have to manually activate the skill on the tower. I'd like it to work automatically. Thanks for any help!
  20. Zaraf

    Batch Preloading

    What kind of file do you provide the Batch Preloading trigger (in GUI) that contains a list of the files you want preloaded? A txt file? Or something else? And is there a special format we need to provide the list? Thanks