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  1. Squeekems

    Player Unique Multiboard

    I have Googled. I have read full threads. My map saves and runs fine. I do not see Multiboards. :( Here is the full trigger that is suppose to give me Multiboards: Multiboard Initialization Events Time - Elapsed game time is 0.02 seconds Conditions Actions For each...
  2. Squeekems

    I Need Another Pair of Eyes on This Trigger

    Here is what I want it to do: When a player's Great Hall falls below 50% hit-points and is attacked, it is forced to join the team of attacking player. Here is the problem: I had it working and I can not figure out why it stopped working. I suspect that the problem may lie in another trigger. I...
  3. Squeekems

    Can Not Start Windows Normally

    I tend to keep my computer on all of the time. It runs smoothly and usually never crashes. It is when we have power outages that I run into issues. When starting, my computer makes it to the Windows logo, and then the screen goes blank as if it is getting no signal. Usually I have the hold...
  4. Squeekems

    Game Hosting Issues

    I understand that my setup is not optimal for game hosting, but I still like the option. I am on my computer tower, running Win7-64, which uses a USB wireless adapter to connect to my wireless router which connects to the modem. I am almost certain you will need more information to assist me...
  5. Squeekems

    Jass Global Variables? I Think?

    How do I refer to "((Player number of (Owner of (Triggering unit))" in jass? I came to the last line in this trigger, and realized I have no idea how to refer to it. Plus rep for this quick tip. <(o_- )> Barracks Events Unit - A unit Finishes construction Conditions...
  6. Squeekems

    Can I Reset the Cooldown on an Item to Be Sold?

    I am trying to make it so players can only buy one item from this shop. I have it so that once a player buys something from the shop, every time they select the shop, it immediately deselects it. That is not enough. They still have a half-second to select the shop and use a hot-key to make a...
  7. Squeekems

    How Would I Display the Name of a Neutral Passive Structure?

    I noticed that Circles of Power display "Circle of Power" above them when you hover over them. I was wondering if I would be able to do that somehow for another building? I wanted to make Circles of Power that displayed what moving onto them did.
  8. Squeekems

    How Do I Refer to the Worker Constructing a Structure?

    I am using the event Unit - A unit Begins construction to make this trigger work. I realized I need to refer to the worker unit that is doing the construction. How would I do that?
  9. Squeekems

    Why Does it Say Player 6?

    In this 6 player map I am making, there are 6 villages (owned by computer-players 7-12). Each user-player is given a single unit which can be used to assist the villages. Assisting a village is as simple as killing creeps in the village. Doing so gives the user-player reputation with the town...
  10. Squeekems

    Granted Unit Control Announcements Turned Off?

    Is there a way to turn off the messages that display when one player is granted control of another player's units and when one player has control of another player's units taken away? The way I built a trigger grants and removes control of units very very often. I just don't want spam.
  11. Squeekems

    Remove Spell Book - Add Ability

    InitialSpellLearned is an array of booleans 0-5. Initial Spell is a custom ability based on Spell Book. Set Initial Ability Events Unit - A unit Begins casting an ability Conditions InitialSpellLearned[((Player number of (Owner of (Triggering unit))) - 1)] Equal...
  12. Squeekems

    Random Town Locations

    I am making a map that randomly generates itself at start. I am going to have 6 villages owned by players 7-12 and I want them to spawn in random locations on the map, but not near each other. Any ideas on how I could do this? This trigger sets the points of the villages, clears the areas of...
  13. Squeekems

    ASDW Unit Movement Control

    I do not program in JASS and I do not plan to learn it, but I don't think I can do this with GUI. How is this system using the arrow keys to move the unit, and can I make it work using ASDW?
  14. Squeekems

    Insanity Manager System

    I am trying to make an insanity manager system for a boss fight in my map. I want it so that if the user's hero is facing the boss, their lumber (insanity) will rise. If they are looking away, however, I want it to decrease. I tried matching the facing angle to the angle between two points...
  15. Squeekems

    Vampiric Aura for Mana

    Aura of Mana Stealing Events Game - GDD_Event becomes Equal to 0.00 Conditions (GDD_DamageSource has buff Aura of Mana Generation ) Equal to True Actions Unit - Set mana of GDD_DamageSource to ((Mana of GDD_DamageSource) + ((GDD_Damage x 45.00) /...
  16. Squeekems

    How Do I Prevent Charm From Being Cast On Any Unit Besides Specific Unit?

    I was trying to use a trigger like this. But I don't know how to refer to the target of the item being manipulated. Prevent Lead Archer Misuse Events Unit - A unit Uses an item Conditions (Item being manipulated) Equal to EtherealBow (Target unit of...
  17. Squeekems

    When I Add This Item to a Unit's Drop Table, It...

    ... Comes up as unknown. Nothing drops from the unit either. I based it off of Cheese since its only purpose is to act like an item for a quest. Any enlightenment would be great.
  18. Squeekems

    Neutral Passive Unit Ordered To Follow Player Unit Stops Following

    Below is a trigger for a quest in my map. The problem is that Blue Kids 0224 <gen> stops following my HERO after a ways. I did... AI - Ignore the guard positions of all Player 12 (Brown) units ... At the start of the map, but it doesn't seem to stop him from attempting to run back to...
  19. Squeekems

    Is There A Way To Create A Unit That Is Burrowed?

    I want to make a boss for my map, but I need it to be created in game-play. Is there a way to make this boss be already burrowed when I create it with triggers? It's all about the entrance that makes the boss give the player that feeling of "this is one not to be reckoned with."
  20. Squeekems

    Is There A Way To Make A Specific Unit Yield No Experience Rewards?

    I know I could probably trigger it, but if there's something built in, I'd love to know about it. <(^_^)>