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  1. merlinds

    Leaks and Tempveriables

    exactly, the triggers run like a one single actions, unless you use waits. So, if your triggers does not have waits inside of them you can share the variables with no problem.
  2. merlinds

    Delay while hosting (please help fast)

    The problem i guess is that your friends have a diferent Internet providers. For example, here in argentina we have "Arnet" "Fibertel" and "Speedy". Speedy has no problems with anybody, but you can never play a game hosted by some one who has Fibertel if you have arnet and vise versa. IF this...
  3. merlinds

    Debuff Remove Ideas

    Dirac, i was answering to gfreak, using a damage detect system will not work because some debuffs does not deal damage. And again, it is not "accurate" if it does not applies to all debuffs. So, please read before posting. And in my opinion the most accurated way is to check when the effect of...
  4. merlinds

    Debuff Remove Ideas

    I Quote: "I'm making a passive ability which when learned, it removes all debuffs (stun, purge, etc) from the unit. For example, if you casted storm bolt on this unit, the unit will still take damage from the stormbolt but will no be stunned from it." Purge does not do damage, he only give an...
  5. merlinds

    Need Help With Setting Unit Damage

    You already solved the first problen. Just remove all the SE of the tomes. For the second problem, just create diferent types of tomes, for example TOme +1 Tome +2 Tome +3 Tome +4 Then after the loop you set a variable to: Lvl of casting hero X inteligence of the hero X 6. Then you manually set...
  6. merlinds

    Skewer Help!!!

    Try not turning on the collition of the units every time the second trigger runs, turn it on only when the slide ends (i mind when you stop moving the units.) Also dont set the temp_point to the position of the caster, instead set a fixed Starting_Position and set the temp point to that...
  7. merlinds

    Debuff Remove Ideas

    mmm there is no event for a unit recives a buff, and the damage system will only work for the debuffs that does damage. i belive that the only way is checking that every time a unit finishes the effect of an ability. Make a list of all abilitys that have a debuff and if the ability being cast is...
  8. merlinds

    Getting started on custom dota-based map.

    There are a lot of beginner guides here in thehelper. Use the search function and search under the subforum of "Tutorials" About the dota map. The difficulty of doing what you want really depends of how close to the real dota you want to get. Because the real dota is a really complex map and it...
  9. merlinds

    I need help with a dodge reaction trigger

    you can trigger the dodge and the counter strike. This way the event will be a unit is damaged (you will need a damage detection system), then you make a condition with a random number (for the dodge chance) and in the trigger you heal the hero for the amoun of the damage taken (this will make...
  10. merlinds

    Impale Special Effect

    One is in the skill under the option "special effect" the path is "Abilities\Spells\Undead\Impale\ImpaleMissTarget.mdl" the other is in the effect listed on the skill the effect is named "Impale" and the path is "Abilities\Spells\Undead\Impale\ImpaleHitTarget.mdl" The first are all the spikes...
  11. merlinds

    About Units formation.

    Dear lord! i better let my soldiers go the way they want! i never though it was so complicated guys. But thank you both any way!!
  12. merlinds

    Map Lags

    the expiration timers kills the units, in case of heroes they can be respawned, the units will just be removed after the time setted on the object editor. It can be allways detectected with "A unit Dies".
  13. merlinds

    Map Lags

    Isn´t easyer to give them an expiration timer, and then detect when a unit dies if the unit is an egg?
  14. merlinds

    Map Lags

    mmm i can`t open the map, i only have the normal WE. MMm i guess you are removing all the leaks right?? Are you removing unused units?? maybe they are stocking.
  15. merlinds

    Map Lags

    mmm, im going to download it and check the triggers. But, when the random lag apperas? after any special change you made? it was always there?? Try to give more information so we can help you! :)
  16. merlinds

    Towers Not Replacing

    But, can you explain the problem? i mind, nothing happens at all??
  17. merlinds

    Need ideas for my mountains.

    Well, here are some models i found in hive, i didn`t make a search of the defaul ingame models since i think you can do that. I hope it be usefull
  18. merlinds

    Random Wars (Needs a new name)

    I dont really understand the part of the "Ultimate Orbs" :P For now, you can just remove the illusion rune, is the only one that does not work. For the spellmaking, if you need any ideas or trigger you can count on me, i guet bored of my map and i love to trigger. :P
  19. merlinds

    Ability Animation in Object Editor

    You can use the function Animation - Play Soldier 0000 <gen>'s attack animation, using only Rare animations But you will not be able to play all the animations, like Attack 1 attack 2 attack 3. For this the only option is to use Jass into a custom script
  20. merlinds

    Moving Units within a Region

    And to set the group "Temp_Group" you can use the function: Set Temp_Group = (Units in YourRegion <gen>)