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  1. nabbig2

    Spell ignoring cd?

    I have this move that basically casts Avatar, and it usually works fine. However, when the hero casts the move on himself, the cooldown is completely ignored and set back to 0. I have 1 trigger for each level, just with increasing the duration. shamanistic rage Events Unit - A unit...
  2. nabbig2

    Units being shared with enemies?

    I have taverns that are for purchasing and reviving heroes. Each player has three of them-they own their own taverns. However, I can see and use all of the taverns that my enemies have. I don't have any triggers that are giving vision. Does anybody have a clue?
  3. nabbig2

    Not share items?

    In dota, if you recieve an item that an ally has purchased, it is disabled. This is probably another item, with the same icon but it has no effect. Does anybody know how to attempt this?
  4. nabbig2

    Remove specific buff?

    Is it possible?
  5. nabbig2

    Automatally purchase hero from tavern?

    I know there are hero revival systems, but this is different. Is it possible to order a tavern to revive a dead hero with triggers?
  6. nabbig2

    Feast from dota? Practically works as an orb effect but doesn't count

    For those of you who don't know, Feast is a passive ability. Each time the hero (who is melee) attacks, it deals 4/5/6/7 percent of the target's maximum health. The thing that amazes me is that it works perfectly-no waiting or delay, it deals the damage in perfect synchrony with the heroe's...
  7. nabbig2

    Splash attack affecting itself.

    I have a hero that has a ranged splash attack, but the splash also affects itself. I tried changing the Area of Effect targets numerous times-currently I am at Debris, Ground, Enemy Neutral. I searched through numerous thread to no avail. Does anybody know what i can do about this? Thanks a bunch.
  8. nabbig2

    Targets for a split shot?

    I have a "split shot" ability based off of barrage. The problem is that if I manage to make it work on enemies, it also works on hitting allies when you attack a friend-this is because you can kill teammates that are below 25% HP. If I manage to make it so that it doesn't work on allies, then...
  9. nabbig2

    Picking units and killing them won't work?

    I have this trigger when a research is complete. Dryad Part 1 Events Unit - A unit Finishes research Conditions (Owner of (Researching unit)) Equal to Player 1 (Red) (Current research level of Dryad Adept Training for Player 1 (Red)) Equal to 1...
  10. nabbig2

    Display text to only one player?

    I am using (Display to Playergroup-player1) but the poroblem is that I think it's displaying it to everyone on my team. For instance, in this trigger I am displaying something to player 1, 2, and 3. But it displays the message 3 times to me when I test as any player. What do I need to do to...
  11. nabbig2

    Ability won't trigger more than once?

    When an ability, Grenade for Dummy is cast, there is another trigger that works and creates a projectile. The problem is that it is only working once, and I want it to work 3 or 4 times so that many missiles are sent. This is the trigger: Grenade Copy Events Unit - A unit...
  12. nabbig2

    How to order a unit to Channel?

    I have an ability based off of channel, and it can target a unit or a point. I tried giving an ID to channel and order a unit to cast the Id ability, but it's not casting. Any clues?
  13. nabbig2

    Barrage Draining my HP?

    I know, what the hell? I based an ability off of barrage to give to my hero (turned it into a multi-shot), but the problem is that each time my hero attacks, he takes about 50 damage or so. There is no field like this in the Object editor, does anybody have a clue as to what is going on?
  14. nabbig2

    Custom loading screen causes crash.

    I followed this tutorial and went with the low quality loading screen: The problem is when I import eiter the LoadingScreen.mdx, or my .blp file, the map crashes. No error, or anything, WE just dissapears. The...
  15. nabbig2

    Create mass trees?

    I have a crapload of trees on the sides of my map, and they increase the loading time to be increased significantly. How can I make masses of trees through triggers? I know you can make them, but is there any technique to fill in a region with trees or something? Going 1 by 1 seems impossible.
  16. nabbig2

    Remove Rally Point icon?

    I want my building to have 12 units available, but I can't seem to remove the Rally Point icon. The building in question is upgraded from a previous building. I have seen this thread: I'm using this...
  17. nabbig2

    Stom bolt that slows?

    You know storm bolt, the ability that stuns-how can I order a dummy to slow, whenever the projectile hits the target unit? Thankyou.
  18. nabbig2

    An item that can be turned on/off to increase damage?

    If you do know Dota's Armlet of Mordiggian, I am essentially trying to replicate this item. When you click on the item, it activates and gives you bonus damage at the cost of HP regen or something. I have two problems: -I can add the damage when the item is activated, but how do I...
  19. nabbig2


    This thread has been created because me and a couple others have been drifting off of another thread about bestiality. I contend that there is nothing wrong with bestiality and that it should be legalized-the only argument against it, as I see, is simply calling it "taboo", which is a weak...
  20. nabbig2

    Should women be drafted into the military?

    As you may know, signing up for the military in the United States is mandatory for men, but not women, as they turn 18. Please discuss, and do it respectfully. I am wholeheartedly against this. It is blatant sexism. People say that women have less physical capabilities than men. This is...